Luxury or necessity? Choose a collar for fleas for a cat

Collar for fleas for a cat - this is perhaps quite a popular means of protection and disposal of parasites to date. Why popular? Here are a few reasons:

  • availability of goods;
  • relatively low price;
  • efficiency, repeatedly tested.

A collar against fleas for cats - is it a beautiful luxury or necessity?

One of the most pressing problems for cats is,of course, insects parasitizing on their bodies, among them fleas. These creatures not only take out their animals with itchy bites, but also are especially dangerous vectors and even infectious agents of infectious diseases.

It has been proved that a special repellent collar fromfleas for a cat - it's not only a beautiful decoration for your pet, but also a real effective protection against insects! Thanks to this miracle protection, your kitten or adult animal will be able to taste the beauty of a cloudless life, in which there is no place for opposing creatures! A flea collar for a cat will not let insect-bloodsuckers damage the delicate skin. Your pet will be protected from ticks (including the ear) and, of course, from the diseases carried by them!collar for fleas for a cat

Operating principle

Most collars presented inveterinary market, fight bloodsuckers through the allocation of certain odors and substances. It all depends on the type of device itself. A collar of fleas for a cat can produce toxic to parasites chemicals, smells and radiations in the head and neck of the pet, which, of course, has a harmful effect on insects. How does this happen?

The fact is that the impact of the collar makes the insects move to the base of the cat's tail, where they quickly say goodbye to their life and fall off.

Curiously, some models of anti-flea cat collars contain special insect growth regulators that prevent the multiplication of parasites.collar against fleas for cats

How to choose a flea collar?


The price range of these funds ranges from 100up to 400 rubles. It all depends on the duration of the collar. The standard period of its use is 2 months. At the end of this period, the remedy must be replaced.

flea collar


Depending on its trademark, there isseveral types of collars, including herbal, gas, ultrasonic, radiating. For example, "Mr. Kiss" is an effective and safe remedy, which includes natural essential oils of lavender and citronella, which, in fact, repels harmful parasites.

Among other well-known manufacturers of anti-collar cat collars are such brands as "Hartz", "Bolfo", "Beafar" and others.


And finally, we note that anti-fleet felineCollars in no way affect the activity of your pet in any way! They do not lose their miraculous properties and when wet.

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