Kinzeluk waterfall (Kuraginsky district, Krasnoyarsk region): description of how to get

We used to think that the most beautiful nature is located on tropical islands, and to admire it, you will have to save money for a ticket for a long time. In fact, there are places in Russia where the splendor of the landscape simply takes your breath away. Mountains and lakes, rivers and forests, which is just not there. Do you think that the most beautiful waterfall is located on Lake Victoria? No, you do not need to fly to Africa, the miracle is very close to you. Kinzeluk waterfall is a real attraction of these places, and it is worthy of you to admire.Kinzeluk waterfall

Journey to a fairy tale

Mountain peaks and turbulent rivers have always attracted mankind with their inaccessibility and rigorous beauty. But even more scientists and researchers beckoned the slopes, from which the water falls with a roar. Incomprehensible and unconquered, they will forever remain the main secret of nature. Kinzeluk waterfall is the largest in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.And it is also called the most picturesque and grand.

general description

From a distance it can be taken for a silver ribbon that spills from the lake of the same name. Kinzeluk waterfall originates in the glittering blue of the magnificent bowl of the double-peak peak of the ridge. It makes a long way in a matter of seconds and as a result reaches the bed of the Kinzeluk river, the tributary of the great Kizir.Kuragin District

Main characteristics

Kinzeluk waterfall not for nothing stirs the minds of researchers. The lake itself, which gives it a start, is located at a dizzying height in the mountains. The flow of water falls down to 90 meters. And only here, in the lower lake, does he find his solace. By the way, it was formed at the level of 1144 meters. It is easy to imagine the difference between these two figures.

Presumably, it is not even the second, but the first largest. However, it is located in the practically inaccessible terrain of the Eastern Sayans, so for a long time its size could not be measured. Relatively recently, accurate measurements were made using a theodolite. It is noteworthy that Kinzeluk waterfall (Krasnoyarsk region) practically does not form cascades or rapids.From a distance, it looks draining completely vertically, and only close you can understand that on its way the water overcomes many small thresholds. Today, official information suggests that its height is much higher. Figures are about 400 meters, but so far they have not been confirmed.

Beautiful landscapes

Kuraginsky district is famous for its beauty. The views on the approaches to the waterfall are simply enchanting. Having been here once, tourists agree that there is no better place in the whole wide world. Harsh taiga and light forests, diverse vegetation and alpine meadows, there is something to admire. Small islands, overgrown with cedars, emphasize the charm of the northern nature, and between them look overgrown with red currants, honeysuckle and blueberry fields.

The snow-white peaks of mountain slopes peer out in the distance. The waterfall with a roar dives into the lower lake and peacefully diverges along it in waves. However, Kuraginsky district is a place for a true naturalist. Only a few are able to overcome the difficult path of more than a hundred and fifty kilometers. The pristine, pristine corners of the Sayan are as beautiful as they are difficult to access.Kinzeluk waterfall Krasnoyarsk

We prepare ourselves for difficulties

The path to the waterfall lies through the whole system of rivers with the help of boats or boats. The perfect time to travel is mid-summer. At this time the rivers are affluent, and your journey will be much easier. Then the water subsides, which will make certain adjustments to your route. There are three ways to get to the Kinzeluk waterfall. How to get to it by air, we will not consider in detail. In this case, it is enough to get to Krasnoyarsk in any convenient way, and from there take the most beautiful journey by helicopter.

However, you will lose a lot if you prefer the air variant. All the way to the waterfall passes along the paths, where almost no human foot has gone. You are waiting for the night in a tent camp, fishing with a catch of excellent grayling. There is nothing better than baked fish on the fire. The very trip on a boat on the turbulent rivers, with rapids and obstacles, will give you a sea of ​​emotions and impressions.

Before you go on a trip, you need to prepare yourself physically and morally. Be sure to stock up with warm clothing and food. In nature, the appetite is always very good, and in the taiga it is just a wolf.Kinzelyuk waterfall how to get

The richness of the taiga nature

In front of you lies the mysterious and unconquered Kinzeluk waterfall. How to get to him, we'll talk again. In the meantime, I would like to say about what awaits you here. In the forests there are a lot of berries. After going through all the difficulties, you can enjoy an amazing view. The waterfall originates from the lake at the top of the mountain.

