Love compatibility: a man Aries, a woman Lion

The Aries and the Lion woman can not pass byeach other. They have many similarities in common, but there are differences that can underlie the breakdown of their relations or become the basis for their quarrels and contradictions. But the forecast for the development of interaction in this pair still shows compatibility. The man Aries, the woman Lion are active, courageous, quick-tempered and strong-willed people. Will their love be a constant struggle for primacy and rivalry, or will they forget about their principles for the sake of light feelings? The answer is below.

compatibility male aries female lionSensual compatibility: man Aries, female Leo

These fire signs are distinguished by their passionand quick temper. At the beginning of the relationship they will all be like in a fairy tale: mad passion, hot confessions of love. Hot Aries will want to get a star for his goddess - Lioness, both will scream about feelings to the whole world. Gradually, over time, their relationship will be like a Mexican TV series, because they are passionate not only in love, but also in quarrels. The lion and Aries will not be ashamed to stage each other's scenes of jealousy in public. In a fit of rage, they will rush with the most offensive words, and a minute later - kissing and enjoying each other in bed. The main thing is that both partners get from each other what they want - a passionate passion. In another way, they would be bored.

Family compatibility: male Aries, female Leo

horoscope man aries woman lionIn marriage, they can be prevented by the samerestlessness and quick temper. Because of the constant quarrels and squabbles, Aries and Leo even sometimes decide to part forever, but despite the decision, they will continue to love each other. It is not excluded that even after a possible break this couple will come together again. They should learn to control themselves, and also to think about the consequences of their behavior, as advised them by a love forecast horoscope. Male Aries, a woman of Leo, as a rule, are not shy, but they can go on parting only for the sake of principle. In this case, they will not be persuaded. These people will be able to break off relations, even those built on mutual love, because of their vagaries. They need to learn mutual understanding and patience all their lives. Children in such an alliance are always welcome. Lion and Aries do not worship souls in their children, and their offspring reciprocate with them.

Sexual compatibility: male Aries, female Leolion and ram

The intimate life of this couple is all for envy. Partners experience a mutual physical attraction, and both have huge sexual potential. As a rule, the inconstant Aries does not walk in such an association and does not even look to the left, as Lioness is able to constantly maintain the interest and interest of the man to his person. This couple does not lose mutual intimacy even after a long time together. In general, the potential of this pair is huge, their compatibility is almost ideal. It is desirable that representatives of these signs of the Zodiac meet each other at a more mature age, when they acquire wisdom, prudence and settle down. This will allow them to avoid rash decisions and hot quarrels.

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Love compatibility: a man Aries, a woman Lion Love compatibility: a man Aries, a woman Lion Love compatibility: a man Aries, a woman Lion Love compatibility: a man Aries, a woman Lion Love compatibility: a man Aries, a woman Lion Love compatibility: a man Aries, a woman Lion