May Holidays and Weather in Turkey

All tourists who are planning to spend their holidays in May on the shores of Turkey, expect bright, but not burning rays of the sun, pleasant evenings and a quiet sea. It is in the last month of spring on the shores of the Bosphorus that the hot season begins, and, consequently, the swimming season. The weather in May in Turkey contributes to warming water in Side and Alanya, as well as on the shores of Antalya. It is comfortable to swim in the Aegean Sea only not earlier than the second decade of June.

May sun

May temperature in Turkey is ideal for those tourists who prefer the cool sea. Also at this time will be comfortable for those who do not like the scorching rays of the sun. Spring weather in Turkey (April-May) is favorable for spending time on the beaches and visiting excursions.

May weather in Turkey

In the southern part of the country the water is already warm enough, and the air is not very hot. As a result, long walks on foot will not be exhausting. Also, the May weather regime in Istanbul will be suitable for excursions not only at historical sites, but also for exploring the Bosphorus and the Princes' Islands.

Precipitation and wind

The weather in May in Turkey is characterized by low precipitation. Minor rainfall with thunderstorms is unlikely. Their number tends to the minimum. For the entire last month of spring, they will go no more than a few days.

turkey in may weather reviews

There will be almost no wind in this period of the year, only occasionally it will blow in early May. As a result, the number of storms will decrease. The temperature of the Mediterranean Sea at the beginning of the month will be 19-21 ° C and 23-25 ​​° C at the end, depending on the part of the country.

May holidays in Turkey

Excellent weather conditions in Turkey during the May holidays contribute to an increase in tourist flow from Russia. Many people want to relax under the warm sun and swim in the sea water. It is known that during the May holidays the cost of vouchers grows. The same can be said about the summer months. In order to save, you need to plan a vacation in the second half of May. In addition to lower prices, the advantage of this solution lies in the warm temperature regime and fewer tourists. There are still places in hotel complexes, in contrast to the summer months.

weather in Turkey April May

The good weather in May in Turkey and the increase in the number of tourists affect the fullness of entertainment. Thanks to this, young people will have a great time at summer venues, bars and restaurants. Warm weather will allow everyone to dance to pleasant music until the morning. But you must have a jacket or shawl with you, because at night the air becomes cool.

Weather in some Turkish cities in May

In Antalya, tourists will be somewhat hot. Air temperature can reach more than 30 ° C, and water - more than 20 ° C.

The last month of spring in Alanya, as in many Turkish cities, is the best period to open the tourist season. In May, the sun will warm the guests with its warm rays. While swimming in the sea, the water is quite comfortable.

It is important to choose the right resort for a holiday in May. Turkey has many tourist areas. Holiday in May, the weather in which is not the same for resorts, can be spoiled by the wrong choice. The most unpredictable in this regard is Kemer. Here, weather factors vary from year to year. In some seasons there are rains, as a result of which rest for tourists is spoiled.Despite precipitation, in May the temperature reaches 20 ° C. To avoid rain, before you go to Kemer to rest, you should find out the expected weather.

turkey holiday in may weather

Throughout May, Marmaris is warm and sunny. On the territory of this resort all year long there is a low humidity.

The most favorable month for a holiday in Belek is May. The city is warmed by the rays of the warm sun, and the sea water becomes favorable for swimming. In Belek, May means the opening of the summer season.

It is recommended to visit Side fans of hot holidays in the country of Turkey. In May, the weather, reviews of which confirm this, is distinguished by a thirty-degree heat.

The last month of spring in Istanbul is one of the best. The most favorable period for rest is considered the time from the beginning of the flowering of tulips in May to the second half of July. For lovers of excursions to historical monuments, you must visit Istanbul in the last month of spring, because the sun is not too hot.

Why should you visit Turkey in May?

If you can spend your vacation in May, then Turkish resorts will be a good option for this.The country will meet tourists with hospitality, low prices, first-class service and a variety of fruits. Also, the weather in May in Turkey is great for long excursions to historical sites. You can take part in them both on transport and on foot.

Thus, the most favorable period for holidays in this country are the last weeks of May. There are not many tourists at this time, and the weather conditions favor not only fans of the beach and the sea, but also lovers of excursions.

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