Marshal of Aviation Shaposhnikov Evgeny Ivanovich

Shaposhnikov Evgeny Ivanovich, whom somemodern historians consider "betraying the Soviet Union", is the last Minister of Defense of the USSR. The reason for this attitude is that he was one of the first to withdraw from the CPSU, stimulating the deportation of the Armed Forces. He not only refused to carry out the order of the putschists, but also spoke during the August events in 1991 categorically against the involvement of troops to storm the White House. Moreover, he forbade the military to interfere in the political events of the country precisely Evgeny Shaposhnikov.Shaposhnikov Evgeny Ivanovich


This marshal of aviation was born on February 3, 1942year on the farm Big Log (Rostov region). In 1963 Shaposhnikov graduated from the Aviation School in Kharkov and was sent to serve in the Carpathian Military District. Three years later, the future marshal of aviation enters the VVA them. Gagarin. From 1971 to 1975, he was deputy for political affairs, and soon as commander of the aviation regiment. In 1975, Shaposhnikov returned to the Carpathian VO. Here he is first appointed to the post of deputy, and then the commander of the aviation fighter unit.

In 1984 he was transferred to Odessa. Here he served until 1987, commanding the Air Force District. In 1987, Shaposhnikov was led by a group of Soviet troops stationed on the territory of Germany, and the next year he also took command of the air army. A few months later he became deputy commander-in-chief of the Air Force. In this position Shaposhnikov worked until the summer of 1990.Shaposhnikov Evgeny Ivanovich family

Putch and bet on Yeltsin

During the August events of 1991, it was hesuggested Yazov - then Minister of Defense - to urgently disperse the Emergency Committee and withdraw troops from the capital. After the failure of the putsch on August 21, 1991, Gorbachev, while still a president, signs a decree on the appointment of Yevgeny Shaposhnikov as defense minister. This decision is submitted to the session of the Armed Forces for consideration. A few days later Evgeny Shaposhnikov received the rank of Air Marshal. At the same time, the Supreme Soviet of the USSR approves it as Minister of Defense. Actually, he spent a very short time in this position - only a few months: until December.

When in late 1991, Yeltsin, Kravchuk and Shushkevich,having met in Belovezhskaya Pushcha, decided to "finish off" the USSR, the issue of single armed forces had not been resolved yet. So the troops could resist this. But that did not happen. It was Marshal Yevgeny Shaposhnikov who became the man who ensured the success of the Belovezhsky Treaty.

After the collapse of the Union

He recognized the agreement on the disbandment of the USSRimmediately after signing it. On December 21, 1991, Yevgeny Shaposhnikov was appointed commander of the USSR Armed Forces until their final reform. A few months later, in February, he became Commander-in-Chief of the CIS OVS.
In this position, the last marshal of aviation stayed until September 1993, when this post was liquidated. Yeltsin highly valued Shaposhnikov, considering him a devoted and faithful companion.Shaposhnikov Evgeniy Biography


From June to September of the same year, Yevgeny Ivanovichhappened to be Secretary of the Security Council of independent Russia. In 1994 Shaposhnikov resigned. But even then he does not cease to work for the good of the country. Almost simultaneously, he becomes a representative of the President in an organization such as Rosvooruzhenie. It was this state-owned company that was engaged in the import and export of military equipment and weapons.

From 1995 to 1997 Shaposhnikov Evgeny Ivanovichappointed as the CEO of the country's largest airline, Aeroflot, in order to "raise" international Russian airlines. But here he does not work long: after a year and a half he becomes an assistant to the President of the country. The marshal was in charge of everything that was associated with the development of aviation and space. Shaposhnikov Evgeny Ivanovich, whose family was never in sight, unlike many other politicians, always thought first of all about the welfare of the country, and only then - about personal interests.Marshal Yevgeny Shaposhnikov


They have this outstanding military reallyare sufficiently large. The conduct of the marshal has always had an impact on the world outlook of the higher ranks surrounding him, especially during the coup attempt. Yeltsin's confidence that the Airborne Forces and the Air Force will not support the State Emergency Committee allowed him to plan events as clearly as possible, to anticipate the intentions of the putschists. And much of this contributed to a clear position, which adhered Shaposhnikov Eugene Ivanovich.


Many years of productive activity andimpeccable service for the benefit of the Fatherland were highly appreciated by the country's leadership. Evgeny Ivanovich was awarded two orders, including the Red Star, as well as seven medals. The contribution of this well-deserved pilot in improving the safety of flights was awarded the Honorary Diploma in 2003.

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Marshal of Aviation Shaposhnikov Evgeny Ivanovich Marshal of Aviation Shaposhnikov Evgeny Ivanovich Marshal of Aviation Shaposhnikov Evgeny Ivanovich Marshal of Aviation Shaposhnikov Evgeny Ivanovich Marshal of Aviation Shaposhnikov Evgeny Ivanovich Marshal of Aviation Shaposhnikov Evgeny Ivanovich Marshal of Aviation Shaposhnikov Evgeny Ivanovich