"League of Legends": guide - Gnar

In the "League of Legends" the principle of the game is very similar to the mosta popular game in the genre MOBA "Dota 2" - you need to choose a character to whom you will pass a specific card. In this case, the character has only four skills, so you will have to train very long to develop a quality strategy with which you could compete with other gamers. All you need to make your task much easier is guide. Gnar is a character to be disassembled in this article, so if you want to play for him, then you better get acquainted with what will be described further, as this will seriously simplify the task of mastering this hero.

Skills of Gnar

guide gnar

So, what will this guide contain? Gnar is a character that will please you with very interesting skills. It is with them that you should start the guide, because you will have to use them all the time. The first skill you should be interested in is that it is passive and gives you the ability to accumulate energy while you inflict damage on the enemy. Once the scale is full, you can use any ability to turn into Mega-Gnar.

The first active skill is a boomerang throw,which deals damage to several enemies simultaneously, and slows them down. The second skill is the Thunderbolt, it allows you to deal more damage with standard attacks over a period of time, and also increases the movement speed of your character. The third skill is Pryg. Activating it, Gnar makes a jump in a certain direction, causing more damage after landing. If he is next to the opponent, he gets additional damage, and Gnar can make another jump without using energy. And, of course, Ulta, with the use of which Gnar grabs all the enemies that are in range, and then throws them in one direction. If the enemy cuts into an obstacle, then the mill is put on it, and if it just lands, then it slows for a short while, in both cases your enemy takes damage. As you can see, you've learned Gnar's skills, and you can thank this guide for it. Gnar, however, is a rather complex character, so you will need to know not just his skills, but also how to best pump them.

Skill Build

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Skill build is the most important thing you should know about.tell any guide. Gnar is a character, the development of which must be approached very carefully. The fact is that many heroes can develop evenly, but this method is not suitable for Gnar. You need to pump the first two skills alternately, without touching the third. Only when you reach the ceiling for the first two skills, and also pump up the Ult to the second level, you can begin the pumping of the third skill. In principle, that's all, use the abilities you pump, plan your energy, and you should not have problems with this hero. However, this is not all information that the guide will give you. Gnar is a hero who has his own characteristics of working in a team, and they should be considered more carefully.

Advantages and disadvantages

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Your optimal rivals are the next point,on which this guide will concentrate. The Gnar of 2014 is best opposed to Vukon and Jeanne, if you see these heroes in the ranks of opponents, then you should concentrate your attacks on them. Naturally, there is this character and its weaknesses, for example, it's very rare that Gnar manages to cope with Sindra or Kassadin, so you should avoid them.


It is very important to find yourself a good partner. Gnar works best with Malzakhar and Amum, who will give you invaluable support, and worst of all - with Sinjed and Sindra, so it's better not to take them to your team.

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