Main dimensions of the metal profile

Corrugated - building material, which is a sheet of steel. It is produced in such a way that it is quite rigid and has the appearance of a relief surface. These parameters incline a large number of construction professionals to their side. As a rule, sheets of corrugated board are used as a finishing material. Many direct consumers are wondering what size of the metal profile is suitable for the construction of a particular type of object.

metal profile sizes

Features of such material as a professional flooring

The size of the metal profile depends on the type of activity where the material will be applied.

It is possible to refer to the fact that the professional flooring is exposed to installation rather easily and simply. This profile has the necessary rigidity, which allows it to withstand the load. But it is worth remembering that they can only be dynamic.

When buying this material, the buyer first of all pays attention to the size of the metal profile and its direct price.As a rule, its sheets are used to block the roof of a private house, high-rise buildings and other types of structures. When using this type of material it is worth remembering that laying it needs to be a certain way, which very few people know.

metal profile sheet sizes

Metal profile classification

As for the division of the metal profile into groups, this classification is based on the material, as well as its immediate purpose. Oddly enough, but the most important parameter by which the purpose of the profiled sheeting is recognized is its size. Already starting from this, we can understand what this particular sheet model is for. There are the following purposes: the facade of any house, fences and other fences, roofs of houses and so on.

To use such a material as a fence, it must have a high level of strength. Only in this case, this product will perform its role in the best way.

sizes of metal profiles for the fence

Required dimensions that fit the fence

The dimensions of the metal profile of the fence differ, which means that the basis will bear a different level of load. Types of profiled sheet:

  • roofing (HC);
  • carrier (N);
  • wall (C).

The first of the options is multifunctional. The thickness of the profile sheet of the National Assembly makes it possible to use it in the construction of the roof, and in the construction of fences. This kind of material is used as a finishing for the purpose of finishing objects. It is durable and attractive. But the more profiled sheets of the NA are found on the roofs and other buildings.

In addition to the main dimensions of the sheet metal profile for the fence, it is also provided profile profile A or R. The first type is more suitable for the fence, as it is characterized by the absence of a trap. Another distinctive feature of this material is that the coloring is performed on one side. From among all types the professional flooring of a type of C8, C10, C20, C21, HC35 enjoys huge popularity.

From the designation, you can find out the height of the corrugated profile of the metal sheet. It can be respectively 8, 10, 20, 21 or 35 millimeters. Length, width, height - all these characteristics, including the height of the corrugated profile, for materials of various types can be found in GOST 24045–2010. We must not forget that 2 conditions guarantee the material’s resistance to wind load: a metal layer and a wavy profile level. The more the size of the last of the characteristics, the better the fence will be.In the same relationship is a layer of metal and its degree of strength.

the size of the sheet metal profile for the fence

Sizes of metal profiles for the roof

For the roof of a private residential building the most popular professional sheet - brand NS35. Where the snow and wind load is higher, it is possible and necessary to use material with the largest wave possible - up to more than four cm.

In general, the size of the profiled sheet used as a roofing material may vary. It all depends on the purpose of one or another apartment building, and in addition, the preferences and aspirations of the owner.

The general width of a professional flooring C8 is 1,25 meters. The required width is 10 cm less. As can be seen from the marking, the wave height is 8 millimeters, the sheet thickness is 0.5-0.6 mm. This is probably the most economical material, the popularity of which is determined by the low cost and significant working properties.

Installation of the roof of the profiled sheet C8 is not difficult for a person who is able to use the working tools. Consider the size of the metal for the roof.

Width of a professional flooring C21 with a trapezoidal profile configuration is a little more than a meter - 1.05. The required width is exactly 1 meter. Layer sheet from 0.4 up to 0.7 mm.The length of the professional sheet of this brand can be two, three and 6 meters. It is used for the arrangement of shelter, the construction of elementary structures, they are fenced off by construction sites, and fences are made of it. It can also be a base of sandwich panels.

Under the flooring C21 obreshetku make rare. The width of the overlaps is the smallest. Due to this, it is possible to reduce the period of installation and the cost of refining the roof of this type of corrugated flooring.

Under the roof and apply the flooring C44. Its uniform and useful width are the same as that of C21. The height of the profile is 44 mm, and the thickness of the sheet is from 0.5 to 0.8 mm. It is used for shelter with a different angle of the bevel of the roof. Lathing stage - up to 2 meters. In addition to the roof, it is used in the construction of almost the same objects as C21. But this mark of professional flooring can be used as a fixed form and as diaphragms of rigidity of objects of the frame system. Professional sheets C44 able to endure significant overload.

The profiling of HC35 has a corrugation level, as can be seen from the designation, - 35 mm. Layer sheet, like C44. The characteristics of a single and desired width are almost the same as those of the previous two brands. The pitch of the roof sheathing when applied can be up to 4.5 meters. HC35 flooring is used in the construction of fast-mounted buildings and structures, frames, enclosures.It is suitable for the purpose of covering car garages, workers' bunkers, trading pavilions.

MP20 professional sheet mark stands for a metal profile with a wave height of 20 mm. Its single width is 1.15 meters, useful - 5 cm less. The metal profile layer is 0.4-0.8 mm. This type is produced in three variations - A (polymer coating on the front side), B (polymer coating on the opposite side of the sheet) and R (roofing metal profile). The first 2 types are used approximately in the same way as other brands of corrugated flooring, but the MP20 R is used only for roofing.

Feature of a professional flooring of the MP40 brand in its universality. It possesses tremendous stiffness, is resistant to corrosion, and easily withstands heavy mechanical loads.

Sizes of the bearing professional flooring

The size of the metal profile, as a rule, are determined by experts. After all, they have more experience in carrying out this type of work.

But you need to know about all the intricacies of this material. What is important is how this material is fastened. After all, to attach it properly, so that it holds, is quite difficult. As a mounting material, experts advise the use of screws.As a rule, the device for their installation is a screwdriver. This item must be installed at an angle of 90 degrees. This method will allow you to better attach professional flooring. As for the size of the sheet metal profile, here it is first necessary to know the size of the structure.

You must understand that each manufacturer has its own quality of this material. It is necessary to pay attention to what joints between the sheets of corrugated board and what types of seams connect them.

sizes of metal profiles for roofing

Standard sizes of metal profile

The ease of installation and the usual construction dimensions (3 m, 6 m) make the metal profile a very famous material. The sizes of a professional leaf can be various, depending on its appointment. In terms of length, galvanized professional sheets with dimensions of 3 meters and 6 meters are considered the most common ones.

When it comes to the width of the profiled sheet, you must not forget that the “overall width” and “usable width” are different sizes. The method of laying the profile will require overlap on the length of one of the corrugations ("overlap"), for this reason, the desired width is less than the overall size of 40-80 millimeters.

Standard dimensions of galvanized sheet thickness modify from 0.5 to 1 millimeter. The greater the thickness of the sheet, the stronger it is.The height of the profiled sheet is the distance between 2 adjacent corrugations, for this reason, the dimensions of the height depend on the pattern of perish.

Roof profile size

The difference sheets profiled

It is important to know the fact that even if the sheets are of a standard type, but are intended for different types of activities, they are different in structure. Certain types of sheets are more durable, others have greater density and so on. Also, much depends on the appearance, painting and shape.

what size of metal profile


Material of this type is really attractive in appearance. Also to the positive features should include its technical characteristics. The ease of this material allows you to install it on any objects.

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