Learning how to make oily cream

In confectionery most often usednamely an oil cream. It perfectly keeps the form, and from it create all sorts of decorations for cakes and pastries. Roses, leaves and figurines from such a cream, as a rule, have a beautiful relief pattern, a glossy shiny surface and for a long time remain unchanged. Use such creams for the interlayer of products.

Make an oil cream usually with the addition of otherproducts - eggs, sugar powder, syrup, whole or condensed milk. At the very end of the preparation, the cream is supplemented with aromatic and flavor additives, as well as with dyes.

The basis of this cream is butter, itmust certainly be quality and fresh. Before you can whip the butter, cut it in small pieces and lightly warm it to soften it. It is even better not to heat the oil, but to keep it at room temperature until it becomes soft.

Beat the butter by lowering the dishes with it in a container withcold water. Many confectioners beat the butter on ice. If it crumbles, it is better to replace it with margarine, which should also be fresh and quality.

Here is the simplest recipe with which you can quickly and easily prepare an oil cream.

We need: half a kilogram of sugar, 6-7 spoonfuls of milk, 250 grams of fresh butter, salt and a pinch of vanillin.

Soft butter must be beaten in a lush white mass,add salt and vanilla, whisk again. And only when the mass becomes homogeneous and elastic, we add milk to it, after whisking for about five minutes. The oil cream is ready.

Now let's try to complicate the task and prepare a dark cream.

Oily chocolate cream


- powdered sugar - 150 grams;
- an egg;
- unsalted butter - 120 grams;
- ice water - 3 table spoons;
- cocoa powder - 15 grams;
- vanilla extract - tea spoon.

First of all, beat the butter untilthe mass will not become airborne. Add the egg and whisk again. Then gradually pour the powdered sugar, gradually adding it with a spatula. Gently weighed the mass, the movements should be from the bottom up. Now we divorce cocoa in water, we will pour vanilla essence. Add the mixture to the oil, all together well we will blow.

Chocolate butter cream is ready. It is perfect for home cakes and cakes, as well as for biscuit rolls.

Roses from oil cream

And now we will learn how to make original decorations for homemade cakes. Cakes with flowers look really elegant and romantic, besides, edible roses are sweet and incredibly tasty.

For roses, an oil cream with powder orsugar, and also on the basis of condensed milk. Proportions for it take the following: a can of condensed milk (can be boiled) for 300 grams of butter or half a glass of sugar powder for 200 grams of butter. As usual, sweet milk or powder is added to the oil gradually, whisk until the appearance of waves (the cream begins to go to the waves).

The cream is ready, it needs to be cooled and you canto start creating jewelry. We will need something like a small flat disc that can be twisted in the hands, it should be on a stick. This device resembles an axis with a wheel from a children's typewriter. Many use for this purpose a cookie or a piece of bread, which can be put on a toothpick.

You can spread flowers and on paper for baking or tracing paper, in this case it must be oiled, so that the product can be easily removed. To remove ready-made roses (cut off) it is convenient and scissors.

Also you need a nozzle with flattenedhole for the confectionery bag. That is, the exit should be a flat strip (flat). If there is no confectionery bag, you can replace it with a cake made from baking paper and cut at the end.

Let's start the implementation of the rose. First, we make the base of the bud - a hill-cone or skeleton. Then we apply petals to it. The petals are made diagonally from below upwards, scrolling the base towards the motion of the strip of cream.

Show your imagination, change the angle and get a variety of confectionery roses - from buds to blossoming flowers. Gently transfer the finished product to the surface of the cake.

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