Biography of Martha Nosovoy

Martha Nosova is a Ukrainian dancer and choreographer. In 2014, the girl decided to change her occupation and will appear in a new role, agreeing to shoot in the television series “Sweet Life”. She managed to perfectly cope with the task and open herself with a new side.
Dancer and actress Martha NosovaDancer and actress Martha Nosova
However, this series is not the first television project in which the girl starred. Prior to that, she fought for the victory in the show “Dancing without rules,” where she managed to perfectly show herself and get to the final.

Childhood and youth of Martha Nosovoy

March was born on August 12, 1984 in the first capital of Ukraine, Kharkiv. She was born in a normal, not public family, which has always supported any of her initiatives.
From an early age she had a craving for dancing and a dream - in the future to link her life with choreography. To start its implementation, Marta joined the dance club in her school years and began to learn all the subtleties of this type of art. At the moment when it was necessary to choose a university and an activity with which I would like to link my future life, she did not doubt for a second.
Martha Nosova from childhood dreamed of dancingMartha Nosova from childhood dreamed of dancing
After graduating from school and receiving a secondary education, Nosova applied to the local State Academy of Physical Culture. Choosing between specialties, she preferred the department of sport dance. After studying for 4 years, she managed to successfully graduate from the academy and get excellent recommendations from teachers.
After graduating, she began working in the local “Theater of Extreme Dance”. Practically from the first days she managed to conquer the leaders with her talent and soon take the place of the soloist of the group.

Marta Nosovoy dance career

Working in the theater, Martha understood that it would be difficult for her to realize her full potential in Kharkov, so she moved to Moscow without fear and worries. At first, it was difficult for her in an unfamiliar city, but because of her persistent and hard-nosed nature, the girl managed to quickly join the metropolitan rhythm of life and begin to take the right steps towards her dream.
Martha Nastov's Instagram is PopularMartha Nastov's Instagram is Popular
First of all, Martha decided to get a second dance education, so she entered a circus school.Nosova chose a variety department to become a more “universal” dancer, capable of participating in any projects.
After graduating from college, she began to participate in various festivals and competitions. Most often she was presented in the nominations "pop dance" and "pantomime", but in 2005, Martha became the world champion in sport dance.
Martha Nosova in “Dances” on TNTMartha Nosova in “Dances” on TNT
After winning the champion title, she began to teach choreography to young dancers. In addition to being a teacher, she was involved in the production of shows and ballets. For example, for some time she put on performances of the world famous ballet “Todes”.
In order not to lose dancing skills and keep her body in shape, Martha Nosova got a job in the “Theater of Extreme Dance”. In parallel with this, she danced in the ballet "Favorite".
In 2008, she decided to take part in the TV show “Dancing without rules”, which was broadcast on TNT. Thanks to her extraordinary movements and the unusual energy of our audience, she managed to become one of the finalists of this show.
Martha Nosov in the project “Dancing Without Rules”
The girl admits that without dancing her life would be gray and monotonous. It is dancing that she copes with depression or, on the contrary, shares her feelings. The viewers of the project remembered the girl thanks to the bright and unusual costumes and unexpectedly refined dances.

Martha Nosova and Sweet Life

Thanks to the television series Sweet Life, Marta had the opportunity to try herself on television not only as a member of the project, but also as an actress. It is worth noting that she got into the cast of the series by accident, without having any theatrical education.
Martha Nosova and Nikita Panfilov in the series “Sweet Life”Martha Nosova and Nikita Panfilov in the series “Sweet Life”
The girl was never interested in acting. To become an actress of the series, she did not even have to go to the casting - the director of the project himself drew attention to the girl and approved her for the main role.
To find Martha, the producers had to spend a lot of time. The fact is that during the casting, the girl left Moscow for her native Kharkov. Coincidentally, during this period, the girl deleted her pages from social networks, which made her very difficult to find.
Only the longtime friend of Martha managed to inform the girl that the producers of the series “Sweet Life” were looking for her. Despite the fact that Nosova was on tour, she agreed to come to Moscow to try her hand at a new role for herself.
Duet of the leading Martha Nosov and Lukerya Ilyashenko
In the series, the actress appeared in the role of a single mother, the main meaning of life of which is an only child. To support her family, she starts working as a go-go dancer in a nightclub. Martha herself in many ways compares herself to her heroine. The girl admits that she, like Sasha, with the help of the dance conveys all her emotions and is fully revealed only by dancing.

The personal life of Martha Nosovoy

The personal life of an attractive dancer is a closed book. A girl can talk for a long time about her work, plans for the future and new beginnings, however she prefers to dodge questions about her personal life.
Martha Nosova's personal life is shrouded in mysteryMartha Nosova's personal life is shrouded in mystery
Like every girl, Martha had a relationship that hurt her heart, so she is in search of a real man who does not know about betrayals.

Martha Nosova today

In 2015, Martha Nosova continued working on the second season of the television series Sweet Life, in which, as before, she played the role of Sasha. The show of a new series, so beloved by the audience, was scheduled for May 2016.
Clip with Marta Nosovoy ("AloeVera" - "Run")
In addition, the girl could be seen in the clip of the Yekaterinburg group “AloeVera”.

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