The head is spinning either from impressions or from fresh air. It is difficult to convey in words what beauty appears before your eyes, and the sound of a waterfall will be remembered for a long time in a dream.

Inspect the neighborhood

Lake Kinzeluk, which lies at the foot of the waterfall, is a beautiful bowl in its grandeur, which deserves special attention. But when you get here for the first time, your eyes just run away, and consciousness is unable to absorb all the beauty. To the right of the recalcitrant Kinzel River, the surface of another lake is visible. To her left, you will see two stony spurs of the ridge, which are interconnected by a horseshoe-shaped jumper. Amazingly picturesque, overgrown with shrubs, it also contributes to the overall picture.

On the left side of this slope rushes a powerful, water stream. It is visible from here in full height.And on the slopes of the ridge hangs a huge glacier, and all this beauty is tilted into the turquoise mirror of the lake.waterfalls of Krasnoyarsk region

Journey to the mysterious beauty

There is nothing to do here without a guide, so tourists turn to the help of specialized firms. Individual tours to Kinzeluk waterfall are carried out depending on the wishes of a particular client. In the mid-1940s, two expeditions were carried out to the ridge of the biologist Fedov and the surveyor Fedoseyev. They were able to get here using pack horses. Their expeditions lasted three weeks.

But since 2012, travel to these places has become possible to carry out in more comfortable conditions. For example, LLC “Sayanych” provides an opportunity to rest on the basis of “Summer Agul” with a tour of the waterfall and hikes in the surrounding area. Duration of rest is 14 days. When ordering vouchers tourists choose how they will get to the recreation center, by helicopter or by means of water transport.individual tours to Kinzeluk waterfall

Other travel options

You can take a more independent trip. To do this, you take a bus from Krasnoyarsk to the village of Stepanovka. It will take you about 4 hours.Here, transfer to the car and get to the recreation center in Belogorieu. On the way, you will spend about 4-6 hours. In the camp, you can get the necessary instructions and take the equipment, then go to Central Sayan by water transport.

You still have enough time until you go to the Kinzeluk waterfall, the height of which is close seems incredible. While preparations are underway for shipment, you can go to the bathhouse or go fishing. The groups are supplied with all the necessary equipment and equipment, and then they set off. The cost of vouchers from 32 to 50 thousand rubles.

Krasnoyarsk region is generous for miracles

Indeed, you can spend your vacation after a vacation, and not even see half of all the beauties and wonders. Only waterfalls of the Krasnoyarsk Territory can be studied for decades. The slopes of these ridges are fraught with many secrets and mysteries:

  • If you have already visited the Kinzeluk Lake, then you can venture into an even more dangerous and interesting adventure. Talnikovy Falls is located on the Putorana Plateau in Taimyr. Its exact height is unknown, about 600-700 meters. It is called the highest in Asia.
  • Chinzhebsky waterfall is another attraction of the region. It falls from a height of 30 meters, expanding to 8 meters as it falls. Amazing, spectacular wall, which amazes with its appearance even experienced tourists. The bottom of the waterfall is rocky, without a characteristic bath or pool. The peak of the spillway falls in the middle of June. The water is very cold, but some tourists dare to shower their tight jets. Difficult to find entertainment more exciting than swimming under a waterfall. For an unprepared tourist it may seem like this is too extreme an adventure, but you should try it at least once.

Kinzeluk waterfall height

Instead of conclusion

The beauty of the Krasnoyarsk Territory is a whole world for an inquisitive tourist who wants to see the beautiful with her own eyes. Here you need to be prepared for harsh conditions, cold and heavy transitions, winds and storms, but you will be rewarded for your patience. The views that will open to your eyes, it is impossible to convey in the photographs and even more so in words. Here you need to visit, live a few days, intermarry with this harsh beauty. Many families travel with their children. If you think that they are sufficiently prepared for camp life and are ready for physical exertion, then such an adventure will be the best way to strengthen family relationships.Memories of joint adventures will be the best way to be closer to each other.

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