Manicure on short nails - beautiful and practical

The word manicure by descent is French, andit came to us about a century ago. It means caring for the fingernails, but the cosmetic procedure itself originated in antiquity. For example, in India, women painted the tips of their fingers with henna. In the Middle Ages, this process was forgotten and the ladies simply polished and filed their nails until the last century.

Finally in Europe in 1925 appears the rednitrocellulose varnish, then pearly and colorless, and only then all other shades. At the same time, a liquid appears to remove the varnish. Manicure not only decorates the nails, but also allows them to look after them properly. Beautiful, healthy and well-groomed nails have always been in vogue, although their length and shape at different times was different - because the fashion for manicure changes all the time, and does not stand still.

The most stylish in 2011 was a manicure onshort nails. It is not only convenient and practical, but also beautiful, although if someone can not give up long nails and at the same time wants to keep up with fashion, then can make a moon manicure that visually shortens the length of the nails. It looks very good on nails pink color, turning into blue, or green, with a shade of blue. Iridescent and flickering colors are also popular.

Manicure on short nails providesthe implementation of certain rules, non-observance of which can make the hands unattractive. First of all, the nails should have the right shape, which will look harmonious on the hands. The most fashionable form is a square shape, but it is suitable only for those with long and thin fingers, and the rest is better to choose an oval shape. The length of the nails is also chosen individually. For example, if the fingers are full, and the nail plates are wide, then the nails can not be cut too short, that is, the fingernail should cover the finger from the outside of the hand.

Doing a manicure on short nails, you need to removecuticles, so the nails will look neat and visually longer. Giving nails with the help of special nail files smoothness and shine, it is possible to apply a varnish. If the shape of the nails is ideal, and the length is the same, the varnish for short nails can be dark and bright colors, but you can also use a transparent strengthening varnish. Nails of oval and oblong form well in harmony with romantic and floral patterns, made in light colors. The square shape is well combined with graphic drawings and bright nail varnish. Excellent looks on short nails French manicure. Dark nails with a thin snow-white strip on the end are not only a tribute to tradition, but also a way of self-expression.

Manicure on short nails does not go well withacrylic modeling, and the drawings on the nails should not be either too large or too small. To manicure on short nails did not look too colorful, it is not recommended to use more than two or three colors at the same time.

For short nails is ideal frenchmanicure. His last achievement was a combination of orange, brown, beige, dark yellow and muted red. The "rainbow" has become firmly in the youth fashion: starting with the little finger, the colors are stable, but gradually, moving to the big finger, they grow into saturated ones. And of course, the pink color and its shades remain fashionable.

Nail coating with varnish begins with degreasingnail plate with a special agent. Then you need to apply a varnish-base, which not only protects the nails from exposure to harmful substances contained in colored varnishes, but also strengthens them, since it contains vitamins and other nutrients. A bottle with a colored varnish should be shaken well, otherwise it will lie unevenly. If the nails are wide, then on the sides you need to leave unpainted strips. To lacquer lay down exactly, it should not be too thick.

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Manicure on short nails - beautiful and practical Manicure on short nails - beautiful and practical Manicure on short nails - beautiful and practical Manicure on short nails - beautiful and practical Manicure on short nails - beautiful and practical Manicure on short nails - beautiful and practical Manicure on short nails - beautiful and practical Manicure on short nails - beautiful and practical