Luxurious hair weave

The luxurious mane of heavy and long hair is the most cherished dream of almost every woman. However, nature made such a gift to only a few of us. And the rest are forced to be content with the usual head of hair. But the desire to at least visually increase it is inherent in all. This effect can be achieved using the right hair weave. And it is not necessary for the strands to reach the waist. Medium length is quite enough!

Medium length hair weave

Hair weaveIn order to create a beautiful hairstyle, it is not necessary to have long and thick strands. What does the phrase "braiding hair" mean for a woman? That's right. In 99% of cases, these are braids. Even if you are not distinguished by a thick mane, thin hair also looks very impressive in her hair. You just need to choose the right weave hair. The most popular today is the French braid. It would be difficult to find a more universal hairstyle, which is so easily transformed from everyday to elegant evening version.In addition, for fine hair of medium length, this is a great opportunity to create the missing volume and imitate curls. Also, African braids are still very popular among young people. If you decide to experiment, even of them, if necessary, may well turn out to be an extravagant evening styling.

Hair weave Technique and options

Consider the options of the French braid. Today deserved popularityMedium length hair weaveThis hairstyle is used because it is suitable both for a business suit and for a romantic dinner. If you are the owner of thin and soft hair, then before weaving, it is worth, having treated the strands with a styling agent, to form curls. After they cool down, you can proceed to the formation of the spit. To create a natural image, do not overtighten tighten the strands. Just the opposite. They should be slightly stretched, then there will be an illusion of voluminous hairstyle. The French braid can be laid around the head or lowered from the parietal zone through the nape down the head. And you can braid two, starting at the temples and descending on the neck. Also quiteOpenwork hair weavinginteresting option, when the French braid starts from the left temple and through the back of the head, diagonally down on the neck to the right ... The same pattern is formed hairstyle waterfall.This openwork hair weave is very beautiful and airy. For this hairstyle, it is necessary to release the bottom strand after weaving. And pick up the next one below.

Hair Style Decoration

Despite the fact that the hair in a beautiful braid and without that look very impressive, you can additionally decorate the already finished version. It should only follow certain rules. For example, it is not necessary to decorate a hairstyle with rhinestones, flowers or ribbons in an office or business meeting. In this case, it would be more appropriate to simply smooth styling, fully appropriate to the situation. But for a romantic walk, a picnic in nature or a gala dinner you can give your freedom of imagination. Decorative hairpins, artificial or natural flowers, hairpins with imitation of precious and semi-precious stones and pearls, tiara or bezel with a flower. Your imagination is limited only by the presence of accessories!

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