Ksenia Dezhneva: biography and creativity

Many opera singers are now taking to the big stage, because in recent years the audience has increasingly appreciated performers who have an excellent voice and repertoire. Ksenia Dezhneva gained recognition in the theater, and in 2015 she won the audience of the competition “Main Stage”, winning a special prize of the Ministry of Culture.

Music in life

Ksenia DezhnevaSinger was born in the city of Zhukovsky. Since childhood, she has been singing for singing, so parents, in addition to secondary school, arranged her for the choir department of the Polet association. This institution was reminiscent of the school of art, which gave excellent training to future performers. Ksenia Dezhneva worked in the “Flight” for five years, and then continued her musical education at the School of Arts (Zhukovsky). There, in four years she mastered the main instrument at an accelerated rate - the piano.

After 9 years of study, she didn’t have to do anything to go to college. Gnesinykh, where she comprehended the specialty of the conductor of the choir.The school was the third musical education of the singer. Biography Ksenia Dezhneva confirms that she wants to make music seriously. Therefore, in 2001, the girl easily entered the Conservatory. Tchaikovsky P. I. There she studied already at the faculty of solo singing. Of all her teachers, Xenia remembers with special warmth Margarita Landa, who became her main teacher in the profession.

Creative achievements

After graduating from the conservatory with honors, Xenia had no problem finding a job. She decided to cooperate with the Tatar State Theater. It was on his stage that the singer made her debut in the opera The Marriage of Figaro. Immediately after the premiere, she was accepted into the troupe on an ongoing basis. Since then, Ksenia Dezhneva regularly participates in productions of works by famous composers. Her most successful roles are in the operas “Don Juan” and “The Magic Flute”.

Ksenia Dezhneva Singer

In 2010, she was invited to the school to them. Gnesinyh as a teacher. She became a mentor to young musicians, devoting them to the course of vocal art. Ksenia Dezhneva is a singer who has deserved many awards. In addition to teaching and performances in the theater, she often attends contests.In 2014, she became the winner of the All-Russian Competition. Natalia Shpiller. She also became a student of the International Competition of Vocalists. Magomaev.

Will Ksenia leave the theater for the stage?

For the first time, Ksenia Dezhneva climbed onto the variety stage in 2010. She began performing with Alexander Serov, who invited the singer as a back vocalist for the song Time to say goodbye. Now artists collaborate on an ongoing basis.

Biography of Ksenia Dezhneva

In 2014, the girl went up to the stage with Valery Meladze. They participated in joint filming of the program “New Year's Eve on the First.” Literally in a few months, she passed the casting in the show “Main Stage” and reached the super final in it. In connection with her success on the stage, in theater circles, rumors began to spread that Xenia would soon leave the opera.

These rumors are unfounded. In all the interviews, Dezhneva claims that her participation in a popular project is aimed at promoting classical music. She is not going to change her specialty and will continue to do what she loves most, that is, classical music.

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