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Soon beloved birthday! What to give him? Are these questions familiar to you on the eve of the holiday, whether it is a name day or Valentine's Day?do-it-yourself giftsIt is good if the beloved voiced his dream beforehand, or you learned from him in a roundabout way about the desired thing. So, go to the store and buy a gift. No, it's better to act differently and make an expensive surprise! Men are sentimental, and a souvenir made by you personally will amaze your chosen one to the very heart. Moreover, you deserve not only words of gratitude, but also once again pleasantly surprise your beloved man. What interesting gifts can you make with your own hands? We will try to consider different options, based on the skills possessed by any woman.

For those who love to sew and knit

If you know how to knit, then a jumper or sweater that you knit will be a wonderful gift. Perhaps you will not yet take on the creation of a “big” thing, then tie a hat with an Irish pattern and “ears” or socks with a dog or a lion face. And the simplest is a scarf. Make it in a classic style or according to your own design.You can present gifts with your own hands to your beloved in the form of exclusive pillows sewn with his own hands. And if you embroider on them the initials of the chosen one - he will be delighted. For example, you can carry one pillow with you in the car on the seat, and let the other one be waiting for him on the sofa. Or present a beautiful silk muffler with an embroidered monogram or monogram in the corner.

An original gift for your loved oneMasterpieces of paper

Yes, these are simple gifts. You can present them to any holiday with your own hands. They are made of beautiful paper using colored ribbons, tinsel, confetti. Do not forget to write a text with congratulations or poems of your own composition. Great idea for a paper souvenir - car suspension. There is such a technique of "trimming": using corrugated paper, you can make any three-dimensional figure - a heart, a flower, a ball, a miniature TV, a clock, a doll.

Making crafts from pasta

Yes, yes, do not be surprised. With the help of long spaghetti and round pasta, reminiscent of the wheel of a car, you can create a masterpiece in the form of a miniature vintage convertible. Or make a house of your dreams, two-story, with a balcony.It will be an original gift for your beloved, made with your own hands, with a hint of your cherished dream - to have a big house.

Gift with the help of "Photoshop"

a gift to her husbandYou can try to change photos using Photoshop: consider that the finished souvenir is in your pocket. For example, if you are married, find a snapshot of your husband that is most suitable for some alterations, and make a funny photo montage. Place the resulting image in a frame (by the way, it can also be made with your own hands from wooden slats, leather, cardboard, plastic, or purchased in a store). This picture can be used as an image on a mug, t-shirt or desktop calendar. What is not a great gift to her husband, made with his own hands: original and useful in the household. You can collect a family mini-album from the photos dear to your heart, change them with Photoshop and make a funny sign. Imagine how many years later you will sit on the sofa and, laughing, you will look at the album for a long time and remember the past. In order to make gifts with your own hands beloved, do not be afraid to experiment and fantasize. The main thing is to surprise was at the very point!

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