Lina Inverse - who is this? History of the hero

Many players in "DotA" know firsthand suchheroine, like Lina Inverse. A fiery magician in a raincoat and with red hair. Yes, and the voice of the character suggests her violent temper. That's just a few people know that this character was borrowed from the anime series "The Slaughterers", and the fans have the right to furiously swear at plagiarism.

lin inverse


The appearance of this character can be attributed to 1989year. It was then that the first anime series "The Shirts" was released, based on the novels of Hajime Kanzaki. At this point, Lin Inverse has gained immense popularity not only in Japan, but also beyond its borders.

From this moment begins its history. This 15-year-old girl had a fairly simple fate. Parents are mercenaries and a waitress sister. After studying in the guild of magicians, she went in search of adventure. By the time the spectator was introduced to this character, she had already gained a rather high reputation as a killer of bandits.

The level of Lina's forces The inverse is not exactly measured. Throughout the series with each season, she gets more and more abilities and learns powerful spells. However, here is an entertaining fact. At the very beginning of the adventure, when the viewer is just starting to get acquainted with her, she already knows how to use the "strongest spell in the world" - Dragon Slave, which became the prototype of the first skill of this hero in DotA.

Guides on the heroes of the pillbox


By external indicators, the characters of the anime and Doty differ greatly. You can say that they have only a common name, red hair and the name of the attack.

How to see the image of the heroine of the seriesThe "sluts"? Lina Inverse looks like a typical young girl. Many characters of the same cartoon believe that it has too children's forms. She wears a black cloak, pink trousers, a yellow T-shirt, shoulder pads and a hoop on her head.

At the same time, the Doty character is a middle-aged woman in open clothes. You can not accurately carry her to her shynesses, and her features are far from similar to what viewers are used to seeing on the screen.


But the game presents us with another story of the girlby the name of Lina Inverse. "Dot", or rather its creators, significantly changed the biography, apparently, just to ensure that they were not judged for plagiarism. Why you could not just change the name of the hero - a mystery.

lin of inverse dot

Lina Inverse grew the same way with her sister,Only this time it was the other heroine of the game - Crystal Maiden. There is a violent disposition of both girls who, with their brawls, regularly destroyed the house, as a result of which they had to move regularly with their parents. When the father was sick of the situation, Lina Inverse was sent to the desert in the aunt. The main features of the nature of the pupil of such a harsh place were pride and self-confidence.

For those who want to learn how to play wellthis character, there are professional guides on the heroes of "Dota". To completely master this heroine, you will have to study in detail all its opponents. And here we will give some assemblies and variants of pumping.


We will not start with the most common role in the game, but it is effective enough in experienced hands. Lina Inverse has several possible assemblies due to her various skills in mechanics.

  1. Dragon Slave - burns everything in a cone in front of the hero.
  2. Light Strike Array - Stuns and deals damage to enemies in a small circle.
  3. Fiery Soul - accelerates the character when using skills (but not objects).
  4. Laguna Blade - deals huge damage to a single target.

In general, you can see that you can use this character both as a pusher, as a ganker, and as a support. But collect items to her with caution.

So, consider the build based on autoattack. The fact is that the speed of rollback skills after a complete sweep of all skills allows Lina Inverse to maintain the 3rd passive continuously. So, having collected for her armor on the damage "from the hand," you can quickly take out opponents, provided that the tanks will not let them get to you.lina reverse

Thus, skill must be pumpedaccording to the following scheme. At the first level, you take the mill (2). After that, boldly apaete passive. Then, in turn, swing the first skill and passivity, not forgetting to take the 6th level at the level. The choice is due to the fact that when you collect a character in a kerry, you need to keep a balance in the damage. Bleed the mill gives a smaller increase in damage than Dragon Slave, and therefore, swing it to a character whose strength does not depend on the power of the skill, but on the amount, almost does not make sense. Bleeding the camp can be postponed almost until the end of the match, giving preference to "pluses."

What to say on the body kit? The attack speed is already high enough for you. Therefore, you will need to first collect "Aganim" to strengthen the ulta, Bloodstone for health, mana and regen, and as soon as possible. The rest is up to you. Nice for Buriz for crits and orchid. Boot to speed. In the remaining slot you can place, for example, a refresh.


This role, Lin Inverse wins back 100%. Due to a powerful casting without considering the resistances, it deals 1370 damage. With the collected aganim, she gives 400 more damage at the expense of the ulta.

The main task of this character, collected insupport, - to give a volley from all the guns and go to the rep, and it is better to step aside and support the allies with the auras and control obtained from the items - eul and hex. Shiva and necronomicon are also suitable.

lin force level

In occasion of skills here all is much easier. Download the first two attackers in turn. At the 5th level, take the passive, on the 6th - the ultra, and then apaem active skills. Improvement of passivation can be postponed to later levels.


What can I say at last? Lina Inverse fully justifies her character both in anime and in DotA. Spitfire fire sorceress will not let you get bored by your opponents, quickly and effectively roasting them to a crisp crust. We hope that the presented guides on the heroes of "Dota" will help you in dealing with this exuberant lady.

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