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The story "Living relics", a brief content of which is given in this article, is included in the famous Turgenev cycle "The Hunter's Notes". This is a collection of stories, which was published in the journal "Contemporary" from 1847 to 1851. And in 1852, the author released it in a separate edition. Interestingly, literary scholars still can not agree among themselves on the genre of the "Notes". Some consider them a collection of stories, and others - a collection of essays.

Rainy hunt

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The story "Living Power", a brief summary of which you can read in this article, begins with a description of hunting in the rain. The author notes that such a weather for a real hunter is a real disaster. The narrator with Yermolai found himself in a similar situation. They went to Belevsky district to get black grouses.

When the weather became very bad, Yermolai offered to stay on the farm Alekseeva, which belonged to the mother of the main character. Interestingly, the author, on behalf of whom the narration is being told, had never even suspected his existence before.

The farm is a dilapidated outbuilding.He is clean, neat, but uninhabited. Here the narrator and sleeps.

First beauty

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In Turgenev's story “Living Power” (a brief summary will help you quickly recall the plot) the next morning, the hero wakes up at dawn and goes to a heavily overgrown garden on a farm. On the way, he finds an apiary, which is located nearby. To it leads a narrow and untrodden path. Having gone on it, he sees a small shed near the beehives and looks in through the slightly opened door. Inside it is empty, only in the corner, on a small stage, is an indefinite figure.

Already going to go back, the hero hears someone faintly hoarsely calling him by name. Calling Peter Petrovich and master. When he approaches the figure, he is amazed at what he saw. On the stage lies a man whom the author initially can not call anything else but a creature. He is all dry, he has a narrow nose, his lips are almost impossible to see, only his eyes and teeth turn white in the dark, and from under an inaccurate and ancient scarf a strand of liquid yellow hair stands out. From under the blanket only two very small pens stick out. At the same time, the face cannot be called ugly, the author notes, it is rather beautiful, but it amazes and frightens with its singularity.

Further, the author of the story "Living Power", a brief summary of which you can directly in this article, tells that Lukerya is in the barn. Once she was the first beauty in the whole district. She sang and danced beautifully, and all the men from the surrounding villages and villages were crazy about her. The main character secretly sighed about her when he was only sixteen years old. But disaster struck her, which nullified her beauty and happy and carefree life.

History Lukerya

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About six or seven years ago, a woman, as they say in Turgenev's story “Living relics,” which we now propose to read a summary of, gave to marry Vasily Polyakov.

Misfortune happened one night when she went out onto the porch. She thought she heard the voice of her spouse. Asleep, she did not consider where she was going, she missed the step and fell from the porch to the ground. She hit hard and since then almost every day began to dry and wither. Her legs began to rapidly refuse, and soon she could not walk at all. Appealed to the doctors, but none of them could help her.

When Lukerye was very bad, she was transported to this abandoned farm.Vasily Polyakov did not long worry about his ill wife and soon got married again. On young and healthy.

Watching the world

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From the story "Living Power" (a brief content for the reader's diary can be compiled and on the basis of this article) we learn that Lukerya is now lying down all the time. In the summer - in the shed, and in the winter it is transferred to the waiting room. She practically eats nothing because of her weakness and ailment. Her whole occupation is to observe the outside world.

During the time she had already spent on this farm, she taught herself not to think about anything and not to remember. Due to this time passes faster, it seems Lukery. She constantly reads prayers, which she still remembers, and then lies again, trying not to let a single thought into her head.

Outlandish dreams

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Petr Petrovich tries, as he can, to help Lukerye. As can be seen from the story "Living Power", a brief content of which is described in detail in this article, readers will learn that he offers her to go to the hospital together, but she refuses. Even despite the fact that there she was promised good and constant care.

When the eyes of the main character finally get used to the darkness, he manages to thoroughly examine the facial features of the woman. But no matter how hard he tries, he fails to make out at least glimpses of past beauty.

At the same time Lukerya complains that lately he has been sleeping badly Often she cannot sleep for a long time because of severe pains in her entire body. But when she finally succeeds in this, she sees wonderful and amazing dreams. One day she began to dream that she was sitting on the side of a large road in a costume of a pilgrim or wanderer. Crowds of wanderers pass by her, among whom one woman strikes her, who is head and shoulders above all the rest. She has a stern face and overseas dress. When Lukerya asks her who she is, she answers that her death.

Having learned this, Lukerya asks as soon as possible to take her away from this world, because life is no longer sweet to her, only sorrows and sufferings remained in her. Death replies that the time is not yet, she will come after her only after Petrovok (this is what people call haymaking).

Cure for insomnia

But she does not often see such encouraging dreams. It happens Lukerya does not sleep for weeks. A passing lady left her somehow a cure for insomnia, but it was over a long time ago. Petr Petrovich guesses that it was opium and promises to get more.

In the story “Living Power”, a brief content of which helps to better understand the author’s idea, the main character marvels at the patience and courage of this ordinary woman.To this, Lukerya objects that many people suffer much more than she suffers. It turns out that she is a very young woman, she is not yet 30.

At parting, Petr Petrovich asks if she needs anything. Lukerya asks only one thing for his mother to reduce the rent for the peasants. She herself does not need anything.

From the locals, the narrator learns that Lukerya has been called "living relics", she does not give anyone any anxiety. A few weeks later, immediately after Petrovok, Lukerya dies.

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