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Reviews about "Let them talk" are different. This program can not leave anyone indifferent. According to the apt expression of Andrei Malakhov, it tells stories about which it is impossible to remain silent. Some believe that the project raises very important and necessary questions. Others think that there are too many taboo topics in the program that are not worth discussing publicly. Below are the most interesting responses about the project.

let them say reviews

New wave

On the First Channel, they always show something interesting. For decades, Andrei Nikolaevich Malakhov has been shining here. A talented journalist and showman honed his skills on various talk shows. Among them - "Five Evenings" and "Big wash". However, the program “Let them talk” became the most memorable project. Reviews about it are both positive and negative. But this does not prevent her from leading the top-rated programs on Russian television.

The main task of “Let them talk” is to call the hero to a frank conversation, to give him the opportunity to tell about himself and his problems, to share his own experience.Producers deliberately moved away from the usual format of common reasoning on a given topic. The focus is on the personal life of the individual. Often in the process of clarifying it becomes clear that a seemingly private history is a typical phenomenon in modern life.

Unique format

According to the creators of the show, now the general topics for discussion are not of interest to the public. The audience is occupied only by specific events in the life of the country or other people. Producer Natalia Nikonova claims that the program we are discussing marked the beginning of a new trend - the genre of history. We can say that there was a “historical” boom on our television. Many tried to repeat the success of Malakhov. But reviews of “Let them talk” indicate that this show has no equal in terms of complexity of drama, passions and quality of production. The program invites real people who tell unthought stories about themselves, their friends and loved ones. The program has many Western counterparts. For the American audience, for example, it will seem like a synthesis of the respectable "Oprah Winfrey Show" and the scandalous "Jerry Springer Show".

let them say feedback on the transfer

Unsurpassed Malakhov

Reviews about the “Let them talk” program often directly relate to its mastermind and moderator, Andrei Malakhov. From 2005 until August 2017, he reigned supreme on the stage during the filming of each issue. What is the secret of his success? Probably, in that he combines incompatible qualities - the tact of an intelligent man and the bulldog grasp of a born journalist.

Andrei Nikolaevich graduated from Moscow State University with a red diploma. He has two higher educations - journalistic and legal. Undoubtedly, the knowledge gained came in handy in his work. After all, to balance on the verge of a massacre in the hot atmosphere of scandalous talk show is often not easy. But Malakhov invariably manages to keep propriety. In an interview, he claims that he loves his heroes - funny, unfashionable, provincial, sincere and crafty. All the showman sincerely tries to help, because not everyone will decide to give public the most intimate.

New lead

In the summer of 2017, the unthinkable happened - Andrei Malakhov left Channel One. It seemed to be irreplaceable. However, his place was taken by the young and promising Dmitry Borisov.He has long and successfully worked as a journalist and presenter. He started on the radio, then continued to work on the federal channel. According to the results of successful activity, he was awarded the prize "TEFI". The first issue of the talk show with a new host, he dedicated to his predecessor. The air showed the brightest moments of filming with the participation of Andrei Nikolaevich. Experts gathered in the studio recognized him as a talented man and an excellent journalist. Viewers who left feedback about “Let them talk” with Malakhov confirm this.

