Love lyrics of Mayakovsky. Love lyrics in Mayakovsky's work

There are poets who seem to be open to love, andall their work is literally permeated with this wonderful feeling. They are Pushkin, Akhmatova, Blok, Tsvetaeva and many others. And there are those who are hard to imagine in love. And first of all Vladimir Mayakovsky comes to mind. Poems about love in his work, at first glance, seem completely out of place, as he is usually perceived as a singer of the revolution. Whether this is so, let's try to find out, looking more attentively at the poet.

love oikika of Mayakovsky

Mayakovsky - the beginning of the creative path

The native land of the poet is Georgia. Parents came from a noble family, although his father served as a simple forester. Sudden death of the breadwinner forces the family to move to Moscow. There, Mayakovsky entered the gymnasium, but two years later he was expelled for non-payment of training, and engaged in revolutionary activity. Several times he was arrested and spent almost a year in the Butyrka prison cell. This happened in 1909. Then for the first time he began to try to write poetry, absolutely terrible, in his words. However, it was this year that Mayakovsky, the love poetry, poems and famous poems of which were yet to come, considered the beginning of his poetic career.

The poet of revolution

It can not be said that Vladimir's workMayakovsky was completely devoted to the revolution. All is far from so unambiguous. The poet unconditionally accepted it, was an active participant in those events, and many of his works were really dedicated to the October Revolution. He practically deified her, believed in the ideals that she was carrying, and defended. Undoubtedly, he was the mouthpiece of the revolution, and his poems were a kind of agitation.

Mayakovsky love poetry poetry

Love in the Life of Mayakovsky

Deep emotionality is inherent in all creativenatures. Vladimir Mayakovsky was no exception. The theme of love goes through all of his work. Outwardly rude, in fact the poet was a very vulnerable person, a hero of a rather lyrical character. And love in the life and work of Mayakovsky was far from the last place. He, a broad soul, knew how to fall in love instantly, and not for a short time, but for a long time. But the poet was not lucky in love. All relations ended tragically, and the last love in his life led to suicide.

Addresses of Mayakovsky's love lyrics

In the life of the poet there were four women, whom he loved unconditionally. The love poetry of Mayakovsky is primarily connected with them. Who are they, the poet's muse, to whom he dedicated his poems?

Maria Denisova - the first one with whom love is connectedthe lyric poetry of Mayakovsky. He fell in love with her in Odessa, in 1914, and dedicated the girl to the poem "Cloud in the pants". It was unrequited love and the first strong feeling of the poet. Therefore, the poem turned out to be so painfully honest. This is a real scream of a lover, who is waiting for her beloved girl for several hours, and she comes only to say that she is marrying a better-off person.

Tatiana Alexeevna Yakovleva. With her, the poet met in October 1928 in Paris. The meeting ended in instant love for each other. A young emigrant and a tall, two meters tall Mayakovsky, were a perfect pair. To it, he devoted two of his poems - "Letter to Comrade Kostrov ..." and "Letter to Tatyana Yakovleva."addressees of the love lyrics of the Mayakovsky

In December, the poet leaves for Moscow, but in February1929 again returns to France. His feelings for Yakovlev were so strong and serious that he proposed to her, but he received neither refusal nor consent.

Relations with Tatyana ended tragically. Planning to come again in the fall, Mayakovsky could not do this because of the problems with the visa. In addition, he suddenly learns that his love is getting married in Paris. The poet was so shocked by this news that he said that if he did not see Tatyana again, he would shoot himself.

And then again began the search for that one devoted love. The poet began to seek consolation from other women.

The Last Love of Mayakovsky

Veronika Vitoldovna Polonskaya is an actress of the theater. With her Mayakovsky met in 1929 through Osip Bric. It was not accidental, in the hope that the charming girl would interest the poet and distract from the tragic events connected with Yakovleva. The calculation turned out to be correct. Mayakovsky seriously took a great interest in Polonskaya, so much that he began to demand a break from her husband. And she, loving the poet, could not begin a conversation with her husband, realizing what a blow it would be for him. And the husband of Polonskaya fully believed in the faithfulness of his wife.

It was a painful love for both. Every day, Mayakovsky became more and more nervous, and she kept delaying the explanation with her husband. April 14, 1930 they saw each other for the last time. Polonskaya asserts that there was no talk about the break, the poet again asked her to leave about her husband and leave the theater. A minute after her departure, already on the stairs, Polonskaya heard a shot. Returning to the poet's apartment, she found him dying. So tragically ended the last love and life of Vladimir Mayakovsky.

features of the love lyrics of the Mayakovsky

Complicated relationship: Lilya Brik

This woman, without exaggeration, occupied the main place in the poet's heart. She is his most powerful and "sick" love. Almost all the love poetry of Mayakovsky after 1915 is devoted to her.

The meeting with her occurred one year after the breakrelations with Denisova. Mayakovsky was initially fascinated by his younger sister Lily, and she at the first meeting took the governess of her lover. Later, Lily and Osip Brica met officially with the poet. They were amazed by his poems, and he instantly fell in love with this extraordinary woman.

Their relationship was strange and incomprehensible tosurrounding. Lily's husband had a connection on the side, and had no physical attraction to his wife, but in his own way was very fond of her. Lily adored her husband, and when she was once asked whom she would still choose-Mayakovsky or Brick, she answered without hesitation, that her husband. But the poet was also extremely dear to her. These strange relations lasted 15 years, until the death of Mayakovsky.

Mayakovsky poems about love

Features of Mayakovsky's love lyrics

For a poet, love is one of the most important feelingsin the world. He believed that this is the foundation, the heart of everything. If it stops, the body will die. So without love, a person can not feel truly alive. The love poetry of Mayakovsky is special in that the poet refused to believe in the fragility of this feeling. He himself loves devotion and wants to tell the whole world about this, to share his thoughts and experiences. Yes, it is not interesting to ordinary people.

The poet's poetry features are most clearly seen in his poem "I Love", dedicated to Lila Brik.

Love for Mayakovsky is a deep personalexperience, and not a settled opinion about it. Each person inherent in this feeling from birth, but the townsfolk, who value comfort and prosperity in life, quickly lose love. It is they, according to the poet, "skukozhivaetsya."

A feature of the poet's love poetry is histhe conviction that if a person loves someone, he must completely follow his chosen one, always and in every way support, even if the loved one is wrong. According to Mayakovsky, love is unselfish, it does not frighten disagreements and distance.

The poet is a maximalist in everything, so his love is notknows halftones. She does not know peace, and the author writes about this in her last poem "Unfinished": "... I hope I believe shameful wisdom will never come to me."

Mayakovsky theme of love

Poems about love

Lyubov's lyric poetry is represented bya small number of poems. MNO each of them is a small piece of the poet's life with her sorrows and joys, despair and pain. "I Love", "Cloud in Pants", "Unfinished", "About It", "Letter to Tatyana Yakovleva", "Letter to Comrade Kostrov ...", "Flute-Spine", "Lilichka!" - such is the short list of Vladimir Mayakovsky's works about love.

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