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In the fairy tale “The Golden Key or the Adventures of Pinocchio”, which is well known from childhood, everyone has their favorite and it’s not surprising, since the author, wishing to create an interesting and funny story, gave her characters an extraordinary character and a memorable appearance. Many boys were impressed by the image of the prankster Buratino, and the girls wanted to be as smart and beautiful as Malvina. The character of this doll with blue hair appeared in the fairy tale not by chance and has an interesting story.Malvina - character

The story of a fairy tale

Initially, in 1923, Alexey Nikolaevich, in his literary work, was only going to present in Russian the fairy tale of Carlo Collodi's “The Adventures of Pinocchio”. However, a moralizing tale written almost fifty years ago by an Italian writer was already beginning to lose relevance in rapidly developing modern times. Following the original plot, Tolstoy understood that the story turns out to be rather dry and left work on it.The decision to return to writing a children's story, but in its own way, the writer took in 1934. The story received a different development, and the characters are adventurous and cheerful in nature. In 1935, the work on the story was completed, and in 1936 it was published as an independent work based on the tale of Carlo Collodi.

About character - Malvina

From the plot of the tale of the adventures of Buratino, the reader knows that Malvina is a prima of the famous puppet theater owned by the lord Karabas Barabas. She loves the audience, and not only for talent. Description Malvina gives an idea of ​​the beauty of this girl doll. She has blue curly hair, eyes of heavenly color with long eyelashes, a pretty raised nose and a wonderful blush on a porcelain face. In addition, Malvina is a very kind and educated girl with a gentle character. Unable to withstand the rude treatment of the owner of the theater, she ran away from him and settled in a small house on the edge of the forest. With her kindness and meekness, Malvina deserved the love of the forest dwellers, who, in gratitude, began to supply her with everything necessary. The faithful companion, the noble poodle Artemon, protects and protects the beautiful woman.Pinocchio and Malvina

Character story

However, Malvina - the character is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.Alexey Tolstoy created it not only on the basis of the fairy tale of Karl Collodi, where the wooden boy was helped by a forest fairy with hair of azure color. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the original plot all animals, birds and insects obeyed it. Similar abilities and has Malvina. The main heroine of the traditional Italian comedy of masks, beautiful, kind, cheerful and honest Columbine, also served as the prototype of the character. Some traits characteristic of heroine-enchantors in Slavic fairy tales are also traced: the ability to command animals; incredible attractiveness and unusual hair color, indicating the world of magic.

Why Malvina?

The name Malvina character also received by chance. Being a connoisseur and connoisseur of Russian romantic poetry, Alexey Tolstoy deliberately gave his main character a popular name in this genre. Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin and Vasily Andreevich Zhukovsky used it in their works. Inspired by the romantic image of Malvina - Oscar's lover from a poem attributed to the authorship of the Celtic bard Ossian, many poets of the 18th-19th centuries gave the heroines of their works her name.Pierrot and Malvina

Character Relationships: Pierrot and Malvina

The prototype of a man in love with Malvina Pierrot served as a character in the French Fair Theater with the same name. The prototype, which, in turn, became the hero of the Italian comedy of masks - Pedrolino. He suffers from unrequited love for Columbine, and the more successful and resourceful rival Harlequin always manages to win her heart. In this classic triangle of relations, Tolstoy intentionally made changes. If Columbine is most often depicted as a young, simple-minded peasant who chooses between the same commoners, then Malvina is a more complex character. The beauty and the star of the scene, she is well educated and educated. She is pleased with Pierrot's feelings, but Malvina is passionate about herself only and the conventions adopted in a decent society. The Harlequin, in general, appears only in order to bring Buratino to the stage.

Character Relationships: Pinocchio and Malvina

Fleeing Alice from the fox and the cat Basilio, dressed in robbers, Buratino found himself in a forest. On a beautiful lawn, he saw a small, well-kept house. The wooden boy struggled to bang on the shutters, decorated with the sun, moon and stars, asking for help. Malvina’s pretty face appeared in the window.It was late at night, and she really wanted to sleep, so the beautiful woman called for help screaming as crap and closed the window. So Pinocchio and Malvina met for the first time. This act very eloquently characterizes the selfish Malvina. It must be said that, despite the girl’s meek character described by the author, Tolstoy did not consider her originally a positive character. She, like Pinocchio, had to develop.Malvina description

Without waiting for help, the wooden boy fell into the hands of fraudsters, but the gold coins received by him from the owner of the puppet theater, the fox and the cat could not be selected. Therefore, they hung Pinocchio upside down on the branches of an old oak tree in the hope that the coins would soon fall out of its mouth. In such a deplorable situation in the morning Malvina saw him. This time she helped Buratino, but as soon as the boy came to himself, the beautiful began to educate him. Unwillingness to obey led the ugly naughty to a dark closet. Since Malvina considered it a harsh, but necessary method of education. Pinocchio did not understand what Pierot could have liked in this capricious and arrogant girl. Only a lot of trials that befell the heroes made them reconsider their relationship with their relatives, learn to appreciate true friendship and love.

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