Little Big: the composition of the band and its features

Today we will talk in detail about the Little projectBig. The composition of the group will be given below. The team first made their first appearance on April 1, 2013, laying out their debut video, Everyday I "m Drinking on the YouTube platform." After just a few months, the first line-up of Little Big was invited to perform at the sensational Die Antwoord, after which they were immediately nicknamed Russian greetings.

This analogy played the team only on hand. Until recently, an unknown group from St. Petersburg at one point became popular not only in its native Russia, but also far beyond its borders. The project was also named by fans as funeral rave ("funeral rave") and "trash-capito", thanks to wild, incomparable energy in both clips and concerts.

The name Little Big is due to the difference in growthparticipants of the collective. The fact is that initially there were two vocalists in the group of not more than 130 cm tall. To this day Olympia Ivleva is an active participant, which, despite its unique growth, has an incredible, powerful energy.

Little Big: group composition

little big line-up

  • Ilya "Ilich" Prusikin (frontman of the band, vocals).
  • Sergei "Gokk" Makarov (sound producer, DJ).
  • Olympia Ivleva (vocals).
  • Anton Lissov, he's also Mr Clown (vocals).
  • Sofya Tayurskaya (vocals).
  • Anna Kast (the former participant, the first structure of group).

Rock and not only

Electonic musicAs the vocalist of the group Ilya "Ilich"Prusikin, the rave genre, like all electronic music, is in itself quite popular in our time, so the group's creators did not invest a penny in its promotion, but they became known throughout Europe. He says that the members of the team position themselves, first and foremost, as rock musicians. Their style of performance is considered a new form of this direction. At the same time, the addiction to electronic music helped to combine these two genres into one organic style.

During its existence, the group releasedtwo albums: With Russia From Love (2014) and Funeral Race (2015). Discs were in demand, thanks to which the main part of the group traveled with concerts almost all of Europe. So began the creative take-off of the project Little Big. The composition of the group has changed somewhat since its foundation. So, for example, the collective left vocalist Anna Kast. Her place to this day is Sofia Tayurskaya.

Participants of the group state that the semantic loadtexts of their songs, as well as video clips ridicule national stereotypes about the Russians. By the way, all the video is filmed by Alina Pyazok, who is the founder of the band. Since Little Big has the experience of creating commercials and owns a production company, all the clips are released by the team on their own. The group is hard to call it a musical one. Rather, it is a kind of art project with a fairly diverse team. The frontman has already earned popularity earlier, thanks to his show on the YouTube channel.


Participants in the group confess that they werethe influence of absolutely different musicians, from the famous giants of the rock scene, such as Cannibal Corpse, to the great classics. Despite the similarity of style and manners with the mega-popular South Africans Die Antwoord and constant comparison with them, the Little Big themselves are distinguished by their individuality.


mr clownEach new track, like the clip, is a mixa kind of humor filled with his own eyes on Russian culture and folk songs, and a tough social position. The musicians repeatedly stressed that their manner is not connected with hatred for the Motherland, it's just such an original way to draw public attention to his problems. But despite such a social position, the team remains a vivid mix of incompatible at first glance styles and incredible, contagious energy.

Now you know what features and uniqueness of the project called Little Big. We also described the composition of the group above, as well as the changes that occurred in it.

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Little Big: the composition of the band and its features Little Big: the composition of the band and its features Little Big: the composition of the band and its features Little Big: the composition of the band and its features Little Big: the composition of the band and its features