"Late Love": reviews and a brief summary. "Late Love" (Ostrovsky AN) - a play about the secret turns of human destinies

In this article we will consider Ostrovsky's play "Late Love". The summary of the work will be the focus of our attention.

About the play

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The author himself gave the following description to hiscreation - "scenes from the life of the backwoods". The play was written in 1873 and consisted of four acts. In this work, the wonderful playwright Ostrovsky has vividly and realistically shown life and attitudes of people. "Late love" (the contents will be presented below) was first put on the stage of the Maly Theater. The first production was a huge success. Interest to the work does not cease to this day, so you can enjoy the creation of Ostrovsky in many modern theaters.


Turns in the impoverished house Shablovathe action of the play "Late Love" (Ostrovsky). Read the summary best from the list of actors in order to have an idea of ​​the heroes. So, let's imagine the characters:

  • Shablova Felitata Antonovna - the mistress of the house, noblewoman.
  • Margaritas Gerasim Porfirich is an old-timer of a noble kind, a retired official, a lawyer.
  • Lyudmila is a middle-aged, modest girl, Margaritov's daughter. Dresses cleanly, but without a claim.
  • Nikolai Andreich is the eldest of Shablova's sons.
  • Dormedont - the youngest of Shablova's sons, is Margaritov's clerks.
  • Lebedkin Varvara Kharitonovna is a widow.
  • Dorupnov Onufry Potapich is a middle-aged man, a merchant.

The summary is "Late Love" (Ostrovsky). Action first

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Dormedont for several days did not appear at home. Shablova worries about him, but believes that he "beats bucks", and not busy with business. Ludmila protects him, says that he probably works in the cantor, and even is busy with the affairs of some widow Lebedkina. Shablova answers that from such troubles the loss is greater than the benefits, and she liked Nicholas.

Women are waiting for Nicholas, but Dormedont appears,who went to look for his brother. It turns out that Nikolai in the tavern and refuses to go home. Dormidont confesses to his mother that he is in love with Lyudmila, but Shablova hints that the girl has feelings for his brother. Dormidont does not believe and wants to confess his beloved.

Margaritas and Dorodnov discuss matters. The merchant says that he has a mortgage in the name of Lebedkin. Margarita promises to receive on paper from the widow all the money in 2 weeks.

Nicholas sends from the tavern a letter to his mother withasking him to give him money - he is losing. Lyudmila gives her last 50 rubles Shablova and asks her son to be sent back. Dormidont tries to admit to the girl in love, but she is absorbed in thoughts about Nikolay.

The second action. Lebedkin's arrival

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About how much heroes are in powerHis feelings allow us to understand even a brief summary. "Late Love" (Ostrovsky) generally tells how it is difficult for a person to cope with emotions and especially with love.

Return from the tavern Nicholas. Margaritov gives the daughter the keys to their room, punishes him to protect, and leaves. Lyudmila admits to Nicholas that it was she who gave the money, not Shablova. The hero realizes that the girl is in love with him. Lyudmila admits that for many years she dreamed of loving someone, and now she met Nicholas, and this "late, maybe last love" is incredibly strong. The girl is ready to destroy herself and her soul for the sake of her lover.

To Shablovoy comes Lebedkin to tell fortunes on the cards. She tells that Margaritov is engaged in this matter to the merchant Dorodnov. Shablova says that this is her tenant and that he has a daughter who is in love with Nicholas. A widow comes to mind with some kind of plan, and she invites Nicholas to go to the park with him. Lyudmila sees how they leave. The girl is worried, she thinks that this is not good.

Dormedont tells Lyudmila that Nicholas wants to be put in a debt hole, and all the documents are ready. The girl is getting sick.

The third action. A saving document

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The power of desperation and love of the main characters can beunderstand, even after reading only the summary. "Late Love" (Ostrovsky) is a dramatic work, it has a place and cruelty - some heroes betray and use others without regard.

Nikolay and Lebedkin return from the walk. The widow says that Margaritova has her mortgage, but she does not have the money to pay. Nicholas offers to sell her diamonds. Lebedkin laughs and refuses to part with his things. She asks the hero to prove his love for her and force Lyudmila to steal the paper from her father. And in return Lebedkin will give Nicholas money to pay off his creditors and avoid a debt hole. The widow is leaving.

Lyudmila asked Nicholas about his debts. At this time enters Dormedont, he sends the girl a letter from his father and leaves. Nikolai tells Lyudmila that his only salvation from debts is to commit a crime, he needs to steal a paper from her father. He promises, if only he will be saved, to start a new life, to work and to forget about the wild life. Ludmila in tears gives him a message, which she gave Dormedont, - this is Lebedkin's paper.

The fourth action. Decoupling

A short summary ("Late Love") is coming to an end. Ostrovsky brings his play to a logical, albeit unexpected, conclusion.

The next day Lebedkin arrives to meetwith Nikolay. A man gives her the stolen paper. Lebedkin burns it in the oven and refuses to pay Nicholas the promised reward - she herself needs money.

Margaritov does not find a letter from Lebedkin andaccuses the loss of Dormedont. But he says that he gave the letter to Lyudmila. Father asks to call his daughter. Lyudmila admits that she gave the paper to Nicholas. Margaritas is in despair, his daughter comforts. But then Nikolai appears and gives Lebedkin's document to the lawyer, without telling why he needed him.

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Lebedkin arrives, confident that the documentdestroyed, and requires a meeting with Margaritov. The widow says that she is ready to pay money, but only if she is presented with a paper. Лебедкина is surprised, seeing the whole document. She asks Nikolai what's the matter, he answers that he was more perspicacious than she.

Margaritov gives half of the daughter's money for a dowry. Lyudmila gives them to Nicholas - he's her fiance.

Alexander Ostrovsky, "Late Love": reviews

The play has quite good reader reviews. Despite the fact that it is not called the best work of Ostrovsky, note the richness of the plot and topicality. Indeed, the problems of the main characters are still relevant today. Also, readers talk about the beautiful character development and wonderful language.

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Late Love: reviews and a brief summary. Late Love (Ostrovsky AN) - a play about the secret turns of human destinies Late Love: reviews and a brief summary. Late Love (Ostrovsky AN) - a play about the secret turns of human destinies Late Love: reviews and a brief summary. Late Love (Ostrovsky AN) - a play about the secret turns of human destinies Late Love: reviews and a brief summary. Late Love (Ostrovsky AN) - a play about the secret turns of human destinies Late Love: reviews and a brief summary. Late Love (Ostrovsky AN) - a play about the secret turns of human destinies Late Love: reviews and a brief summary. Late Love (Ostrovsky AN) - a play about the secret turns of human destinies