Konstantin Krymsky: biography and creativity

Today we will tell you in detail about who Krymsky Konstantin is. His biography will be examined below. Speech in this case is about the famous Russian singer, as well as the chansonnier.


Crimean constantinCrimean Constantine was born in 1962,June 28th. It happened in Germany, in the city of Dresden. It was there that his father served. Soon the family went to the Crimea. When our hero was 6 years old, another move occurred, this time to Moscow. Crimean Constantine in childhood was fond of sports. His passion was boxing. He took part in the competition of juniors of the RSFSR, speaking in the society "Labor Reserves". He became a silver medalist in this match. In addition, our hero from early years was fond of history and of course music. He became a student at Moscow State University. I entered the faculty of journalism.


Konstantin Konstantin successfully graduated from the university.Soon he undertook the independent writing of musical compositions. In 2007, the debut album Shansonie, which was called "Black and White", was released. Work on this disc was held jointly with Alexander Lepeyko - a poet and friend of our hero. In 2008, there is a second album called "My Road". Above him our hero worked together with a group of poets and musicians. Soon there passes the first solo concert in St. Petersburg. The next such event took place some time later in Moscow. As a hall the theater "Operetta" was used.

Great scene

Crimean constantin biographyIn 2008 in the Kremlin there was a concert "Daycommemoration ". It was attended by the Crimean Constantine. At this event, our hero was awarded an honorary diploma, as well as a sign of presidential distinction. From this moment the solo concerts of the musician will start not only in Russian cities, but also in the CIS countries. Soon foreign tours began. In Berlin, the musician becomes a participant of the festival called "Chanson in Russian". After the end of the event, the singer was recognized as the unconditional "headliner", and was also called "the opening of the year". In 2012, the musician with the program "Believe and Hold" toured throughout Russia, in particular the Golden Ring. Also our hero is a participant of many charity events for mothers, whose sons were killed in the performance of military duty, as well as for orphans. He calls assistance of this kind the main direction of his own creative path. After the Grand Festival, which was held in France and was dedicated to the memory of Paul Moriah - a landmark composer, the musician was called "Russian chansonnier" and compared with Aznavour. By the way, our hero at this event was the only guest performer from Russia.

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Konstantin Krymsky: biography and creativity Konstantin Krymsky: biography and creativity Konstantin Krymsky: biography and creativity Konstantin Krymsky: biography and creativity Konstantin Krymsky: biography and creativity