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I want to open a small business in Kiev, but until there is an office and full-time employees. Tell me how to deal with the legal address of the company and how to properly arrange it?
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Answered on January 8 17:34
As far as I know, the legal address of the company is placement in a non-residential fund. Alternatively, you can ask your friends if anyone can arrange your company in their premises.
Answered on January 8, 17:37
Legal addresses can be both own and rented. Now a lot of companies offering to buy the legal address of the company. But there are also many nuances, for example, the legal address must be accompanied by postal service.
Answered on January 8, 17:43
Having reviewed all the options, I also stopped at acquiring the legal address. In order not to be mistaken in choosing a company, I read a lot of information about the main criteria that are worth paying attention to. You can issue a legal address here. I want to contact them after the holidays, I hope this information will help you.

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