Means "Troxevasin" (tablets)

The drug "Troxevasin", whose analogues (for example, "Troxerutin") are also quite well-known, is used for disorders in the venous circulation. The drug belongs to the category of bioflavonoids. The tool helps to reduce the fragility and permeability of capillaries, increase microcirculation, strengthen the vascular walls. The drug reduces pain, swelling, trophic disorders and other pathological changes, provoked by chronic venous insufficiency.troksevazin tablets instruction

Tablets "Troxevasin". Instructions. Indications

The drug is prescribed for chronic insufficiency of the venous circulation, complicated by swelling and tenderness, varicose expansion, superficial thrombophlebitis, hemorrhoids. The indications include trophic disorders, ulcers and dermatitis, post-phlebitis syndrome. Means "Troxevasin" (tablets) are recommended to be used as an auxiliary after veins sclerotherapy, varicose veins, hemorrhoids removal.They are used in the paresthesia of the lower extremities in the morning and during the night, in convulsions. Outwardly, other dosage forms are prescribed by a doctor for swelling and pain after injuries.troxevasin tablets


The drug "Troxevasin" (tablets) is not recommended for gastric ulcer, duodenal lesions, hypersensitivity, chronic gastritis in the acute phase. No medicine is prescribed for long-term use in patients with impaired renal function of a pronounced nature. The tool "Troxevasin" (tablets) has limitations for pregnant women (especially at the beginning of the term) and lactating patients. At the time of lactation treatment should be discontinued. The drug is not recommended for children under the age of fifteen.

Means "Troxevasin" (tablets). Dosing regimen

At the initial stages of therapy, 1 pc is prescribed. 2 times a day. Maintenance therapy - a pill a day for three to four weeks or more. Against the background of retinopathy, 1-2 tablets are prescribed three times a day. The drug is taken simultaneously with food.

Means "Troxevasin" (tablets). Adverse reactionstroksevazin analogs

As a result of the use of medication, allergic manifestations are likely.Some patients may experience headache, dermatitis, damage in the gastrointestinal tract of erosive-ulcerative nature. Undesirable effects include eczema, urticaria. In general, experts note good tolerability. If any side effects that are not described in the annotation occur, if the symptoms of the pathology are increased or if there is no therapeutic effect, consult your doctor.

additional information

The drug "Troxevasin" is allowed to use as an additional tool in the combination therapy. The gel is applied exclusively on intact areas of the body. The tool should not be used on open wounds, mucous membranes, in the area of ​​the eyes and mouth. The tablets are swallowed whole, without chewing and drinking water in sufficient quantities. The drug is suitable for use within five years from the date of manufacture. Before using the tool you need to be examined by a specialist.

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