Kubinka military airfield in the Moscow region: how to get there

What is the Kubinka air base? What is her activity? You will find answers to these and other questions in the article. Kubinka is a military airfield located five kilometers north-west of the city of the same name.


The Kubinka airfield until 2009 (until July) was a co-based aerodrome. In 2012, occasional reception of civil aviation aircraft (Bombardier Global 5000, Tu-134, Bombardier BD 100, Bombardier GE XRS, Challenger-300, Learjet-60) during the day with a 200 ° landing course was possible (at a minimum of 240 X 4 500 m) for one-time permits Rosaviatsii.

Cuban airfield

Since 2012, the territory of the airbase is part of the Patriot military-patriotic fleet. It is known that at the Kubinka airfield there are:

  • JSC "121 aircraft repair plant."
  • The 237th Proskurovsky Guards Red Banner Order of Alexander Nevsky and Kutuzov Aircraft Demonstration Center (TsLAT) named after I. Kozhedub (MiG-29, An-30, Su-27). In the structure of the 237th TsPAT are aerobatic brigade "Russian Knights" and "Swifts".
  • Cuban ATSC ROSTO.In 2009, it was proposed to move it to another air gate.

The aircraft node is equipped with a single runway, which is covered with concrete and has parameters of 2,500 x 79.

How to get there?

 airfield kubinka skydiving

Solving the problem of how to get to the airfield Kubinka, easy. You can get here by taxi bus number 28, 69, 28A or 29. You need to go to the “First checkpoint” stop (today the checkpoint is not functioning).


What is the history of the airfield Kubinka? This aerodrome was founded in 1932. In Soviet times, such compounds were stationed here:

  • 24th Fighter Wing (1938-1941);
  • 11th Aviation Regiment (1939-1941);
  • The 196th and 29th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiments (1945-1950);
  • headquarters of the 9th aviation division (1950-1991);
  • The 32nd Guards Air Regiment (1950-1967);
  • The 274th air regiment of fighter-bombers (1951-1974);
  • The 234th Fighter Guards Air Regiment, on the basis of which the 237th Aircraft Demonstration Center (1952-1991) was established in 1991.

Some media in 2009 reported that it was possible to transfer the air hub to a private investor to create a commercial aviation terminal on its basis. However, subsequent events have evolved differently.

 Cuban Moscow region

Two thirds of the land of the air gates in 2010, in April, were sold at auction to the company CJSC Kubinka Airport, which is owned by the Nafta-Moscow holding (owner Suleiman Kerimov).And in 2011, in December, the media reported that the government opened the Kubinka airfield for the execution of transnational flights. However, the current aeronautical documents of the Russian Federation do not confirm this.

Show Center

 Cuban air base

At the airfield Kubinka (Moscow region) is located the center of the demonstration of aircraft, as we said above. CPAT performs the following tasks:

  • Preparation of equipment and personnel to perform combat missions.
  • Development and preservation of the historical values ​​of the Russian Air Force.
  • Show on the lands of the Russian Federation and abroad its aircraft, equipment, weapons, as well as flight skills, in the interests of increasing and promoting the authority of the Russian Air Force, increasing the profitability of weapons and military aircraft of the Russian Federation on the world market


The Cuban Aerotechnical Sports Club ROSTO (DOSAAF) operates on the Kubinka airfield (Moscow region), as we discussed above. It was created in 2004 by a group of pilots led by Colonel Alexander Gornov, who is an honored army pilot. In 2006, on March 18, the parachute squad performed the jumps for the first time under the leadership of the first commander of this squad, Osovik Vladimir.

military airfield in the Moscow region

Today this team is headed by Vyacheslav Evgenievich Valiunas (Honored Trainer of the Russian Federation, Honored Master of Sports of the Russian Federation, three-time favorite of the world in classical parachuting). Aerozel Kubinka offers:

  • RW master class.
  • Training courses and admission to flight in a suit WINGSUITE.
  • Jumping from a height of 4000 m with a parachute from the board of the L-410.
  • The training of paratroopers according to the AFF scheme, which makes it possible to perform independent jumps with the “Wing” dome and allows the student to reach the level of an athlete in a short time.
  • Courses in parachute dome acrobatics for amateur athletes.
  • Equipment rental.
  • Jumping with the dome D-1-5U from a height of 600 m from the board of the An-2.

During the preparation, take-off, free fall and landing of parachutists can be accompanied by a videographer who will shoot this amazing adventure. Future professionals are taught by master of sports of international class and honored master of sports. Also here you can just ride on the sides and have a great rest in nature in the company of friendly parachutists.


Skydiving at the airfield Kubinka everyone likes. This airport is open today for international civilian aircraft flights. This is a segment of project C.Karimov on the construction of a commercial terminal on the site of the former air gate co-location. By 2018, the military aviation battalions will be withdrawn from the air hub.

The Kubinka air harbor was opened by the government to carry out inter-ethnic flights of civil aircraft. Since 1938, only military sides took off from this airdrome along transnational routes.

The initiator of the privatization of aero-nodes is the Federal Property Management Agency. The government’s decision was made within the framework of the privatization program. A couple of years ago, the Federal Property Management Agency offered to lease its hubs. And the Ministry of Economic Development has stated that it is necessary to lift the ban on the sale of air ports.

 airfield kubinka how to get

Back in 2009, the Kubinka airbase was excluded from the list of airfields co-located by Vladimir Putin (then he was prime minister). By 2018, it is planned to change Kubinka into a civilian terminal. The project is being implemented by the structures of businessman Kerimov Suleiman. The plot of land that they bought was 2/3 of all the lands of the military aerodrome, which we already wrote about. It is assumed that in 2018, “Russian Knights” and “Swifts” will be deployed in the Lipetsk region.

The construction on the territory of the airbase of the international commercial terminal is planned to be carried out in several stages. The first stage (the construction of the airport complex) will cost 6.5 billion rubles. The total investment is estimated at $ 1 billion. Experts are considering starting construction on an area of ​​46 hectares Today it houses 24 properties created during the Soviet era. Both the Ministry of Defense liners and civilian airplanes will use the take-off runway and associated infrastructure during the transitional stage.

Earlier, the company "Nafta-Moscow" stated that it would build the first commercial terminal for international flights at the air gates. This function is now performed by Vnukovo-3. Vladimir Dorogov (analyst at Alfa Bank) argues that the aerodol station needs to find a basic client. With this question, Kubinka can be helped by the planned expansion of Moscow.

Mikhail Ganelin (an expert from Troika Dialog) is confident that Karimov can create a productive business only in the provision of small aviation services. After all, Vnukovo and Sheremetyevo have their own commercial terminals, and it will be difficult for Kerimov to compete with them.In general, there is great competition in the Moscow air hub. And the owners of small sports sides, helicopters, gliders who wish to fly around Russia on weekends can show interest in the project, and servicing in the state aviation hub is too expensive for them.

Park "Patriot"

On the basis of the Patriot park in Kubinka an annual technical-military forum is held. Park "Patriot" is the most large-scale platform of the Russian Federation for the display of military and special equipment, modern weapons models. The event involves large foreign and domestic defense enterprises, research institutes and design leading bureaus.

It is known that last year's forum "Army-2016" was attended by over 500 thousand people. The forum was attended by representatives of more than 800 states, 35 of which were official delegations. You can get here from Belorussky railway station to the Kubinka-1 or Golitsyno railway stations. From the stations to the park at the time of the forum followed by free buses.

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