Kirov: Alexander Garden and its features

What is the city of Kirov proud of? Alexander Garden is the most beautiful place in the Kirov region, it was established in the region for a long time. It is this garden that becomes the main venue for various city events and festive concerts.

The favorite place of rest for kirov residents, guests of the city is the Alexander Garden. The park is decorated with an original fence, there are many arbours recognized as architectural monuments.

Kirov Alexandrovsky garden

Pages of History

To begin with we will find out when this monumentthe city of Kirov has got. Alexander Garden was founded in the beginning of the XIX century. After the Russian emperor Alexander I visited these places, the city park was given the name in honor of his son, who at the time was heir to the throne.

For the design of the park area wasThe legendary architect and artist AL Vitberg, who was sent to these places in exile, was brought in. It was he who developed the curved fence made of cast iron, as well as the designer of the park gates. Drawings of the bridge and arbors were made by the provincial architect AE Timofeev.

Alexandrovsky garden reviews


What to see when you come to Kirov? Alexander Garden, decorated with old lindens and birches, is considered one of the symbols of the city, therefore it is recommended to visit the guests.

This amazing place is located on a smallelevation, located between Razderihinsky ravine and the river Vyatka. The park layout combines strict classical lines of landscape design with the beauty of the area. As an addition and original accent of this ancient well-groomed natural park stands the architectural ensemble.

What attracts visitors to the Alexander Garden? Reviews of local residents, as well as the numerous guests of the city, show that here they have the opportunity to enjoy the uniqueness and primordial nature. In this park, adjacent to the embankment, they manage to really relax from everyday life, forget about the numerous problems.

Nowadays, the flow of tourists who want to know Kirov has increased. Alexandrovsky garden is a place for biking and walking tours, here kirov people prefer to rest with whole families.

Among the neat and cozy park avenues there are attractions and playgrounds, there are in the park and summer cafes, where you can enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee.

Alexander Garden Park

Rotunda in the Alexander Garden

The central rotunda appeared here in 1835,It is considered an example of the strictness and purity of the classical landscape style. The central entrance to the park is decorated with a portico that makes up one whole composition with a rotando. One of the wooden arbours located on the bank of Vyatka was designed at the base of the park and has preserved its original appearance to the present day.

It became a continuation of the architectural classical ensemble that was erected at the base of the park. It is from this place that amazing views of Vyatka are opened, which visitors admire.

There is in this unique place and a bridge of lovers. It is thrown across the ravine, connects the garden with the embankment of Green, is the exit to the beautiful shore of Vyatka.

Where is the Alexander Garden? How to get to this picturesque corner of Kirov? The park is located near the registry office of Pervomaisky district on the street. Embankment Green, so it is no coincidence that the route of all newlyweds necessarily passes through this bridge. Here, lovers make their most cherished wishes, sincerely believe that they will necessarily be fulfilled.

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On the territory of the Alexander Park there isa monument to Saint Fevronia and Peter. In their hands they keep a dove, personifying peace, peace, harmony of family relations. Despite the fact that the monument appeared here quite recently, local residents already loved it. On weekends and holidays close to him you can see lovers couples, whose patrons are these saints.

Those who are really interested in the parkculture, architecture, modernity and history of Kirov, local historians recommend visiting this place. Alexander Garden is filled with beauty, unique natural and architectural landscapes, and therefore is rightly considered one of the most beautiful and visited places in Kirov.

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Kirov: Alexander Garden and its features Kirov: Alexander Garden and its features Kirov: Alexander Garden and its features Kirov: Alexander Garden and its features Kirov: Alexander Garden and its features Kirov: Alexander Garden and its features Kirov: Alexander Garden and its features Kirov: Alexander Garden and its features Kirov: Alexander Garden and its features Kirov: Alexander Garden and its features