Prompt a good clinic in Almaty, where liposuction is well done, and at the same time they don’t fight for it all the money of the world.
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Answered on June 1 04:44
Tell me, have you ever done liposuction? But it is also interesting to me, but, firstly, it is scary, and secondly, no one of my friends has ever tried this method on himself, but I would like to hear real feedback.
Answered on June 1 05:30
I also think about the conduct of this procedure. Because diets and sports are too tiring for me personally, I want to immediately get a result, and not torture myself with restrictions and exercises. And in detail about the procedure and prices for liposuction in Almaty you can read on the website of the clinic of plastic surgery and cosmetology Ndialan Esthetics, here is the link
Elena the Wise
Elena the Wise
Answered on June 1 05:37
And on the contrary, I prefer sports - this is not only for a figure, but also for health. And I will resort to the services of plastic surgery after 45 years, when sports will not be so effective.
Answered on June 12, 13:30
It is better to conduct such operations in Moscow. Read reviews about surgeons Frau clinics. The surgeon in Moscow time more experience in such operations. Liposuction is not a very complicated operation, but it is still important to choose a competent specialist and clinic.

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