let them speak with jigarkhanyan reviews

Release with Dzhigarkhanyan

Being a public person is not an easy burden. The celebrity has practically no private life, because she completely belongs to her fans. Armen Dzhigarkhanyan became famous in Soviet times. He has already passed 82 years old, but recently the passion around his family relations has flared up with extraordinary force. In this regard, the actor became the hero of the program "Let them talk" with Dmitry Borisov. The feedback on this issue is very emotional. The subject of discussion was the behavior of his wife, Armen Borisovich, who is 45 years younger. Despite the impressive difference in age, the couple were happy.However, over time, Vitalina Tsimbalyuk-Romanovskaya (that is the name of the young wife of the artist) became the director of the theater. In addition, she took possession of almost all the property of the actor. Everything was good, but in October 2017 a surprise happened - a woman announced her husband’s abduction. Dzhigarkhanyan was found in one of the metropolitan clinics. He allowed himself to only close people and absolutely did not want to hear about Vitalin. The actor claimed that thanks to her he lost part of his property. In addition, he was no longer allowed into his own theater. Dmitry Borisov visited the hospital and interviewed the hero of the program. He was very frank with the presenter Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. Reviews of "Let Them Talk" indicate that this conversation shocked the audience. Contradictory impressions generated a new wave of conjectures and rumors. Someone took the side of Vitalina, deciding that sixteen years spent with an older man deserve substantial rewards. Others presented the woman as a mean intrigue who had taken possession of the actor’s fortune. Why did the bright muse suddenly become an evil genius? Perhaps the answer must be sought in the grave condition of an actor who has suffered from diabetes for many years and, as a result, sharp changes in mood.

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The history of Vadim Kazachenko

Quite a few celebrities visited the show "Let them talk." Reviews of Kazachenko as the hero of one of the releases cause sincere surprise. The singer for many years was in a civil marriage with his concert director - Irina Amanti. However, in 2014, he officially married another. His chosen one was Olga Martynova. The girl has long followed the work of the artist and was his passionate fan. Strange, but the public did not know about the marital relationship of the couple. The scandal broke out when Vadim Kazachenko annulled the marriage with the leggy beauty. Olga told her husband that she was pregnant, and he suddenly decided to break off relations with her. What was it? Moreover, the singer married his longtime comrade and girlfriend - Irina Amanti. As a result, when Martynov was reinstated in marital rights, Vadim was a two-piece female.

The participants in the program “Let them talk” were called to understand this confusing story. Reviews of Borisov as the lead from this issue have become warmer. If before the audience, he seemed limp on the background of the brilliant Malakhov, now many have seen his own personality and style in him.

let say reviews about Borisov

Such a different truth

Everyone has their own truth in the program "Let them speak." Reviews of Dzhigarkhanyan, for example, many left much to be desired. But no matter how criticized a famous artist, it is clear that they are judging him too one-sidedly. Talk show calls to consider the situation from all possible sides and to summarize a certain result. In the case of Kazachenko, this turned out to be unrealistic. It would seem that everyone is right: the woman who gave the singer her whole soul, has invested a lot of money in it and sees in it not only a man, but also a fairly successful project. The girl who gave birth to Vadim a child and wonders how he could leave her at such an important moment. Kazachenko himself, who cannot understand his own feelings and, in the end, chooses time-tested relationships. He is called a weakling and henpecked, and he is just a creative person, far from the usual concepts and realities.

Armen Dzhigarkhanyan let say reviews

Legal subtleties

It is very important that people who specialize in different fields of knowledge act on the program. Expressing their point of view, they are based on legislative norms. Spectators and listeners can apply their knowledge in practice.Carefully listened to the advice of experts Malakhov. Reviews of "Let them talk" suggest that many people will not fail to take advantage of these recommendations. For example, the story of the tragic death of Alyosha Shimko forced the audience to delve into forensic science. A little boy died under the wheels of a car. He was shot to death in his own yard. Unfortunately, this happens. However, the public was truly shocked by the results of the autopsy. Experts admitted that at the time of death he was very drunk. Heartbroken parents did not find a place for themselves. They have already lost one child and were at risk of being taken away from the second. After all, soldering children is punishable by law. Where did Alesha get alcohol in his blood if he was under adult supervision all the time? The reliability of the examination was checked several times. And only the last check confirmed the correctness of the parents - the boy was completely sober. The mistake was made by an expert who accidentally put an alcohol microflora in a blood test tube ...

