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Minkov Mark is a composer, a student of Aram Khachaturian. He was awarded the title of People's Artist of the Russian Federation. He is a laureate of international and all-Union competitions of composers. Mark Minkov's music for the films is written by him for more than 60 tapes. He served as president of the Guild of Film Composers. He was a member of the Russian Film Academy Nika. He was a member of the Union of Composers, as well as cinematographers. In 2001, the music he created for the film "The Investigators' Conduct" was awarded by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. He is the author of ballet and opera. He writes music for plays and films. Was awarded the Golden Pushkin Medal.


mark of minksMark Minkov was born in 1944., On November 25, in Moscow. His parents - Anatoly Evseevich and Faina Mikhailovna. The birth of the child, according to the memories of his mother, coincided with a salute in honor of the liberation of one of the cities by Soviet troops. Mark liked to sing from early childhood. At first, the grandmother was engaged in musical education of the boy.

He was given a piano at about five years old. He took up composing music, although he did not know the notes and wrote down works with badges, which he himself came up with. At the age of six his education began. He was sent to a music school. The teacher realized that the boy would not get a pianist giving concerts. The composition was not taught at school.

The young man was also interested in creativity, and notrepetition of scales. As a result, he left school and started studying music with his teachers at home. Then he entered the music school at the Moscow Conservatoire - immediately in the third grade. There he studied composition. Mark's teachers were Alexander Pirumov and Nikolai Sidelnikov.

In 1960 he became a student of the music school at the Conservatory. At the same time I continued to study art at Sidelnikov's. The future composer in 1964 graduated from the school. He continued his education at the conservatory, in the class of Aram Khachaturian.


of the song marka minkovaMark Minkov for the first two years of training has createdvocal cycles based on the poems of Alexander Blok and Robert Burns. "Balaganchik", which consists of 6 romances, later became mandatory program, performed at the Glinka competitions. The work "Verbochki" sounded at the concerts from I. S. Kozlovsky. In the nineties, Christina Orbakaite from this song made a pop song.

The musician graduated from the conservatory in 1969. Then he applied for membership in the Union of Composers. A year later it was accepted. According to the necessary procedure, he performed a number of his works, and did this so that Vano Muradeli, in admiration, kissed the young man. In 1970 he received an invitation to create music for the film "Investigators are investigators".

The main melody was composed by Marcus extraordinarily quickly,so he hesitated before reporting this on television. The song, based on the words of Anatoly Gorokhov, fell in love and was remembered by the audience. This composition turned into an informal anthem of the militia.

In the early seventies the composer createda vocal cycle called "Lamentation of the Guitar", based on the poems of Federico García Lorca. The performer of this work was Zara Dolukhanova. In several Tchaikovsky competitions, this cycle was part of the compulsory program of vocalists. Soon the satirist V. Polyakov introduced Mark to Natalia Sats.

After listening to the author's works, she invited himfor his theater write a children's New Year's opera. In a short time, the composer creates a work called "Magic Music, or Let's Do an Opera." This performance with success for many years passed on New Year trees. In 1982, this work was awarded the Grand Prix in the framework of the Festival of Musical Theaters, held in Hamburg.

In 1975 Minkov created the oratorio "Bell". The series "The investigation is conducted by connoisseurs" was incredibly successful. After his release on the screens, Mark began to come a lot of proposals for writing music for performances and films. Minkov proposed to create a composition for Alla Pugacheva. Their cooperation has become fruitful.

From the music created for the performance that took placein the Central Children's Theater, a song entitled "These Summer Rains" was born. It was based on Kirsanov's poems. This work has gained special popularity in the performance of Pugacheva.

A family

Minkov Mark composerMark Minkov is married. His wife's name is Galina Andreevna. She is a member of the Union of Designers. Son Andrey Markovich is a leading specialist in copyright of intellectual property, Candidate of Legal Sciences.


Mark Minkow wrote a soundtrack forof the film "Artist Feodor Grai". Also his music is heard in the following films: "The Return of the Boat", "What to Do", "Comrade Kamaz", "Alkina Songs", "My Friends", "Arch Chi-me-dy", "Without the Right to Make a Mistake" "In the Port," "In One Microdistrict," "Violet," "In the Zone of Special Attention," "You Remember Sometimes".

Featured Songs

music Minkova's brand for filmsThe musician is the author of Alla's compositionPugachevoy "But you know, everything will still be." Other songs by Mark Minkov: "Were young and happy", "World War II", "Where are the wizards", "Where are you, the harmonious melodrama", "Long live the Surprise!", "Two roads intersection", "Wooden horses", " If the stars are silent "," Zagranka "," Closed Circle ".

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