Lists of the best family Christmas movies

When can members of one large family get together and watch the best New Year movies? Of course, on the eve of the main winter holiday or during the New Year holidays. Any Christmas tale or New Year comedy will provide a festive mood and remind you of the brightest moments of life.

The conversation will focus on the best New Year movies for family viewing. I picked up a few domestic and foreign films, and you and your family watch them during the holiday weekend.

List of the best Russian New Year films

Before the New Year, people buy New Year's gifts, compose holiday greetings, make up a New Year's menu.

I offer a small list of domestic New Year's films that deserve attention.

  1. "Wizards". Although the film was released over 20 years ago, I watched it last year. It is a shame, but a fact. This New Year's fairy tale brought me to the land of love and magic. If you have not watched, I recommend it.
  2. "Carnival Night". The film is the creation of Eldar Ryazanov. It is worth viewing only for the fact that it contains a fragment from a song about 5 minutes. What to say about the lecture devoted to life on the planet Mars.
  3. "Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath"- the legendary film, like all viewers, regardless of age. At the same time fun and easy. It is well disclosed theme of the celebration of the New Year.
  4. "Gentlemen of Fortune". A truly New Year movie. Brilliant comedy will cheer up, will provide a great pastime.
  5. "Poor Sasha". The film describes a beautiful and relaxed holiday story. Be sure to take a look.
  6. "Frost". If you are interested in a wonderful film adaptation of a New Year's fairy tale, pay attention to this film. The film, released in 1964, will tell about Ivan and Nastya, who were helped by Morozko. This good-natured tale will leave only warm impressions.
  7. "Operation" Happy New Year ". The story of a general who went to the hospital, where he had to celebrate the New Year. What else to add? The picture is reckless, fun and New Year.
  8. "New Year's tariff". Modern Christmas film.Tells about a young man who bought a magic mobile phone on the eve of the holiday. Wonderful Christmas story.
  9. "Firs". Modern cinema, whose characters are in instructive, touching and comic stories. The perfect solution for New Year viewing.
  10. Close my rating films with Alexander Demyanenko - Shurik. Among them: "Caucasian prisoner", "Operation" Y "," Ivan Vasilyevich changes profession ". It seems to me that it is impossible to find a person who has not seen these masterpieces.

Online viewing of the movie "The Diamond Arm"

Soviet cinema constantly pleased with wonderful pictures. Without a good movie for the New Year will not work.

List of the best foreign New Year's films

During the New Year holidays, people gather as a family, exchange gifts and greetings, have fun, sing, watch New Year films. They remember the past year, think about the unforgettable moments that have remained forever in memory. Sometimes while watching a movie, people remember the real story that happened in life. Isn't that great?

In this section, we will discuss the best films shot by foreign cinema.

  1. "Alone at home". The story of a boy whose parents left for the New Year's holiday, forgetting him at home. All Christmas holidays, he lived alone in a big house. The rest of the boy did not turn out to be an ordinary pastime, because there were thieves who had long planned to rob the hero's house. It is difficult to say how this story would have ended if the boy was not endowed with enterprise and resourcefulness. He independently protected the house and furnished two adult men.
  2. "A gift for Christmas". The hero of the picture is a father who is too busy with work, who promised his son a popular toy for the New Year. Find it failed. To reach the goal, the hero goes through various comic situations.
  3. "Mrs. Doubtfire". The hero of the film lost his job, his wife left him, they were allowed to see the children once a week. This development did not suit him. He decided to get a job with a nanny, pretending to be an elderly woman. This was followed by a series of incredible events, so that the film gained popularity.
  4. "Sleepless in Seattle". New Year's melodrama tells about the feelings that have flared up between two people. The heroes of the film met on Christmas Eve.This romantic picture will remind you that love is a wonderful feeling.
  5. "Snowmen". The story of three inseparable friends whose life was transformed in the winter. Having decided to get into the Guinness Book of Records, the boys made many snowmen a day. As events unfold, the trio will have to repel school hooligans and find out that fame is a passing thing, and friendship lasts forever.

Trailer for the movie "Christmas Present"

This is not all the pictures that deserve attention. But, even this five is enough for a fun pastime.

Top 9 best family New Year films

What is better than getting together in the evening with the whole family in front of the TV and watching a family New Year's film? I offer several films that are perfect for this and will help you to celebrate the New Year well.

  1. "Family rental". At the same time drama and comedy. The girl needs a father, mother needs money, and a bachelor needs a lucrative contract. What if you gather three heroes for Christmas in the same house and try to imitate family life?
  2. "This wonderful life". The film will appeal even to children. Christmas does not bring joy? Care is the only way? Only an angel can demonstrate to a herowhat a life without him.
  3. "Family man". The protagonist of the film does not believe in miracles. He has a fortune, but no family. Christmas Eve will provide an opportunity to change everything. Will it work out?
  4. "Chrismas story". The movie tells about a greedy man who survived an interesting adventure on New Year's Eve. As a result, he found faith in true friendship and sincere love.
  5. "Survive Christmas". Millionaire celebrates Christmas in an old house with his family. But he has no family. In one day he has to solve this problem.
  6. "The Grinch - the Christmas Thief". The hero of the film is an evil and lonely man. He had the idea to kidnap Christmas. Although black comedy is present in comedy, everyone will like it.
  7. "All I want for Christmas". On the eve of Christmas, children are trying to reconcile divorcing parents. Children can only count on a miracle. Fortunately, Christmas is a time of miracles. If you strongly believe, love will win.
  8. "Samantha". Beautiful and sincere picture of true friendship. At the beginning of the 20th century, a New York girl from a rich family became friends with a servant's daughter. A couple ahead awaits a lot of adventure and a happy ending.
  9. "Welcome or no entry for neighbors". Comedy film created to lift the mood. She will tell about the adventures of one family when they are tired of the standard holiday script and monotony.

Of course, your tastes may differ from mine. But, I am sure that in this list there will be a couple of films that you like.

A few weeks before the New Year, it is customary to create a New Year's menu, buy gifts, sign greeting cards, decorate the house, and also make lists of Christmas films for the family. I shared a personal opinion on such a film. Of course, to list in one article all films that deserve attention is unrealistic.

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