Laying of laminate on linoleum

The owners of the apartments, starting to repair, and not wishingremove the old coating, wonder whether it is possible to lay the laminate on the linoleum, using the latter as a substrate. Do not recommend doing this. Because linoleum does not have the necessary characteristics and does not have a porous structure. But it can be left as the base on which the laminate substrate will be laid. The article is more detailed about the process.

Useful tips for laying laminate

This product is a panel,They are equipped with special grooves, which serve to connect them during installation. By the way of joining the laminate is distinguished by glutinous and lock, dividing into 2 kinds. The first one is called Click, it is more convenient and reliable. The second type of locks is Lock, cheaper, but lower in quality.

How to properly lay the laminate,the instruction attached to it is painted fairly easily. The front side of the panel is covered with a strong film, below it is the paper on which the invoice is printed. Behind the decorative layer is the carrier, which is a fiberboard with high strength. To prevent penetration of moisture, the lowest layer of the laminate panel is impregnated with special resins.

The technology of laying the laminate on linoleum is notdiffers in complexity, but requires attention and patience. The only room that will not be covered is the bathroom, because it has high humidity. It is necessary to carry out this action perpendicular to the window, along the direction of the sunlight fall, so that the joints are not visible. While laying the panels diagonally, you need to add ten percent to the trimming. At the beginning of the process, a substrate is laid along the wall. It will go in one or two rows. The boards are fitted with a hammer to avoid gaps. Then the panel of the necessary size is cut off. Upon completion of the installation, the skirtings and the threshold are put in place.

Use of linoleum as a basis for laminate

After buying a laminate, it isroom for two days so that the material adapts to the humidity and ambient temperature. When proceeding with laying, note that the temperature in the room should be eighteen degrees, and the humidity is seventy percent. Before starting work, it is necessary to check the horizontality of the floor, for which the building level is useful. When the differences exceed 3 mm at a length of 2 running meters, you need to use a grinder. The flexing boards of the wooden surface are replaced. If, when checking the concrete floor, too, a deviation from the existing norm is revealed, then a self-leveling screed is applied.

As a waterproofing polyethylenefilm. For heat, you can cover the floor with a sheet plywood, 10 mm thick. After the device is placed a laminate. When installing it, you can not use rigid fastening with glue, nails or screws. For laying any type of laminate, a "floating" method is suitable, in which the panels are connected with each other, but with the base not fixed.

Getting ready to repair the floor covering, layinglaminate on linoleum should not cause difficulties. Between them, an additional layer of at least 2 mm is necessarily placed. But it is not required to create a waterproofing. The substrate is best used cork, as this material is the most environmentally friendly. When it is planned to lay the laminate on linoleum, it is important that the old coating is not too old. Otherwise, swelling is possible. When proceeding with the laying process, the following rules must be adhered to: the laminate panels are checked for consistency of color and pattern, as well as the absence of rejection. Linoleum carefully examine, check - whether there are depressions, rises. If it is old, dirty and wet, then laying the laminate on the linoleumin this state is prohibited. And in the end it is checked how reliably the linoleum is attached to the floor.

With its undoubted advantages: simplicity of laying, the ability to replace in time individual parts, laying on the old coating, laminate has and disadvantages. It requires proper care. Do not drop heavy objects that could damage the cover panels. Irregularly selected detergents can be whitish spots.

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Laying of laminate on linoleum Laying of laminate on linoleum Laying of laminate on linoleum Laying of laminate on linoleum Laying of laminate on linoleum Laying of laminate on linoleum