Learn several ways to plant strawberries.

It is no secret that strawberries give a rich and high-quality harvest only in the first three years, and then the berries become smaller. In addition, their number does not increase. To prevent this, the bushes need to be updated every few years. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how to plant strawberries. Let us turn for advice to experienced summer residents. We will consider several ways of breeding strawberry bushes on the site, learn about existing secrets. In any case it is very important to take into account the sequence and all the nuances of the task.

how to plant strawberries

Preliminary work

On the question of how to plant strawberries, you need to think in advance. First of all, pay attention to the best and most powerful bushes. It is desirable to designate them somehow in order to properly care for them until the moment of transplantation. Thus, you will have a general idea of ​​how much seedlings you have.On the selected bushes need to remove all the resulting flower stalks, so that life-giving substances go on the development and growth of whiskers.

Autumn transplant

Choosing the right time depends on several conditions. Many gardeners prefer autumn disembarkation. And there are good reasons for this. Planted in the fall of the plants with proper care next year will ensure a good harvest.

It's time to decide on how to plant strawberries in the fall. The bed must be dug up and fertilized in order to prepare fertile soil for our seedlings for at least three years. Then break the hole. Shrubs should be planted at a distance of about 30-40 centimeters from one another. Liberally pour water over an empty hole. Next, start planting seedlings. Do not need to deepen the bushes too. But the surface fit is not suitable. Accordingly, with the norms, the point of growth of the bush should be at the level of the soil. Not higher and not lower. The growth point is the place where the leaves begin to grow. Pay attention to the roots fit well to the ground. In winter, the garden can be covered with straw or small sawdust. Remember that strawberries can be transplanted from the moment of full harvest to the beginning of October. how to plant strawberries in autumn

Spring transfer

Planting plants after the end of winter is no less popular.This time is used by many gardeners. To determine how to plant strawberries in the spring, you need to figure out some points. From the very beginning it is recommended to prepare the bed correctly. Remember that the earth should be loose and rested. It is not recommended to plant strawberries in the places where it grew before. Need to wait a few years. An important factor is the acidity of the soil. If it is lowered, then you need to pour a small amount of limestone into the ground or make a mortar of it. To reduce the acidity using gypsum.

Before planting seedlings, place them in water for a few hours (only roots). Dry plants are taken much worse. Strawberry loves sandy soil. But it needs to be watered often and plentifully. Experts recommend doing this early in the morning or in the evening. If you water in the hottest time of the day in direct sunlight, it can only cause harm to plants.

The distance between the bushes should be an average of 30 centimeters, but if possible, it is recommended to increase it to 50-60 cm. You can also fertilize the soil with ash and humus.how to plant strawberries in spring

Mustache breeding

Before planting strawberries with a mustache, the plants need to be prepared.In early spring, you need to mark the most healthy and strong bushes. From them you will later take a mustache for seating. A healthy bush for the season gives an average of 10-15 whiskers. According to the number of seedlings you need, select the strongest specimens. Harvest on these bushes is better to donate to get good seedlings. Therefore, all flower stalks need to be removed. August is the best period for planting strawberries with a mustache. Choose only well-formed bushes.

To prepare a bed, you need to thoroughly clean it from all types of weeds, water it plentifully and feed it well. It is not recommended to use fresh humus for fertilizer. It can damage the root system. People say that any plants should be planted only with the sun, that is, before sunrise and after sunset, this is not recommended. If you follow all the tips on how to plant strawberries, you can get the desired harvest.how to plant strawberries with a mustache

Getting seedlings from dividing the bushes

Remontant varieties of the plant under consideration are most often propagated by dividing the bush. This method also does not hurt to know the beginning gardeners.How to plant strawberries by dividing the bush? For this fit three and four year old plants. Bushes are dug out and carefully divide the roots into separate parts with a knife. Then they are planted using conventional technology, as well as seedlings from whiskers.how to plant strawberries by dividing the bush

Choosing a landing site

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that this issue should be approached with all the responsibility. Consider our advice, because your harvest will depend on them too. Strawberries are well accepted if they are planted in a garden where radishes, carrots, garlic, or beets were grown. These cultures saturate the soil with the necessary nutrients for strawberries. It is not recommended to plant the plant in question after potatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, eggplants or peppers. In this case, there is a likelihood of viral diseases passing from these plants.

Follow these tips on planting strawberries, and you no longer have to buy them. Moreover, the crop grown personally will seem doubly tastier.

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