Further, the proceedings began with the criminal who committed an unintentional murder.The woman who was driving the car that shot down Alyosha claims that the results of the examination hit her no less than the others. In addition, she does not consider herself the only culprit of the incident and calls the situation as an accident, in which the father and mother of the child are to blame no less than herself. Like, you need to look after the child so that he does not jump under the wheels of the car on the road. Now the lady sentenced. She was found guilty. But she is trying to challenge this decision in higher instances.

This story is devoted to the highest rated programs of the Let the Speak program. Today's reviews about her are a cry of indignation at the unfair treatment of the family of victims. However, viewers had the opportunity to observe the behavior of forensic experts, lawyers, and public figures on the show. They were able to grasp the subtleties of the judicial system, to understand that you can and must fight for your rights.

Let them say today's release reviews

Interesting Facts

On the transfer occurred a lot of funny cases. They all became part of the history of modern Russian television. Live broadcast never goes without incident, and during a busy talk show, anything can happen.

On the set sometimes there was a scuffle.In the heat of a verbal bout, Anatoly Kashpirovsky attacked the sex therapist Igor Knyazkin, who spoke unflatteringly about him. The incident attracted general attention and was subjected to detailed discussion. The public is especially interested in moments of acute confrontation between the characters. The agitated comments about the “Let They Speak” show with Kashpirovsky’s participation are another proof of this. Another large-scale trial was staged in the studio by two ladies who learned that they were living with one man. This fact was revealed only on the program and also made a lot of noise. Well, some people are not shy about showing their outrage in public. And people like to watch it from the side.

Sometimes a frank conversation with a famous person turned out to be too "hot." It happened that such issues were on the shelf. For example, the audience did not see the performance of Mark Rudinshtein with the scandalous exposure of the current film bohemians. Memoirs were too shocking, so the producers did not dare to release them on the air.

Andrei Malakhov often helped his friends. And he did it in the framework of the project “Let them talk”.For example, after the conflict between Philip Kirkorov and journalist Marina Yablokova, the host personally visited the singer in a psychiatric clinic in Israel. An interesting conversation took place, which was appreciated by the audience of Channel One. Andrei Nikolaevich also took part in the fate of Dana Borisova. The girl was in a difficult situation, but was able to overcome all difficulties.

"Let them say" - the transfer is serious. But here is a place of incendiary jokes. For example, in 2011, April Fools broadcast a talk show with Garik Kharlamov. The humorist portrayed the lead. And Malakhov had to feel like a guest on his own program. It was devoted to memes and was called "Author zhzhot."

Showman must look spectacular. A whole team of stylists is working on his image. Malakhov repeatedly subjected to all sorts of experiments. As a result, his natural dark brown curls have undergone a lot of changes. They were straightened, painted, cut a hedgehog, lightened. Andrei Nikolaevich is so tired of the constant make-up and styling that he doesn’t even wash his hair outside work. He can forget about his own image only far from the cameras.But he has airs almost every day, so he rarely relaxes. In short, the impeccable appearance of the presenters is the result of the titanic efforts of the entire film crew.
The success of the talk show spawned a lot of imitations. On “Russia-1” appeared the project “Live broadcast”, NTV launched three programs at once - “NTVshniki”, “Last word”, “We speak and show”. Now Andrei Malakhov works in “Live”, and Dmitry Borisov took his place in “Let them talk”. This castling seemed unexpected to the audience. However, scandalous details did not reach the general public. Perhaps they were not at all. It's just that one host accepted a better offer, and the second one successfully took the place of the first one.


So, despite the change of TV presenter, there are enthusiastic reviews about "Let them say." Today's release still worries the audience. And this is not surprising, because the problems that arise in it are close and understandable to everyone. For example, reviews of "Let them talk" with Dzhigarkhanyan indicate that people are more and more concerned about the question of the solid difference in age between spouses. It does not matter whose story is devoted to the next issue.In any case, he helps us to discern and analyze the contradictions that are brewing in modern society. Ponder them and draw the appropriate conclusions.

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