Maxim Stefanenko



    Ecology of life. Psychology: I am not a teacher to teach someone something, life teaches us all, and we learn from ourselves ...

  • Exit FROM

    Ecology of life. Psychology: I went in and out because the output is always where the input is, or almost always, especially if the input is not ...

  • Rituals of eternity

    Awareness of their mortality does not pass without a trace. Being in the middle between life and death, between eros and ...

  • A long way to SELF

    Ecology of life. Psychology: On the way to oneself, the main thing is not to get lost in the Other, not to accept other people's characters as your own. Something...

  • Boredom

    Ecology of life. Psychology: The glance slides along the wall, as empty as the sounds coming from the window that opened ...


    If you recall the moments of happiness, then I can see that all of them were just at the moment of a complete stop of everything in me, ...

  • Tender longing

    Ecology of life.

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