"Levomitsetin", eye drops: instructions for use, reviews

"Levomitsetin" - often used for medical purposes drug. Various microbes and bacteria very slowly develop resistance to it. This drug is often replaced by other drugs that do not bring the desired therapeutic effect. The drug "Levomitsetin" is used in the complex treatment of infectious diseases, for example, for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system, meningitis, trachoma and many others.
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Use of the drug "Levomycetin"

Means "Levomitsetin" in eye drops has a bacteriostatic effect. It inhibits the protein synthesis of microorganisms. Gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms, as well as some strains resistant to penicillin, streptomycin and sulfanilamides, are sensitive to its effects. Acid-resistant organisms, Pseudomonas purulence and Clostridia have little sensitivity to the action of the drug.Application causes a high therapeutic concentration in the cornea, but does not penetrate directly into the crystalline drug "Levomitsetin." Eye drops, the instruction to which is attached necessarily, have proven themselves well. According to the recommendations, it is necessary to bury the drug every four hours, one drop, and in case of improvement, every six hours one drop.

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To bury this drug should be three times a day. Dosing of the drug is necessary, focusing on the diagnosis, but often prescribed in one drop. The drug "Levomitsetin" for the eyes is an antibiotic, so it can only be used as directed by the doctor. It is applicable to children. It is prescribed in the form of intramuscular injections, eye drops or tablets. The dosage for children is as follows: from three to eight years old - one drop once a day, from eight to sixteen years old - one drop twice a day. If necessary, the doctor may change the dosage. The maximum period of use of the drug is two weeks. After this line is strictly recommended to stop taking the drug in order to avoid deterioration of vision.chloramphenicol for the eyes

The effect of the drug "Levomitsetin" on the internal organs

How does Levomycetinum (eye drops) affect internal organs? The instruction states that any malfunction of the kidneys slows down the process of the half-life of the drug from the body, depending on the degree of the disease, this period takes from three to eleven hours. Most often, the treatment takes a week. In exceptional moments it can be extended to two weeks, but only in case of good tolerability of the drug.chloramphenicol eye drops instruction

Side effects

The drug "Levomitsetin", like any other, has its side effects. However, judging by the results of pharmacological studies and consumer reviews, their number is very small. In patients who have an individual hypersensitivity to this drug, which is extremely rare, skin rash develops, itching persists. Also irritated eyes, which leads to their redness and increased tearing. In this case, the reception is canceled.chloramphenicol for the eyes


There are also a number of contraindications for taking Levomycetinum (eye drops). The instruction warns about them.The drug can not be used if the person taking the drug, there is an individual hypersensitivity to certain components of it or in principle to all drugs belonging to the group of chloramphenicol. If the patient suffers from eczema, psoriasis or fungal infections, then taking the drug is strictly prohibited because it can lead to complications of already existing skin diseases. Doctors prohibit the use of the drug "Levomitsetin" children who have not reached the age of four, as well as pregnant or engaged in chest cramping women. If you are going to drive after taking the medicine "Levomitsetin" (eye drops), the instructions for use warns about the possibility of weakening attention and control, so you should refrain from driving or any other mechanisms. Also, it is not compatible with drugs that depress the blood, and is contraindicated during the period of radiation therapy.

Taking the drug during pregnancy

According to studies, the drug "Levomitsetin" is completely prohibited to receive during pregnancy. If the doctor appoints his young mother, it is necessary to interrupt breastfeeding.If you continue to feed the child in this way, taking the drug in question, you can significantly harm his health.

Overdose and storage conditions of the drug

Cases of overdose are infrequent, but still happen. It can be determined by severe visual impairment, which, fortunately, is reversible. If you "poured" too much of the drug, you just need to rinse your eyes with a sufficient amount of normal running water, which will help to wash the excess substance. The shelf life of the drug - two years, stored at temperatures up to fifteen degrees Celsius in a dark place. Eye drops "Levomitsetin" reviews mostly get positive. Among its main advantages can be identified quick effect, low price, prevalence, availability, compactness, and among the disadvantages - side effects and contraindications.

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