Lokobase (lipocrine): instructions for use and reviews

According to dermatologists, the reasons for the appearance of dry areas on the skin can be very diverse. Most often these are allergic reactions to food, medicines, contact with irritants (cosmetics, cleaning products, detergents, etc.), poor diet, lack of vitamins, fungal diseases, dermatological diseases (psoriasis, eczema), stress.

Any, even a healthy person will find the most vulnerable areas of the skin, which, due to lifestyle or work, hereditary factors or individual characteristics, are prone to dryness, flaking, irritation.

lokobeyz lipokrem

Dry skin: how to treat

Of course, only a dermatologist should determine the cause and prescribe treatment in a similar situation. However, there are times when we are confronted daily with factors affecting our skin, and running to a doctor every time a peeling or crack appears on our hands, lips or heels is not an option.

In addition, if there is confidence that dry skin is caused by weathering, prolonged contact with water, in children by wearing diapers and other similar factors, then the best option would be to protect the skin from these irritants.

To restore the protective barrier of the skin, eliminate dryness, cracking and itching, you must use special tools. One of them, Lokobase (lipocrine), is a cosmetic preparation from Italian experts in the field of dermatology and cosmetology.

In its composition, this cream contains a large amount of lipids and effectively helps protect the skin from drying out and external irritants, as well as restore its natural lipid layer.

Lokobase lipokrem instruction



The effectiveness of the drug "Lokobeyz" (lipokrem) in that when applied to the skin, it forms a protective film that is resistant to moisture and other adverse external factors.


The protective effect of the cream contributes to the independent restoration of the lipid layer of the skin, since the skin does not need to spend its already scarce lipid reserve for protection.


The film on the skin, which is formed after applying the cream, creates a greenhouse effect, forcing moisture to actively release from the body. Only at the same time it does not evaporate, but is again absorbed by the skin cells - this is how the skin is moistened.

Elimination of symptoms

Pain and itching in the area of ​​the affected skin (eczema, dermatitis) can also be removed with the help of this cream. Thanks to its fat content, the feeling of tightness of the skin, burning and itching inside it disappears, the process of cracking and peeling of the skin stops.

This action of the cream due to its constituent components.

Lokobase lipokrem instructions for use


Lokobase (lipocrem) has the following composition:

  • soft white paraffin;
  • liquid paraffin;
  • cetostearyl alcohol;
  • macrogol cetostearate;
  • methyl parahydroxybenzoate;
  • anhydrous citric acid;
  • sodium citrate;
  • purified water.

Due to the presence of paraffin, the same protective film is formed, which helps moisturize and restore the natural lipid layer of the skin.

Cetostearyl alcohol is a mixture of fatty alcohols (cetyl and stearic). It softens the skin, disinfects, forms a moisture-retaining film on the skin.

Most of the cream is lipids (70%). Despite this, the cream is well absorbed into the skin and leaves no greasy feeling.

lokobaize lipokrem reviews


"Lokobeyz" (lipokrem) instructions for use characterizes as a cosmetic, rather than medicinal, so it can not cure a disease that could lead to dry skin (dermatitis, eczema, neurodermatitis). But often doctors prescribe this cream as an aid in various skin diseases.

Lokobayz (lipokrem) is recommended for use in the following situations:

  • skin protection from external irritants (wind, sun, cold, chemicals, etc.);
  • protection of the skin from drying and peeling;
  • care for irritated, sensitive, dry skin;
  • problem skin care;
  • skin restoration after its damage.

The cream is recommended to be applied on the affected areas or areas with dry skin with a thin layer 1-4 times a day. Since the drug contains paraffin, the cream will be poorly distributed over the skin until it warms up.

When applying the cream should be rubbed with light movements to strengthen the protective film, which is formed as a result of this procedure, closer to the skin.

This cream can be used at any age, including newborns.However, to test the reaction to the sensitivity to the drug, it should not be applied immediately in large quantities or in a thick layer. For a softening effect, just a small amount of cream that needs to be gently rubbed into the skin.

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According to the tool "Lokobeyz" (lipokrem) instruction, this drug is not contraindicated, if there is no individual intolerance to the components from its composition.

However, do not apply it too often and over a large area (this prevents skin breathing). In addition, for some skin diseases, it is necessary not only to protect the skin, but also to dry the inflammation, and this cream retains moisture inside and will not contribute to treatment in this case. Therefore, consultation with a dermatologist and careful monitoring of the patient's condition is what you need to avoid unwanted side effects from the use of this drug.


The cream is sold in tubes of 30, 50, 80 and 100 grams.

The color of the cream is milky white, the consistency is thick and oily. This product has no smell.

When applied to the skin creates a feeling of oily film, which is not always comfortable, but sometimes it is a real salvation with strong irritation of the skin.

The cream is absorbed at different speeds, depending on the properties of the skin.

Store the cream at a temperature not higher than 25 ° C. After each application of the cream, the tube with the remnants must be tightly closed, otherwise paraffin additives will harden from the air.

You can buy it in pharmacies and in cosmetics stores.

Lokobase lipokrem analogues


Although the instructions to the cream do not indicate exactly how and under what diseases and conditions it is necessary to use it, however, this can be found out with the help of feedback from people whom this tool helps in various situations.

Lokobeyz (lipokrem) gets mostly good customer reviews. That's what many people say:

  • Cream well helps with atopic dermatitis: softens the skin, eliminates itching, reduces the sensitivity of the affected areas.
  • The cream can be applied from obvetrivaniya, for this you need to apply it on the skin of the hands and face before going out.
  • If you apply the cream with a very thin layer on the face, then it can be the basis for makeup.
  • Does not cause pain when hit in cracks and wounds on the skin.
  • As a result of using this cream, the skin becomes softer, itching, burning and peeling.
  • Lokobeyz (lipokrem) eliminates dryness, irritation, crusts on the skin of the hands, feet, elbows.
  • Thick consistency makes it difficult to distribute and absorb the cream, but when heated from the skin, the product is pounded easier.
  • Cream well helps with dry hands caused by contact with water, detergents or cleaning agents.
  • It can be economical, as it requires a small amount of cream to apply a thin layer, which will be quite effective.
  • In summer, the cream on the skin causes discomfort, as it prevents breathing to the skin.
  • Treats cracks and chapping on the lips.
  • In some cases, Lokobeyz (lipokrem) can leave a greasy shiny mark on the skin.
  • Helps to treat dry and cracked heels.
  • It protects the skin from frost if applied before going out in the cold.
  • Suitable as a cream under the diaper.
  • To avoid the risk of an allergic reaction, do not use the cream for a long period (overnight) or in large quantities.
  • It helps to protect the skin from harmful substances from the outside, for this you apply it before working with water, soil, household chemicals.
  • Prevents moisture loss from skin.
  • Eliminates fine wrinkles.
  • Relieves discomfort from itching, tightness, burning and skin irritation

Lokobase lipokrem composition


Cream "Lokobeyz" (lipokrem) analogues with a protective, moisturizing, nourishing and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin has the following:

  • Lokobeyz Repea - a drug of the same manufacturer.
  • "Floceta gel".
  • "Physiogel".
  • "Tolmicen".
  • "Emolium".
  • Topikrem.
  • Stellatopia.
  • Mustela.
  • "Bioderma".
  • "Gistan" and others.

Each person individually determines which of these creams suits him best, but it is advisable to consult with a dermatologist and carefully use any means in order not to aggravate his condition. If you find a negative reaction to the use of any drug should stop using it and consult a doctor.

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