Medicine "Isoket": instructions for use

Features pharmacodynamics of the drug

isoket instructions for useMedicine "Isoket" instructions for use is defined as a vasodilator used to relieve and prevent attacks of angina pectoris. This drug has pronounced vasodilating properties, due to which it reduces the load on the myocardium and reduces the oxygen demand of the heart muscle. In addition, the drug "Isoket", the instructions for use of which this also confirms, effectively relieves the tension of the walls of the ventricles and the pressure in the circulatory system. Separately, it is worth noting that this vasodilator perfectly reduces spasms of coronary vessels and promotes the expansion of cerebral-type vessels. The medicine "Isoket" does not affect the frequency of cardiac contractions and at times increases the possibility of physical exertion for patients suffering from ischemic disease.

Description of the form of release and composition of the drug

This vasodilator drug is a clear solution with a fairly strong alcohol odor. At the same time, it is produced in two basic forms - in the form of a concentrate and in the form of a spray. The latter as an active active ingredient contains 1.25 milligrams of isosorbide dinitrate. Ethanol and macrogol 400 serve as auxiliary components. One milliliter of a concentrate intended for the preparation of a solution contains one milligram of isosorbide dinitrate. The main excipients are sodium chloride, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide and distilled water. The concentrate is placed in ampoules of ten milliliters.

medicine isoketIndications for use "Isoketa"

Use the Isoket spray. The instructions for use are recommended for acute myocardial infarction, severe strokes, as well as for all sorts of conditions associated with recent myocardial infarction. Concentrate is usually prescribed for the treatment and prevention of spasms of coronary vessels, left ventricular failure and pulmonary edema. In unstable angina, heart failure and vasospastic angina, the use of this drug is also indicated.

List of contraindications for use

isoket instruction

Take the drug "Isoket" instructions for use is not recommended in the presence of a patient with severe arterial hypotension, deficiency of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, hyperthyroidism and angle-closure glaucoma. In case of acute vascular insufficiency and cardiogenic shock, this medicine should also not be used. Children's age (up to eighteen years), individual intolerance to nitrate compounds and simultaneous administration of phosphodiesterase inhibitor agents are likewise included in the list of main contraindications to use.

Possible side effects

Acceptance of this vasodilator drug in a number of patients may cause dizziness, headache, drowsiness, asthenia, and general weakness. Orthostatic hypotension, reflex tachycardia and nausea can also occur during the use of the Isoket medication. The instruction also indicates the risk of aggravation of angina pectoris, rash, urticaria and itching.

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