Manicure Pusher: How to choose and use

Pusher for manicure is one of the maintools, helping to process nails, to make them beautiful. A tool up to 15 cm long is a small spatula and hatchet in one person. It is also called a scraper. On the one hand, it has the form of a scapula, and on the other - the shape of an ax. The blade allows you to move the cuticle and cut off the build-up of the skin, located on the nail plate and called the pterygium. Using this part of the pusher prevents the appearance of burrs and allows you to prepare nails for the procedure of building up, namely, applying acrylic and gel to the nails. Topography performs the function of cleaning the open tip of the nail and the sides. This part of the tool is actively used to remove the build-up.

Choosing the Right Pusher

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In the case of a choice of a pusher, first of all, one should pay attention to the condition of the skin and nails, to the type of treatment preferred by the woman who constantly makes manicure.

A well-known company is a guarantee of quality. This should be paid attention to choose a manicure pusher, the price of which should not be very low. Do not buy the first nail tool. The optimal option will be a set of popular brands, consisting of several tools.

A convenient handle is an important factor in the correct choice of the gun. She should be right to the hands. The better she will "sit" in her hand, the easier it will be for you to make yourself a manicure.

Pay attention to the material of the handle. It does not matter what it will be, wood or plastic. The main thing is convenience.

The most important property of any tool for nails is its sharpening. The shovel of the gunpowder should be sharp so that it can remove even the smallest burrs.

The shape of the pusher also plays a big role. Square is not always suitable for oval nails, and the oval is just right for all types of nails. Before buying, pay close attention to this. Pusher for manicure should handle nails without any problems.

manicure pusher how to use

Types of Pushers

Pushchairs can be divided into two types: metal and plastic. There is also a wooden one, but it is better not to use it. Each kind has its advantages, which will help you choose a certain pusher.

Metal - the most common and most durable. It is made of a special alloy of metal. Suitable for all relevant nail processing operations.

Plastic has an advantage over a metal gun. They are less likely to damage the nail plate. The price is lower, the weight is less. In the hand holds better.

Today they are already producing pushchairs made of special strong plastic, which is not inferior in all respects to metal, except for strength and rigidity.

Choose your manicure pusher. "How to use?" - you ask. It is better to find a specialist, and he will qualitatively and quickly handle your nails.

How to store the pusher?

To store it is very simple: either in a special case with other tools (if it was bought in the kit), or purchase a cover or a box for it.

If you often use this tool, it is best if it is stored together with all the tools for manicure.

How to care for a gun?

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It is very simple to look after. After use, the manicure pusher should be well washed and disinfected by any suitable means. Wipe dry and put into a case (if it was in the kit with other tools). If it was purchased separately, it is better to determine for him a small box or the same case.

After frequent use, it is advised to sharpen the pusher. This should be done by a trained person on special equipment.

Pusher for manicure is a handy tool that can make your nails not only beautiful, but also healthy.

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