Lake Akakul (Chelyabinsk region). Recreation and Fishing

Lake Akakul (Chelyabinsk region) is located inArgayash district. It has an elongated shape: from the north-west - to the southeast. The lake is large enough: the length is about 5 kilometers, the width is 3, the surface of the water surface is more than 10 kilometers2. Akakul - sewage pond, through the systemducts, streams and marshes it discharges its waters into Ulagach. The average depth is about five meters, the maximum is eleven. On the shores of the lake there are no large settlements. Lake Akakul (Chelyabinsk region) is a place of rest. On its banks there are numerous children's camps and recreation centers. But on the south bank there is a water intake station, an auxiliary farm is located, stone quarries are functioning. One kilometer from the lake is the Akakul tract - a wetland. Also for the north-west coast, swampiness and thickets of reeds are characteristic. The catchment area is more than 50 square kilometers.

Lake Akakul Chelyabinsk Region

Ecology of the reservoir

The water in the lake is clean. Mineralization - no more than 300 mg / liter. The chemical composition of water refers to the bicarbonate class in the soda group and the magnesium group. The softness of water belongs to the first category. Around the lake grows a mixed forest (linden, pine and birch). There are many mushrooms and berries in it, which can be collected directly on the territories of rest institutions. Small scaffolds are scattered in the forest. Fruiting trees and bushes grow: rowanberry, cherry, apple, raspberry and bird cherry. In the forest there are a lot of birds, squirrels and hedgehogs. In summer the water of the lake warms up well and remains warm until the autumn cold. Due to the lack of industrial enterprises, the composition of water and a large number of vegetation, the air on the Akakula is clean and fresh. It has a beneficial effect on the work of all organs and systems of the human body. The bottom of the reservoir is mostly muddy. On the beaches it is cleared, there the bottom is sandy. The eastern shore is steep and stony. There are 3 stone capes and islands covered with vegetation.

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Rich fauna Lake Akakul (Chelyabinskayaregion), fishing attracts fans not only from the South Urals, but also from all over Russia. Pike, roach, ruff, whitefish, perch, crucian, ripus, bream and many others are found here in huge quantities. Ripus and whitefish Akakul is re-stocked annually. It is believed that it has the largest number of fish species in the whole region. There are also crayfish. You can fish from the shore, and from the boat, but at a depth, the booty is larger. You can stop at the lake as a "savage", in a tent, or you can order a fisherman's house. This is a 2-storey cottage, where it will be spacious even a large company. There is a sauna, billiards and a barbecue area. You can rent a boat. Lake Akagul (Chelyabinsk region) has become popular with many fishermen, some come here annually.

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Beautiful and picturesque lake Akakul (Chelyabinskayaregion), the photos fully convey the charm of this pond. In addition to this factor, recreational use causes high water quality. Numerous summer children's camps and recreation centers offer numerous entertainments and pastimes: swimming pools, baths, sports and children's playgrounds, dance floors, restaurants, coffee shops, shops, cafes, boat rental, catamarans, cars and much more. Almost all institutions allow you to bring your pets with you. The price range is very wide, including depending on the improvement and the season. Friendly lake Akakul (Chelyabinsk region), reviews of holidaymakers are exceptionally positive.

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How to get there

Lake Akakul (Chelyabinsk region) is locatednear the towns of Ozersk and Kyshtym. This is the northwest of the area. Federal roads here do not pass, and you can get to the place only by personal transport. From Chelyabinsk, you must first follow the highway M5 to Yekaterinburg, pass the signpost of the village Dolgoderevenskoye and turn on the first sign directing to Argayash. In this village it is necessary to turn towards Kyshtym, on the way to the city about 2/3 of the way there is a lake. From Chelyabinsk is about 80 kilometers, that is, 1.5 hours of travel. From Ekaterinburg to the lake - 160 kilometers. Route of the road: Ekaterinburg-Bolshoy Istok-October-Tyubuk-Sysert-Kasli-Kyshtym. Then turn to Argayash, where on the left and the lake is located.

Lake District

Chelyabinsk region is rightly called the lakeedge, on its territory there are more than 3.7 thousand water bodies of various scale. Some of them are mountainous, others are forest-steppe. Lake Akakul (Chelyabinsk region) is one of the most attractive places for tourists and fishermen. There are no sights here. But there is clean air, healthy water and lots of fish. The absence of civilization determines the ecological purity of this beautiful place. Vacation packages must be booked in advance. And in the summer on the banks of the reservoir a tent city grows.

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Lake Akakul (Chelyabinsk region). Recreation and Fishing Lake Akakul (Chelyabinsk region). Recreation and Fishing Lake Akakul (Chelyabinsk region). Recreation and Fishing Lake Akakul (Chelyabinsk region). Recreation and Fishing Lake Akakul (Chelyabinsk region). Recreation and Fishing Lake Akakul (Chelyabinsk region). Recreation and Fishing Lake Akakul (Chelyabinsk region). Recreation and Fishing Lake Akakul (Chelyabinsk region). Recreation and Fishing Lake Akakul (Chelyabinsk region). Recreation and Fishing Lake Akakul (Chelyabinsk region). Recreation and Fishing