LG KF300 mobile phone: specifications and reviews

Not every user will find good ideasto purchase a mobile phone without many modern features and impressive design. However, for the older generation and for people with disabilities, the most important are the large display and large buttons, and only after that other functions are interesting.

lg kf300

For this category of users, there is"clamshell" LG KF300. This gadget will not make an impression on others, but it has some useful features, as well as a thin and light body. In addition, it is very cheap, which is also appreciated by pensioners and other low-income groups of people.


The case of LG KF300 is made of conservative blackplastic with chrome trim on the front panel, and also has a compact external screen with a large clock. According to users' reviews, the shiny front surface looks too retro, but the phone is nice thin. Despite the plastic housing, it looks solid LG KF300, the cable is very reliable and capable of withstanding a heavy load.

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In order to make sure that this gadget is excellentsuitable for people with disabilities, you need to test it by wearing sunglasses, noise-canceling headphones and winter gloves. As practice shows, the phone easily passes this test - just open the clamshell, as large buttons with clearly marked letters and numbers are immediately evident. In addition, in the second half of the clamshell, right under the 2.2-inch screen, there are a number of buttons marked with icons as hot keys for quick access to specific functions - camera control, alarm, calendar and photo gallery, and a customizable key for your favorite functions.

Large and comfortable

As the owner of large buttons phone LG KF300has a lot of opportunities to make life of a person with poor eyesight easier. The default font size in the menu is huge and can be adjusted. In addition, each menu item has a shortcut key on the keyboard - this is exactly what most users would like to see on many phones.

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LG focused on ease of use, implementing it in the design of this phone. This is a rather big folding phone: its dimensions are 98.8х49.5х16.2 mm in the closed state.

Unfortunately, there are several areas where the productcompany LG - "clamshell" KF300 - not easy to use. For example, the main menu screen contains icons with small text labels that look copied from other LG phones: they do not change if you adjust the text size. Of course, I would like to see the enlarged accessible design pass through the entire user interface.


With a clear marking of options and statusmessages LG KF300, the characteristics of which are described above, is very easy to use. The main tasks, for example, sending text, are extremely easy and are carried out very quickly. However, the order of entering punctuation is less clear than in some other phones. This can be a problem for older users who are prone to sending CAPS texts without punctuation.

lg the clamshell kf300

You can also find that when dialing a numberthe numbers are displayed in the cursive text on a yellowish background, which shows the musical musical staff. The theme itself is attractive, but it does not apply to anything offered in the phone, and therefore may look annoying.

In the standby mode, labels are managednavigation key (text messages, contacts, music player, ringtone profiles), which, to help users, are displayed graphically on the screen. As usual, they can be changed or hidden by dipping into the settings menu. The appearance of the desktop is typical for LG devices: the main menu looks like a grid of icons with a further submenu containing the listed numbered options for quick selection.

The keys of the keyboard are convex andlocated under the display QVGA with 262 thousand colors. Such a screen will serve as a good option for users who are technically unskilled, who need a detailed menu of the phone.

The device offers several rhythmic tunescall, and its large speakers mean that the call will always be clear and loud. There is also an integrated screen reader and voice commands (available on some LG phones) that allow the device to be used successfully by people with disabilities. The shutter sound when shooting from the camera is also quite loud.

lg kf300 specs


Loud sound when shooting a picture - goodaddition, but not mandatory. Especially since the 2-megapixel camera pumped up its characteristics. Almost all the photographs are blurred and lighted in bright light and dark in dim light. The delay between pressing the capture button and the received photo is about 1.5 seconds, so you need to have a free hand to make a good photo. According to user feedback, many would be happy to see Anti-Shake control in the device. However, the user interface of the camera is easy to use, and if desired, you can make a lot of fast photos.

The camera LG KF300 also allows you to shoot video. It is worth noting that the colors in the created videos look somewhat blurry, and the KF300 can not respond quickly to changes in lighting. Thus, you can successfully shoot only clips for a few seconds.

Although the camera interface makes it easy to sendreceived pictures by e-mail or MMS, the video player is not so useful. Without a simple way to synchronize your phone with a desktop computer, this video is unlikely to be convenient to watch on a small screen.

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As already noted, the absence of lightSynchronization can be a challenge when it comes to using a media player in LG KF300. The phone has space for a microSD card, which allows adding a tiny 14MB of internal memory. So, with the help of a card reader you can download your favorite tunes, but for this you must have clever fingers to insert the card into a hard-to-reach slot under the battery.

Features and functions

The phone also has FM radio, which has a decent interface, but turns on slowly enough (when you need to start it or turn it off).

The gadget does not have any exclusivity among itsfeatures. Thus, KF300 contains the usual classic mobile tools: mail client, simple WAP-browser, voice recorder and typical organizer functions (calendar, memo, calculator, converter, world clock, alarm, stopwatch). There are also two very simple games - backgammon and chess.

Headset and time

If you are used to using headphones, a mobile phonephone LG KF300 has its own non-standard connector for them. Fortunately, LG developers have included an adapter for the main standard headset, so there will be no connection problems.

If you plan to use your phone very muchactively, you probably appreciate the lack of the need for daily recharging. According to user estimates, the KF300 can operate up to 420 hours in standby mode or provide up to 5.7 hours of talk time in ideal conditions.


LG KF300 is thin and light inThe use of a "clamshell", which can well meet the needs of older users, people with disabilities, as well as lovers of simplicity. It also has such useful features as changing the text size and setting hotkeys.

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