Makita 9555HN angle grinder: specifications

The Makita 9555HN angle grinder isA compact device designed for processing various materials. Its small size makes it possible to process hard-to-reach places, and light weight makes it convenient for use. Although the device is compact, it has enough power (710 W) to ensure excellent performance. The model is equipped with reinforced dust protection and labyrinth seal, protecting elements from abrasive dust. Thanks to this apparatus can be used to work with dust materials such as concrete, brick and stone. The bevel gear is made of metal, which ensures a slow wear of the gears and a long operating life.

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In this angle grinder Makita 9555HNExcellent thought through the ease of use. The spindle lock provides quick replacement of 125 mm nozzles. Also, the device is equipped with an electronic system that limits the starting current and provides an accurate start to the work. This system is a measure of safety and protection of the device from wear and tear. The Makita 9555HN is comfortable to hold in both the right and left hands, because the handle can be installed in 2 positions.

In addition, this device is also comfortable in operation, as it does not emit a lot of vibrations and noise, despite the much higher idling frequency.

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Grinder Makita 9555HN user reviews received the most positive. Its dignity is:

  • small body diameter for easy operation;
  • compactness and power, the ability to perform work with one hand;
  • thanks to the labyrinth design, all bearings are protected from construction debris and dust;
  • An anchor, which is covered with a protective varnish, and a stator,which has a powder coating, protect the engine from damage and dust, ensuring good strength even during the cutting of stone, brick and ceramic materials.

The main advantage of this tool is its availability and cheapness.

angle grinder makita 9555hn

Makita 9555HN: overview and specifications

  1. With continuous operation, this device consumes up to 710 watts of power.
  2. Idling speed up to 10 thousand rpm.
  3. A grinding wheel with a dented center - 125 millimeters.
  4. The spindle is M14x2.
  5. The cutting circle is 125 millimeters.
  6. The length of the power cord is 2.5 meters.
  7. The overall length is 0 258 millimeters.
  8. Weight in accordance with the procedure EPTA 01/2003 - 1,9 kilograms.

grinder makita 9555hn reviews


This angle grinder Makita 9555HN is mainly equipped with a protective casing, washer, handle, grinding disc, special key and clamping nut.

The weight of the packed machine is about 2.7 kilograms.


Makita 9555HN is intended forcleaning and cutting operations. It is not the most powerful, but very convenient and easy. Due to its small weight and dimensions, it is convenient to hold such a tool even with one hand.

angle grinder makita 9555hn


This model of the Makita 9555HN angle grinder provides the possibility of locking the spindle, as well as the possibility of locking the power button.

Thanks to the availability of these options, reliable use and additional ease of use of this tool is provided.


The Makita 9555HN grinder has a cylindrical body, the handle is located near the fixation point of the nozzles. The main elements of the design are:

  • angular gearing;
  • universal collector motor;
  • starting switch or traction converter;
  • electric motor.

Principle of operation

The principle of functioning of this device is based on the transformation of the angular gear and the motor of electrical energy into a mechanical one.

One of the main characteristics of similar devicesis the diameter of the working nozzle, on the basis of which angle grinders are equipped with engines of specific power to ensure the optimum number of revolutions. For the Makita 9555HN, the permissible linear rotation speed at the edge of the disc is not more than 80 m / s. Exceeding this value is unsafe, while low values ​​can reduce the productivity of the machine. It is for this reason that in this model with nozzles of small diameter, the speed of their rotation is much larger than that of instruments equipped with large disks.

angle grinder makita 9555hn reviews

Uses and features

Angle grinders for functionalpurpose are different from similar devices of other types, because they can be used, except for grinding, for cutting different materials, with the exception of wood. Angle grinders are universal, and this is their advantage. A wide scope of use of this tool is provided by a set of working attachments. Although the 9555HN is considered a one-handed machine, it should still be held with two hands, because this device is very dangerous. This model lacks the main hilt, its role is performed by a part of the body, which is covered with an elastomer.

Angle grinders are equipped with dustproof motors, walls of the labyrinth seal, which separate the bearings from the air ducts, and pressurized control knobs.

The general measure used to reduce the noise of angle grinders is the use of gears having helical gears.

To protect against overheating, the reducerprotected by a metal casing. To facilitate the replacement of attachments in the tool, a spindle lock is provided, the button of which is located on the gearbox housing. Maintenance of the machine is greatly facilitated by the presence of fast clamping units. This makes it possible to quickly replace the nozzles and remove the protective cover without using tools.

Rules for selecting grinders

Before acquiring angular grindingmachine, you need to determine what you plan to buy the tool for. The most convenient and productive in work are professional models that provide the best quality of work and are equipped with devices that increase the usability. In addition, such grinding devices are highly reliable, because they are calculated for regular use for several hours a day. They are great for professional use, for example, in services and workshops. For household use it is not advisable to buy such devices, because their purchase will require significant costs, and many of the opportunities available in them will not be realized with a one-time application.

Domestic appliances are limited in durationcontinuous application, they are not so convenient and productive. But this compensates for a much lower price, and the inconvenience is not particularly noticeable with rare use. In addition, non-professional devices tend to be compact in size, which makes them easy to carry, and also less weight, which makes application easier.

The size of nozzles for household angular grindingmachines Makita 9555 HN varies from 115 to 125 millimeters. They are not intended for cutting materials whose thickness exceeds 50 millimeters, but such devices are quite suitable for domestic needs, polishing, grinding, removing corrosion and paint coatings from different elements, including when doing bodywork.

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Makita 9555HN: description of useful functions

Some models of angle grindersequipped with features that greatly simplify the work or increase productivity, security or convenience. To choose the right device, you need to represent their essence.

  • The ability to adjust the rotation speed of the disc: due to this, the device can be adapted to perform various jobs and install nozzles of different diameters.
  • Electronic stabilization: can maintain a constant number of revolutions, regardless of the loads experienced by the angle grinder.
  • Automatic disk balancing: significantly suppresses vibration during operation and reduces wear of the disc. Such a system is a special clutch equipped with balls immersed in oil and grouping at the point of the center of gravity.
  • Disc brake: greatly reduces the run-out time to three seconds.
  • Brush availability: thanks to this, you can inspect the brushes for wear and, if necessary, change, without visiting the service center. For this, a hole is provided on the body, which is closed by an easily removable plug.
  • Removable network cable: very convenient during replacement with damages and during transport of the device.
  • Case: in this case it is very convenient to store and carry the device.
  • Slide switch: is durable and very comfortable in comparison with switches in the form of wheels or levers.
  • Self-disconnecting brushes: this measure is very relevant when the power is suddenly turned off. If it is available, you can protect the engine from damage.

So, the angle grinder Makita 9555HN reviews and specifications of users is very good. This is an excellent ratio of remarkable quality and affordable value.

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