Loss of voice: how to cope with the disease?

The loss of voice implies a complete absencevoice sonority. The cause of this condition can be different pathologies. For example, inflammation of the vocal cords or their damage due to mechanical impact. As you know, the state of the human nervous system affects his health, so with severe stress, paralysis of the larynx nerves and, as a consequence, loss of voice can develop.

Several types can be distinguished: true, functional, spasmodic and paralytic. True is the loss of the voice, which arises from the loss of ligaments in the formation of scar tissue, a tumor of a malignant or benign nature. To restore the functioning of the ligaments, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of the damage, that is, to remove the tumor.

Functional disorder is a pathology,It occurs with laryngitis (usually in acute and chronic form). In this case, the disorder simply acts as a consequence of inflammation. In paralytic form, one can speak of the presence of a pathology of the nervous system of the larynx. The defeat of nerve endings can be associated with intoxication, and then there is a loss of voice with a cold. In addition, paralysis of ligaments arises as a consequence of disruption of the esophagus, thyroid, lung cancer, mechanical compression of the aorta. Spasmodic loss of voice occurs after a strong muscle spasm in the throat, which creates too small a gap. This can happen because of the entry of hazardous chemicals, as well as due to the strongest psychological breakdown.

Loss of voice: treatment

If such a problem has already overtaken you, it is not worth itTry to restore the function yourself. You can try a lot of different traditional medicine, which in the end will be useless. After all, in order for the treatment to be effective, it is necessary to determine precisely the cause of such a deplorable state. That's why the specialist's help is important and obligatory. The doctor conducts an examination, on the basis of which he makes a diagnosis and prescribes the right treatment. For example, if the cause of loss of a voice was a tumor, especially of a malignant nature, only immediate surgical intervention can restore the condition. But with a functional or spasmodic disorder, the patient should take drugs aimed at restoring the nervous system, in addition, it is recommended to do breathing exercises.

As an additional tool, you canuse some recipes of alternative medicine. The most elementary is a compress on the neck. For its preparation, you can use slightly warmed vegetable or essential oil, mustard, and even ordinary water. Of course, you should abandon such bad habits, like smoking, alcohol abuse, even talking should try at a minimum. If we talk about nutrition, it is better to temporarily give up eating, richly flavored with various spices. They say that to return the lost voice, you can eat a few slices of garlic in boiled form or drink two raw eggs.

To ensure a speedy recoveryseveral times a day to do the procedure of inhalation with the addition of a mixture of herbs, tea soda or ordinary vegetable oil. It is established that for effective treatment it is possible to prepare a mixture of two glasses of carrot juice freshly squeezed, 1 tbsp. spoons of repo drink and two tablespoons of dandelion juice. And use it should be constantly until full recovery.

It is enough to observe these simple rules, and thenthe process of voice restoration will be greatly accelerated. The main thing is not to wait for the problem to disappear, but to act. And remember, the first thing you need to ask for help is a specialist who will put an accurate diagnosis and give the right recommendations.

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Loss of voice: how to cope with the disease Loss of voice: how to cope with the disease Loss of voice: how to cope with the disease Loss of voice: how to cope with the disease Loss of voice: how to cope with the disease Loss of voice: how to cope with the disease