List of the most terrible horror movies of all time

list of the most terrible horror moviesThe horror genre has a special charm andpopularity. Well, what else can tickle the public nerves, like not just another monster or a serial maniac. But there is a very sad tendency. Or scripted with the filmmakers fantasy went to the sewers, and they are actively looking for it there, or the people are now less scary, and the horrors are becoming more and more boring, monotonous, and sometimes ridiculous. So, the list of the most terrible horror movies of all time.

First about monsters

There are a number of films that portray very wellscary monsters. Here is an indicative list of the most horrible horror stories about monsters. All the films about "Aliens", "Predators", "Jeepers Creepers", "Tsunami", "Piranhas", "Apollo 18", "Prometheus" and many other worthy pictures make us sometimes start even after the end of the viewing. Scary they are not only because of the abundance of blood and screams eaten by monsters people, but also because of some ingenuity and experience of directors. Yes, and the actors are pretty decent.

Although, in fairness it is worth saying thatWhen the horror film turns into a serial "Santa Barbara" (it is also rumored to be returned too, O horror!), only the most loyal fans remain, and not for the sake of another portion of adrenaline and tightly compressed buttocks, but out of pure curiosity and love to the actors. I repent, and this is sinful. Looked at the "Black Hole" with Vin Diesel, then looked "The Chronicles of Riddick", and now it's the "Riddick" himself. If we compare the first and third parts of this saga, they differ by the very minimum - the presence of a loved one by the killer of a dog and instead of a Jones mercenary was his father, Jones Sr.. And so - one in one: arrived on the planet, there were monsters, something grand happened with the weather, because of which all the monsters were pushed up, and people had to flee who is what much. In a word, there was some heavy impression of "deja vu", but fear was not perfect.

Horrors of demons, paranormal and otherhorror the most scary listghostly food

The first horrors on this topic were"Poltergeist" and "Demons" - both were filmed before my birth, somewhere in 1986, but even now, reviewing, the horror is as frightened. With minimal special effects, but with a terrific performance of actors, these horror stories quite rightly occupy a weighty niche in the horror industry.

But let's move directly to this industry. Here is an exemplary list of the most horrible horror stories about ghosts, demons and, in general, about all the paranormal: "Paranormal phenomenon" (all parts), "Drag Me to Hell", "1408", "Astral", "Enchantment", "Mom, "Grave-seekers" and many other similar films.

If the film is shot qualitatively, then the viewer then,already after watching from any knock-gryka-squeak will twitch. Strictly speaking, the creators of the "Paranormal phenomenon" proved this with a vengeance. Without bothering over the budget, the plot and the scenery, they nevertheless filmed a number of films that had a stunning success.

List of the most terrible horror movies about zombies

There is not much to run up. All more or less terrible horror films about zombies can be counted on the fingers. These are the first two parts of the "Resident Evil", "Dawn of the Dead", "Walking Dead", "War of the Worlds Z". The last picture, incidentally, came out this year and is quite watchable, despite the fact that there was filmed the cute Brad Pitt. In addition, the film was brought new elements (I think the pyramid of distraught zombies and a vaccine on the basis of disease yet no one mentioned).

Horror is the worst. List of maniacs

Here are a few more movies. This is the Collector (scary, scary and just disgusting), and Saw (at least a few first parts), and Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday 13, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and a lot others.

horror the most scary list of 2013All of them are scary enough, but sometimesI want to say to the actors: "Guys, what about your legs ?!" Behind the characters a maniac is being chased, and they are falling on a flat spot and then creep. Yes, and the maniacs, although terrible, but also some strange. Crawling victims can not keep up, but they can overtake trucks and sports cars. Plus, how many do not shoot at them, they do not die. It is a fact. This is especially true of the last "Chainsaw Massacre", which was released earlier this year.

Horror is the worst. List of 2013

The 2013-th year is not particularly pleased us with new products inhorrors. But nevertheless, they are available this year. "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", "Mama", "Ghosts in Connecticut 2", "Astral 2", "War of the Worlds Z", "Riddick", "Enchantment", "Evil Dead" and "Testament". The rest is either not completely scary, or reminiscent of a comedy with a black tinge.

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List of the most terrible horror movies of all time List of the most terrible horror movies of all time List of the most terrible horror movies of all time List of the most terrible horror movies of all time List of the most terrible horror movies of all time