Low shoes - men's autumn and winter models

The style of the representative of the stronger sex in many respectsis determined by the shoes he wears. And in the cold season, this statement is particularly true. After all, from the fact that the shoes are wearing, the male models of which differ in considerable variety, the chosen image also depends.men's low shoes

Many forms

According to stylists, in the arsenal of men'sthe wardrobe must be at least three kinds of half-shoes. Male models in this case are divided into three main forms - working, everyday and office. Each of them has a characteristic shape and is made of special materials.

winter low boots for men

Thus, office men's shoes almost completely repeat the contours of classic shoes, except for the height of the bootleg.

Unlike them, working shoes remindtheir silhouette shoes adventurers. A thick grooved sole, firmly seated upper part, which perfectly copies the lines of the foot. Unlike office, working shoes are almost always equipped with laces for convenient regulation of leg circumference.

Everyday models are a kind of compromisebetween the species already considered. They can be on a thick or medium sole with a anti-slip pattern, but the upper part looks more refined and fits perfectly into the Casual style.

The best material for making half-shoesis seen original leather. When choosing a pair, it is worth remembering that the importance of the skin is also important. For everyday wearing is best suited smooth or suede, but from the purchase of velor, polished and varnished it is worth noting. However, the latter can ideally fit into a suit for the evening.

men's shoes

Shoes, male models of whichare considered, differ also by a material for manufacturing of a sole. The most high-quality and comfortable wearing is the outsole made of polyurethane. With such a sole, both autumn and winter shoes are produced. Men's shoes of this type are very durable. On the second place there is a rubber sole, and the "soft" skin closes the list of materials.

Winning image

Best of all in the autumnal style of Casual, look at the shoes. Male variations in this fashionable direction are multifaceted and meet the most demanding requests.

So, the image for every day. The perfect combination will be trousers of red wine, a cashmere sweater with Scandinavian design, black sports shoes and a leather belt.

casual shoes

Those who prefer urban chic, will have totaste the following set: corduroy brown trousers, orange knitted sweater, blue sleeveless shirt, in the tone of her striped scarf and brown leather low boots, belt and mailbag.

smart casual shoesThose who skillfully balances on the verge of rebellion, ona combination of a grunge shirt in a cage, slightly worn jeans, a white alcoholic vest, a quilted deep blue jacket, a scarf in a shirt's tone and gray-brown half-shoes will appreciate the dignity.

stylish casual shoesFor winter there is a strict classical combination. A black three-piece suit, a white shirt, a dark gray woolen coat, fur-lined fur, a red scarf and elegant black low boots.

classic flatsMen's models of this type of footwear fit perfectly into most collections of fashion houses. And because the shoes were a must-have thing in the wardrobe of the stronger sex.

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