Meat salads - recipes without frills

We all love to cook salads. Meat recipes are usually the most satisfying and suggest the right choice of ingredients. Meat for salad must be used fresh and of high quality.

How to choose the right products

Young beef, as a rule, has a cream-white fat, and the meat itself should be light red, not burgundy. The fresh product is always present.salads meat recipesslight smell of milk. If on the counter is meat with a dark color of flesh and yellowish fat, then its age is already solid. Fresh pork will always have white fat and a pink uniform shade. If you press on such meat with your finger, it will be slightly springy, but do not leave dents. However, this is not the only ingredient that contains meat salads. Recipes suggest, of course, the use of vegetables, which for the salad is best to take ripe, but not overripe. Most people prefer to refuse mayonnaise lately, and rightly so - this product is quite heavy, and, consequently, it loads our digestive tract. However, it is very often included in meat salads.Recipes sometimes suggest replacing sour cream or soy sauce. It will also give a special taste and a touch of spice. However, if you plan to use mayonnaise, try to keep its amount to a minimum.

Simple recipes - all over the head.

Meat salads, the recipes for which are so often found, are mainly distinguished by a large number of ingredients. However, not every dish should be a pearl of cooking. Sometimes quite tasty, but the usual salad, cooked in a hurry. It is very simple, moreover, such recipes will be able to help out in a situation with unexpected guests.

Ingredients for a simple salad with meat

original meat dishesOriginal meat dishes can be found everywhere, but still dwell on the usual salad. At 250 grams of pork pulp without lard, you need two eggs, 400 grams of tomatoes and potatoes, mayonnaise, ground black pepper, salt, and greens for decoration. If you do not like to use mayonnaise, you can change it for a universal dressing. For it you will need to mix 30 milliliters of wine vinegar, half a tablespoon of olive oil, salt with pepper and a small crushed clove of garlic (it is best to use a garlic clove).

Cooking method

It is necessary to boil hard-boiled eggs, and potatoes - "in uniform."Boil meat to readiness. As soon as all the ingredients are cooled, the potatoes are cut into thin slices, and the meat is chopped even smaller. Tomatoes are best chopped strips. Eggs must be divided into proteins and yolks. The yolks are warming up, and the whites are rubbed on a grater.

Final touches

cooking meat dishesFor serving you will need a deep salad bowl, at the bottom of which tomatoes are laid, after which comes a layer of meat, and all is completed with potatoes. Each ingredient must be slightly pepper and salt, cover with mayonnaise or dressing. The top layer is sprinkled with protein on top and then yolk.

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