Male Scorpion-Dragon: Characteristic and Compatibility

The sign of the Zodiac gives the child at birtha certain set of character traits and models psychological reactions to different situations, but the stars are not the only factors that determine the future of a person. If you want to know your chosen one well, then add the eastern horoscope to the zodiac. Scorpio-Dragon (male) is always of great interest to women of the opposite sex, so carefully study his horoscope, if you want to build long-term relationships with this extraordinary person.

Male Scorpio-Dragon Characteristics

General characteristics of a man born under the signs of the Dragon and Scorpio

For those women who are highly appreciated inrepresentatives of the strong half of humanity mystery, contradictions and passion, the ideal option will be a man of the Scorpion-Dragon. Characteristics of such a person is filled with a large number of contradictions that get along in every person born under the auspices of these very uneasy and strong signs.

The man of the Scorpion-Dragon combines the mostbright characteristics of both signs - suspicion, manic jealousy, vindictiveness and excessive demands on the surrounding people. Such a person has great life ambitions, but he always lacks the strength to turn them into reality. After all, all its potential Scorpio-Dragon is wasting to prepare the ground for his epoch-making achievements. In case of failures, he very vengefully avenges others, under the hot hand often fall and the closest. However, they always have to endure the sudden outbursts of anger that the Scorpion-Dragon man suffers. Characteristics of this behavior is not included in its strengths, because he will always shift responsibility for his actions to other people.

With all this, the Scorpion Dragon is very intelligent andit is capable, it as a magnet attracts people to itself. Although in fact he is not distinguished by great philanthropy, they are simply necessary for such men to support and achieve their goals. Very often they are endowed with a huge amount of talents and abilities that allow them to burn life in their youth. In a more mature age, the Scorpion Dragons men become very circumspect and create a positive reputation for themselves.

1988 year of the Dragon

1988: What was the Dragon he gave birth to?

The dragon is not always the same, in different years hegets its own color and, accordingly, some new features. Usually they do not contradict the general characteristics, but they add to the person born this year some features that the other Dragons who were born later or earlier will not exactly have.

Let's say that your chosen one has a year of birthspecified in the passport 1988. What kind of dragon do you then look for in horoscopes? It's simple, this year is usually considered yellow, and the Dragon is Earthy. This man the Scorpion-Dragon, whose characteristic is already given earlier, differs significantly from other representatives of his eastern horoscope. He can be called the most peace-loving and responsible of all the Dragons. He is very good at handling money, so he usually achieves a solid financial position. His friendliness allows you to quickly establish contacts, and the mind and natural curiosity significantly expand his horizons. Such a man becomes an ideal husband and will not find fault with his second half in small things. He always has his occupation, which does not allow him to relax and break away on close people.

What is the man of the Scorpion Dragon in love?

In love, such a man is very emotional, thisIt concerns the manifestation of both positive and negative emotions. It seems that always judicious Scorpion-Dragon simply loses his head from love and becomes surprisingly romantic in courtship. But do not be misled by it. Not so simple is the man of the Scorpion Dragon. The characterization of his love affair may indicate that he quickly loses interest in his partner. Most often this is due to the fact that girls are beginning to actively use the kindness of the Scorpion and manipulate him. The natural mind allows him to properly assess the situation and take action. In addition, the new partner is always very fast, because the Dragon does not know the rejection of the female.

If you want to maintain a long relationship withmale Scorpion Dragon and in the long term to marry him, then never command him and do not try to challenge his leading position. Otherwise, he will part with you without regrets.

Scorpion Year of the Dragon man compatibility

Marriage to a Scorpio man born in the year of the Dragon

For marriage, such a man is very seriousand this often bribes women, because the offer of the hand and heart, he can do after a couple of months of communication. But there are two reasons for this haste:

  • He carefully considered everything and made the choice of the companion of life by reason;
  • The Scorpion-Dragon simply needs to be married, in this condition he feels very comfortable.

And both of these causes have the same effect onthe actions of such a man. To be the wife of the Scorpion-Dragon is not the easiest thing, he will present to his wife demands that regulate domestic affairs, expenses and her behavior in the circle of friends. In addition, his inner struggle with himself will lead to frequent outbursts of anger and discontent. Especially difficult is the Scorpion-Dragon, if the wife allows himself to argue with him and takes a leading position in the family. The happiest and lasting marriage will be the one that the young Scorpio has concluded.

Year of the Dragon (male): compatibility with other signs of the zodiac

Very harmonious will be the union of the Scorpion-Dragon andfemale Capricorn. Both partners have great ambitions and a desire for a calm, measured life. They can negotiate and make compromises, and quarrels are never stormy and prolonged. This couple appreciates each other's practicality and ability to invest correctly.

Perfect prospects for a couple menScorpion-Dragon and Pisces. The Woman-Fish attracts Scorpio in a sexual way, and he, in turn, surprises her with its reliability and ability to earn. As a result, Scorpio receives the desired role of leader in relations, and Pisces - stability and care.

Horoscope Scorpion-Dragon man

Of course, each person is individual, but the horoscopes still make their significant adjustments to the character of the person. And it's worth to know about it, starting a relationship with one or another man.

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