Makeup for the narrow eyes

Everybody wants to be beautiful and attractivefemale. To do this, she spends a lot of time on clothes, hair, shoes, jewelry and, of course, make-up. He is able to significantly change the face of his possessor, highlight advantages and hide many shortcomings.

make-up for narrow eyesParticular attention should be paid to the eyes. Stressing their expressiveness, you can conquer any man. Unfortunately, not all women are lucky enough to have beautiful big eyes. To fix this is able to make-up for narrow eyes, a photo of which can be seen below.

Before you proceed directly tomakeup of this part of the face, should pay attention to the eyebrows. Their wrong form can further emphasize the existing shortcoming. Extra hairs should be carefully removed (pay special attention to the bridge of the nose). In the end, they must be "laid" with a special colorless gel. This will open your eyes and make it softer.

Special makeup for narrow eyes is capable ofvisually expand them and slightly increase. It is necessary to refuse the use of black eyeliner and shadows of too saturated dark shades, which simply "drown" the eyes, making them appear even smaller. Preferred to use light tones.

makeup for the narrow brown eyesMake-up for narrow eyes, like any other,begin with the outline. Using a light pearl pencil, you should draw a line just below the level of growth of the eyelashes and shade it. Then again, but only until the middle of the century is necessary to draw another line. Even at this stage, the eyes seem bigger. It should be noted that the contour of the inner eyelid in this case can not be done, because you will get the opposite effect.

The next step is to use shadows,which should be in harmony with the color of the eyes. It is advisable to use two or three shades. Excellent will look blue, pink, peach color. Makeup for narrow brown eyes is best done in green colors. Pay attention to the texture of the shadows, it is better to choose friable matte.

It is recommended to use shades of the same color. A darker tone is applied to the mobile eyelid, then it is used lighter. Between the transitions of flowers there should be no clear boundaries, these places must be gently for narrow eyesThe lightest shade is applied under the eyebrow. This visually lifts them and their eyes seem more open. The lower eyelid should also be slightly tinted, so that the make-up for narrow eyes has a completed appearance.

Before moving to carcasses, it is necessary to twisteyelashes with special tweezers. Mascara should be applied neatly and without fanaticism. Dye eyelashes in two stages. When the first layer dries, apply a second one. Lower eyelashes can not be painted. Make-up for narrow eyes is over.

Carrying out any make-up, it should be remembered thatTo focus attention it is necessary either on eyes, or on labiums. If you want to separate your eyes, you should not emphasize the lips, just apply a little gloss or lipstick of a natural shade. With blush too, you have to be careful not to turn into a nesting doll or vulgar person.

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