Leifheit underwear dryer: description and photo

Washing every year takes away from the hostess allless time and effort. Modern washing machines make it possible not only to wash clothes qualitatively, but also to squeeze them out to a semi-dry state. But the next question is: "How to dry washed?" One of the most successful solutions can be considered German dryers for clothes and linen Leifheit.

Description of the dryer Leifheit

Leifheit dryers are available in severalmodifications. They differ in size, location (wall, floor, street), the presence of a towel and installation method. The name contains information about the firm, the total length of the strings in decimeters (100, 150, 180, 200). The dryer of Leifheit is compact when folded. Wall can be hung over the bathroom or on the balcony. When folded, it has a width of 10 cm.clothes dryer leifheit

Feedback from users suggests that evenspreader dryer for wall-mounted Leifheit does not interfere with taking a shower. The floor is convenient to carry from place to place. After unfolding and loading the laundry, they also do not take up much space. A folded dryer can be hidden in a secluded place. Its width is also 10 cm.

Leifheit dryer device

Leifheit specialists developed severaldozens of models of dryers, among which even the most fastidious mistress will be able to find the ideal option for her. To the smallest details, all the details are thought out, even seemingly insignificant.

The floor dryer for clothes Leifheit hassupport legs. They are made of stainless materials. On the length of stretched special strings, on which the washed goods are placed. They are made of durable plastic, so the laundry on them will not rust. Many models have flaps. They also have strings for hanging clothes.

dryer for wall leifheit

Many models are equipped with various accessories. It can be special fixatives for small items. There are special pouches for storing clothespins. Delicate laundry can be dried in a special grid. The set can go hangers, which with the help of latches are installed on the edges of the body or on strings. The towel rail is made of stainless steel or aluminum.

The height of the leaves is about 1 meter. Therefore, the dryer for laundry Leifheit is convenient for drying trousers and other long objects. In many models, the distance between the rods can be adjusted. The user himself decides what interval should be between drying objects for fast and high-quality drying.

The Leifheit Tower 200 Deluxe model consists of threeparallel sites with strings placed one above the other. The dryer itself resembles a ladder-ladder. It occupies very little space in the unfolded form. But the total length of the strings is 20 m. The middle platform can be removed to dry long things.

There is the same model with a string length of 30 m. The dryer is equipped with detachable wheels. They are installed when it is necessary to transport it from one place to another. If the dryer is stationary, the wheels are removed, and the dryer is installed on the plastic caps. They protect the floor from damage.

Installing a Leifheit dryer

Leifheit Telegant wall-mounted dryerfastened to the wall with two dowels. They come complete with a dryer. Inside such a centering dowel, an eccentric is built in. It helps the dryer to keep strictly horizontally. With its help it is easy to fix its position. It can easily be expanded even with one hand. It is enough to pull it on yourself. Just as easy to fold. But not all users of the dryer Leifheit after use is in the assembled state. Some leave it unfolded.

Floor dryers are installed on balconies, doorways or other free space. After use, they are folded and cleaned.

Leifheit Pegasus V can be installed onbath of any width. This is possible thanks to the bend angle controller, which has 12 positions. To dry things out, you can set it horizontally.

Models of Leifheit Dryers

Leifheit Telefix dryers of several modificationsdo not have special differences. They differ in length and the presence of a heated towel rail. So, the dryer for wall-mounting Leifheit Telefix 100 does not have it. The total length of its strings is 10 m.

The compact drier Capri 100 with stable crossed legs has a height of 93 cm. The total length of the strings is 10 m.

leifheit telegant

A Teleclip wall-mounted dryer with a scissor mechanism is useful for families with young children. At 7.5 m of its strings can accommodate a lot of small things.

Model Rollquick width of 48 cm can be stretchedup to 4 m 20 cm. The bar is stretched to the desired length, fixed by protrusions on the handle. When folding, the cords are easily pulled back. It differs from the model Rollfix 200 W thickened plastic.

The Linomatic Plus 500 street dryer is similar from a distanceon the inverted umbrella. From the central trunk leaves 4 consoles. In them, when folding the dryer, plastic strings hide. They are always in a strained state. Therefore, it is convenient to fold it. The height of the dryer is 1 m 75 cm, the width is 2 m, the diagonal is 3.3 m. The length of the strings is 50 m. You can find a model with a total length of 60 m strings. They can accommodate 5-6 loads of the washing machine.

dryer for wall-mounted leifheit telefix 100

The original model Linowood 500 Eco Perfect is made of bamboo, covered with ultraviolet protection. It is also designed for outdoor use in the courtyard.

Advantages of Leifheit Dryers

Leifheit sliding wall-mounted dryers have a number of advantages over products from other manufacturers:

  • Compact in open and closed form.
  • It is possible to choose the length of the strings.
  • Durable plastic withstands high loads.
  • Strings do not stretch when used.
  • Things do not rust.
  • The height of the device allows you to dry long things.
  • In many models there is a holder for towels.
  • Beautiful and stylish appearance.
  • It is possible to place it above the bathroom, on the wall, on the balcony, on the street or in another convenient place.


As evidenced by the reviews, Leifheit - dryerfor linen just universal. For complete perfection, she does not have enough. On it you can not dry large heavy things. Each dryer is designed for a certain weight of laundry. It is listed in the documents. This refers to the weight of wet objects.

sliding wall-mounted dryer for leifheit

Many families are not limited to one dryer. But if you need to wash often and a lot, it is advisable to purchase wall, floor or street (depending on the conditions of residence) dryer.

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