Lawn grass: planting in autumn and care

Do you remember classic American movies? Neat lawns, lawn mower noise and homeowners, with pedantic passion related to the ritual of grass cutting? Of course, we are far to this, but neat lawns near the house began to gradually appear in our country.

lawn grass planting in autumnOf course, you are unlikely to get something worthwhile if you are growing a bad lawn. Planting in the autumn and caring for it - the activities are responsible, and therefore we will tell more about them.

Preparing the soil

First it is necessary to get rid of the most qualitativelyfrom the weeds. To do this, you can use both chemical means (popular "Roundup"), and the usual mechanical sifting of the soil with the release of the roots of weeds.

Do not forget that all the remnants of weeds,which were destroyed by herbicides, must be completely removed from the soil. This is especially true of the roots, which are isolated by sifting the soil through large sieves.

To the edges of the future lawn was as possibleit is more convenient to take care of, you need to lay on them large stones. If they are buried in the ground, they will serve as additional protection against the penetration of new weeds on the lawn.

lawn grass planting by own handsExcellent results are achieved by the planting of legumesfor a couple of years. They not only suppress weeds, but also enrich the soil with nitrogen. All the lawn grass, the planting in the autumn of which we are discussed, responds well to it.


Sadly enough, but you are unlikely to succeeddo without a drainage system. Cultural grasses do not tolerate the erosion of the root system, and this often happens in heavy rains. In this case, the lawn grass, planted in autumn which took you so much time, will be completely destroyed by rainwater flows.

By the way, as for the soil. Her fertility needs to be given special attention. The thickness of the fertile layer should be at least 15-20 cm. This means that most of the domestic plots need normal fertilization.

What kind of grass to buy?

And now let's talk about what kind of seed mixture you should buy. It will depend on how you plan to use your lawn. For the villa you can buy the simplest mixture.

But if it is assumed that you will arrangeit sports games, you need a sports team. If your lawn is within the city limits, then you need a special grass that can withstand the polluted air.

planting time for lawn grassThe usual lawn grass, planting in autumn which takes quite a long time, in urban smog for a long time will not last.

Let's start landing

After preparing the soil, leave the plot for a coupleweeks, during which shrinkage occurs. Then fertilizers are poured into the soil and watered abundantly. You can sow until the end of the warm days in September. The late planting of lawn grass with their own hands will lead to the freezing of seeds. In addition, plants must be in time to take root and grow stronger before the beginning of the cold season.

Sowing is done manually. To make the seeds better established, as well as to protect them from birds and rodents, they are embedded in the soil with the help of rakes. In addition, if the time of planting lawn grass is autumn, then it is better to mulch the planting with a peat mixture, which additionally protects the seeds from freezing.

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Lawn grass: planting in autumn and care Lawn grass: planting in autumn and care Lawn grass: planting in autumn and care Lawn grass: planting in autumn and care Lawn grass: planting in autumn and care Lawn grass: planting in autumn and care Lawn grass: planting in autumn and care