Meat-packing plants of Moscow and Moscow region: list, products

Modern meat-packing plants in Moscow producea huge range of products, which is different and taste and nutritional value. Each enterprise can boast of sausages and meat delicacies, created according to specialty recipes. Sausage products are created in modernized enterprises, which are constantly expanding the range of their products. We offer a list of the most popular meat processing plants in Moscow and the Moscow region, whose representative offices and stores are in many cities of our country.

Klin meat-packing plant

Meat factories in Moscow give theirconsumers enjoy not only delicious products, but also beautiful exterior design. At the Klin Meat Processing Plant, much attention is paid to the modernity and convenience of packaging, which preserves the taste of the product for a long time. Sausage and meat products of this plant are known outside of Moscow and the region.

meat-packing plants in Moscow

About 300 species are produced at this plantsausages, delicacies, meat and semi-finished products, which are widely used on ordinary and festive table. Constant perfection of production process and professionalism of specialists allow the company to create high-quality products in accordance with GOST.

OOO "Ostankino"

Sausages, smoked delicacies, dumplings, meatsemi-finished products, boiled sausages and pancakes - all this creates the Ostankino meat-packing plant (Moscow). Here, about 500 tons of products are produced per day, which is ensured by production capacities and use of European equipment. All this in combination allows the plant to produce products that meet the requirements of quality and naturalness.

meat processing plants in Moscow region

In addition to traditional boiled and smoked sausages, the company produces:

  • sausages in a wide range, which are created according to classical recipes, but necessarily in accordance with GOST;
  • Homemade pancakes, created only from natural ingredients;
  • pelmeni in cardboard packs, and this combine began to produce them the first of all meat-packing plants in Russia.

In general meat processing plants in Moscow, the region, and Ostankino Plant, in particular, supply their products to other cities in Russia.

OOO "Remit"

In the list of popular mills in Moscow, whichare engaged in the production of sausages and meat products, it is worthwhile to include the factory "Remit". It has been on the Russian market for more than 15 years and over the years has established itself as a supplier of delicious chilled and frozen products. Not many meat-packing plants in Moscow can boast of such a variety of goods:

  • boiled, smoked and smoked sausages, sausages and sausages;
  • meat in different marinades;
  • semi-finished meat products;
  • chilled meat;
  • delicacies.

meat-packing plants of Moscow and Moscow region list

Production is carried out exclusively from raw materials of high quality - beef, pork, poultry.


This combine is rightfully considered one of the mostlarge in Russia. The modernized enterprise produces a huge variety of meat and sausage products - sausages, sausages, ham, pates, liver, slicing and even halal. Reviews about the Tsaritsyn meat-packing plant in Moscow are very good, and they often mention such advantages of products as quality, naturalness, excellent taste and aroma. This is achieved using modern equipment: smoking is carried out in perfect smoking chambers that work on natural oak sawdust. Also, buyers note that a number of sausages can be bought only from this Russian manufacturer.

Mikoyanovsky meat-packing plant

The products of this enterprise are soit is advertised that everyone has a slogan from an advertising campaign. If you compile a list of meat-packing plants in Moscow and the Moscow region, the Mikoyanovsky plant must necessarily be included in it, and that's why:

  • modern equipment of the world's leading brands affects the high quality of products;
  • adhering to long-standing traditions and introducing advanced technologies, they produce products that are in demand by consumers;
  • naturalness and original taste - the guarantee of popularity of sausages, sausages and other products of "Mikoyan".

Ostankino Meat Processing Plant

For production, the raw materials created inown livestock farms. It is carefully processed on technological equipment. A high quality of meat products is provided by a combination of fresh meat, naturalness of all components, originality of recipes and careful laboratory control at all stages. It is also important that only chilled meat that is not frozen is transported. And the procedure itself, from slaughter to processing and delivery to the counters, is a maximum of 18-20 hours. The Mikoyanovsk Combine is a modern laboratory equipment, where for the first time in Russia began to determine genetically modified products.


Another popular enterprise is the meat processing plant"Dymov" (Moscow). He is one of the largest in the production of sausages and meat delicacies. The company was founded only 15 years ago, but quickly gained popularity among buyers. The use of natural ingredients in accordance with exclusive recipes - all this pleased the modern buyer. The enterprise includes at once three plants and two cattle-breeding complexes.

 meat factory moscow

Not all Moscow meat processing plants can offer such a diverse range of products:

  • Meat snacks (picoline, chips), which arenourishing snack or snack, they can be taken on the road and easily satisfy your appetite. Unique products for Russia are in demand by many customers, and their drying is carried out using special technology until the crunchiness is achieved.
  • Boiled, smoked sausages "Dymov" are made according to traditional recipes, which affects the constant taste. Changing the compatibility of components, they create different products for taste and aroma.
  • The ham brand is an exclusively natural product that contains only salt and spices.
  • Sausages are an excellent solution for those who like quick cooking.

corporate shops of meat-packing plants in Moscow

In the line of the Dymov combine, pelmeni are also presented, for the production of which fresh and natural ingredients are used.

Cherkizovsky meat-packing plant

Description of the leaders in meat processing in Russiait would be incomplete without mentioning the Cherkizovsky meat-packing plant. He appeared on the market of the country one of the first and immediately began to offer high-quality meat and sausage products, which are distinguished by their exquisite taste, rich and natural. Smoked, boiled, dried sausages, various types of sausages, ham - all this is created in accordance with modern technological developments on advanced equipment using unique formulations.


Thus, in the territory of Moscow and the regionthere is a huge number of factories that produce meat products. Wide assortment, traditional and original recipes, use of natural raw materials - all this makes meat and sausage products so popular. In addition, it is not difficult to find brand shops of meat-packing plants in Moscow - they exist practically in every district of the city.

moscow meat factory tsaritsynskiy reviews

Production is carried out in accordance with themodern technologies, thanks to which sausages, sausages and meat semi-finished products meet the requirements of quality, naturalness and safety. Meat raw materials necessarily get rid of excess moisture, and the inclusion in it of different types of spices and dried herbs significantly diversify the flavor and aromatic properties of products.

Another advantage of the plants described above -use of high-quality vacuum packaging, which ensures the delivery of the entire palette of sausage and meat products to the end user. Whatever you choose - an elite smoked sausage or usual sausages for dinner, in the line of leading Russian enterprises you will surely find products to your taste and wallet.

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