Male names on the "H". Characteristics and list

At a time when a child is born in the family,together with it appears the problem of the name of naming. Since the choice of names today is huge, it is difficult to choose the best. In this article we will list some of the male names on the "H". This list is by no means complete. Its task is only to offer several examples from different cultural traditions.

male names on n

Men's names on the "N": a characteristic

Before going directly to the list of names,Let us briefly describe the characteristics of those men whose name begins with the proposed letter. First, these guys are endowed with an acute mind and are able to think critically. At the same time, showing excessive criticality, they are inclined to refuse everything in a row, what they are offered, without separating the grain from the chaff. Those who wear male names on the "N", very much strive for comfort in both physical and emotional-spiritual terms. The work is diligent and due diligence. Although if the work seems to them uninteresting because of monotony or something else, they will do everything to replace it. As for the choice of companion, then such men show extreme intelligibility and even pickiness. However, they are just as demanding they are to themselves. People who wear male names on the "H" also differ in that they show some skepticism to everything. This applies to all spheres of life, as well as the occupation of the people themselves. However, they can hide their doubts well, when necessary.

Well-developed self-esteemis also a distinguishing feature of the owners of names beginning with the letter "H". They are trying their best to constantly improve their social position and strive to enter the circle of the elite, wherever they are and whatever they do. This means that they do not practice the ideals of equality, but, on the contrary, try to occupy a dominant position, dividing the world into their own and others'.

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List of names

Now turn to our list. It will be divided into two categories. In the first, Greek male names will be given on the "N". The Russians mostly derive from them. Then, for comparison, we will present several Kazakh variants. And then a small list of names from other languages ​​will follow.

Greek names

  • Nicholas. Very popular in Russia name. It comes from two words - "victory" and "people".
  • Nikita. It is derived from the verb meaning "to conquer".
  • Nestor. This version is based on a word that can be translated as "return home."
  • Nikon. Literally in Russian it is translated as "victorious".
  • Nikanor. In Greek, this name means "one who has seen victory."
  • Nikandr. Apparently, most of the names for "H" in the Greek language are associated with the notion of victory and come from the word that denotes it - "nickname". This option is also included in their number. Its literal meaning is "the winner of people".

Kazakh male names on the letter n

Kazakh names

  • Nadir. Kazakh male names on the letter "Н" sometimes also have roots from other languages. For example, this variant is derived from Arabic dialect and means "rare".
  • Nazarbay. It means a man of renown, to whom universal attention is drawn. Nakyp. Translated as "leader".
  • Nurlybek. This Kazakh name means "shining". A more complete translation may look like this: "radiating light and heat".

Other names

  • Nazar. It comes from Hebrew. It is translated into Russian as "dedicated to God."
  • Naum. Another Hebrew name. Means "comforting".
  • Nariman. This variant originates in Ancient Iran. His literal translation sounds like "The Fiery Warrior".
  • But I. The simplest way to convey this is to say the Mongolian word "prince" or "ruler". To be more precise, it means someone who manages the fog - a territorial administrative unit in the medieval Mongol and Turkic states.

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