Legends, fables and secrets of the Moscow metro

Every old city has its own legends. Surrounded by legends and the Moscow subway. Some of them are absolutely fantastic, but in some there are not a single drop of mysticism. Dmitry Glukhovsky, author of fantastic books "Metro 2033" and "Metro 2034", also poured oil on the fire. These works, films made on them and video games developed on their basis became simply cult, heating the public interest to the subway to the maximum limit. Now more and more adventurers and professional diggers are descending to the ground, and the secrets of the Moscow subway are opening slightly before curious glances. Let us also glance into this wonderful world.

A bit of history

The first subway project was developed back in 1872year and suggested laying the way from the present Kursk railway station to the Lubyanka. The second project (1890) provided for a significant expansion of the metro network. The necessary preparatory studies have begun. But because of the discontent of the people (primarily cabmen and clergy), the Moscow Duma rejected the draft. The idea of ​​building a subway was returned only under Stalin, and then the beginning of construction was laid.

Secrets of the Moscow Metro

Archaeological secrets of the Moscow metro

So far, while building new linessinkers stumble upon the most valuable archaeological finds: the remains of ammonites and belemnites, fish-lizards (plesiosaurs and ichthyosaurs). A bizarre pattern of petrified nautilus and sea lilies adorns the station "Ploshchad Ilyicha". In the transition between the stations "Lenin Library" and "Borovitskaya" there is a shell of the gastropod mollusk found in the vicinity. Marble itself is also mined in the capital. According to legend, the first metro stations were decorated with a noble white stone, which later went to the restoration of the Serpukhov Kremlin.

Underground shrines

Secrets of the Moscow Metro, having a religiousfilling or sacral meaning, attract researchers for more than a dozen years. As an example, you can first of all recall the altar built on the "October". Clearly visible are the royal gates, adorned with elaborate ornaments, which from afar is perceived as a huge Orthodox cross. Station "Komsomolskaya" is decorated with a rare beauty mosaic, also carrying religious elements. The author of the mosaic is the hereditary icon painter P.Kochin, who revived the lost face of the Savior Nereditsky on the panel "Alexander Nevsky". The artist placed the banner of the Savior in the hands of Dmitry Donskoy. Risk, however, a step - in Soviet times! It is said that the icon painter nearly paid for his amateur performance. But Ekaterina Furtseva, the minister of culture, saved him. The beauty of the paintings so touched her that she personally stood up for the artist before the leader.

diggers and secrets of the Moscow Metro

Mysterious New Buildings

Since 1996, the subway circuits have appeared in the cars.the icon of the "Fiztech" station. Rumors about the beginning of construction have spread. However, it turned out that there is no such station in the project. It turned out: this is just a joke of physics students who created a computer and printed out a fake. Since then, periodically there are schemes, "ducks" with stations in Biryulyovo, Dolgoprudniy, Mytishchi. It seems to reveal the topographic secrets of the Moscow metro is not so difficult (after all, the real scheme in free sale!), But from year to year the story with non-existent stations is repeated.

Secrets of the Moscow Metro

To the contrary, the missing in the diagram

Many of the secrets of the Moscow metro are associated with allegedexisting, but absent in official sources, stations, outlets, whole branches and even armored bunkers. For example, surrounded by rumors, a certain "Small Ring". The logic is this: There is a big, there must be a small one. In fact, the Small Ring was actually planned, but the project was not implemented. Rumored and mysterious "Soviet". Its construction was not completed, the station did not become a station. But it turned into the headquarters of the Civil Defense, towering over 2 floors above the ground and leaving several tens of meters deep.

"Pervomaiskaya" and "Kaluga" are old stations,which have lost their significance. Their fate is similar: in the past, the final stations were abandoned or re-equipped after the extension of the branches, and their namesakes appeared on the new routes. Passengers passing by the empty "Volokolamskaya" hall can see gloomy arches and traces of tile. Lifeless from the sight of the station - the usual unfinished. As you can see, many secrets of the Moscow metro are easily amenable to a logical explanation.

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Legends, fables and secrets of the Moscow metro Legends, fables and secrets of the Moscow metro Legends, fables and secrets of the Moscow metro Legends, fables and secrets of the Moscow metro Legends, fables and secrets of the Moscow metro Legends, fables and secrets of the Moscow metro Legends, fables and secrets of the Moscow metro Legends, fables and secrets of the Moscow metro