"Lokomotiv" (Novosibirsk) - volleyball club with a rich history

Lokomotiv (Novosibirsk) is a promisingRussian men's volleyball club. Until 1996, he had a different name - "North", because it is based in the PO "North". Until 1997 the team played under the name "Slavs-North". And only then it was renamed the "Locomotive". It's quite easy to learn the club. They always play in red-green-white form.

Lokomotiv Novosibirsk


For the first time about the men's club "Lokomotiv" (Novosibirsk) they started talking in 1977. True, then it was called "North". Already in 1981 the team began to take part in the First League of the USSR Championship.

1986 was marked by the fact that the club "Locomotive"(Novosibirsk) was in the Higher League of the USSR Championship. Since then, it is a regular participant of these competitions. Already in 1990 the club took an honorable 6th place in this Championship.

Since 1998, the team received the name "Locomotive"(Novosibirsk). In 2003, players confidently win the tournament of the Major League "B". A year later they become winners of the Major League "A". Thus, they secured a place in the Super League, where they play to this day.

The year 2013 was marked for the team by the achievement ofthe best result in the history of the club. The victory in the Champions League of Europe is a significant result in volleyball. And next year the players won the first medals in the Russian Championship, finishing second.

The composition of the season 2016-2017

club "Lokomotiv" Novosibirsk

One of the best teams by right today is consideredLokomotiv (Novosibirsk). Volleyball for club players is the meaning of life, a profession and a favorite activity. That is why they are given to him completely. In the season 2016-2017, the team came to:

  • Kawik Shoji from Turkey, who played for the Arkaspor team;
  • Diagonal Nikolai Pavlov from the Italian club Latina;
  • Vyacheslav Tarasov, also diagonal. Previously, he played for the Makhachkala team "Dagestan";
  • Eric Shoji from the German club Berlin;
  • Ilyas Kurkaev (central blocker) used to play for the team "Yenisei" from Krasnoyarsk;
  • Sergei Chervyakov from the club "Ural";
  • Valentin Golubev from the "Yenisei".

Important acquisition of the team - head coachPlamen Konstantinov from Bulgaria. He himself was a former volleyball player. Several years in a row he headed the national team of Bulgaria in volleyball. Today is a practicing coach. Despite the fact that from 2014 he was appointed head coach of the Bulgarian national team, he came to Novosibirsk to deal with the team "Locomotive".

Significant achievements

Lokomotiv Novosibirsk volleyball

Today at the club "Lokomotiv" (Novosibirsk)an incredible number of fans. The whole world knows about the team. Some players are even members of the Russian national volleyball team. All this is due to their professionalism and well-coordinated work. During its existence, Lokomotiv has achieved a lot:

  • In 2012-2013 years. the team became the winner of the Champions League tournament;
  • 2013 - finalist of the World Championship;
  • 2010 and 2011 - the winner of the Cup of Russia;
  • 1982, 1985, 2000, and also all years from 2009 to 2016 - the winner of the Cup of Siberia and the Far East;
  • 2013-2014 season - silver prizewinner of the Championship of the Russian Federation.

By right, "Lokomotiv" from Novosibirsk cancall the best volleyball team in Siberia and the Far East. And now one of the most promising in Russia. Many players from other clubs, even foreign ones, do not hesitate to accept Lokomotiv's invitations, which makes the team even stronger.

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Lokomotiv (Novosibirsk) - volleyball club with a rich history Lokomotiv (Novosibirsk) - volleyball club with a rich history Lokomotiv (Novosibirsk) - volleyball club with a rich history Lokomotiv (Novosibirsk) - volleyball club with a rich history Lokomotiv (Novosibirsk) - volleyball club with a rich history